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The Oscars are awards giving to actors and people who have stood out (outstanding contribution) in a movie. The televised show is seen in over 100 countries. Why? because people really enjoy movies more than TV shows. When the emmys are on how big of a deal is it?

I do like some TV shows that are on TV but I don't need a subscriptions to see them as most of them are unedited. Movies on the other hand are edited when they are shown on the Networks so I don't watch them. That's Why I use Netflix.

Netflix was a beloved company because of their movies by mail. Not because what they appear to be becoming syndicated TV shows and anything else we can get for cheap because those big bad studios won't give us streaming content for cheap.

If only you (NF) didn't try such a radical change in the summer of 2011 just think where your stock would be today and how many subscribers you would of had.

Hastings is not the genius that he thinks he is.




I enjoy watching the old tv shows that are available.


Really?! Old TV shows, that's what people want?! Newsflash: I can get old TV, on TV! NF is straight trippin'! 99% of my DVD/streaming queue is movies! Time to switch to Blockbuster...


Yes, because you can get on-demand, unedited, commercial free old TV shows whenever you want from the folks at FX, CW, etc.


Those thinking of switching to Blockbuster might think again. Turn around time is slow and will get even worse after the USPS ends first class mail. We have very long waits for new releases but you can get them. Everybody's tastes are different but a lot of new movies are not the wow wow these days so the cataloged Tv is fine for us. It is like everything else have more than one source for entertainment(hulu, red box, purchases, NF) and you can't go wrong.


i most definitely watch a lot of TV shows... theres a lot of back catalogs that i wished i watched back in the day, but now i can... movies come and go in my queue, but obviously its going to be disproportionate since there are 60 episodes of one show to 1 movie...

to "screwed_by_hastings" you cant get old tv shows on tv... you must be trippin if a show in season 7 is going to magically start showing episodes from season 1...


I stand corrected. Netflix doesn't want to be the next cable or HBO -- they want to be the next Hulu!*

I actually do like catching up on a lot of the TV shows I missed when they originally aired, especially during the summer when most shows are on hiatus. However, I also watch a lot of movies and I prefer a good balance between the two. If the scales dip too far in one direction, I will eventually end up having to supplement NF streaming with discs again.

*Yes, I realize that NF is commercial-free and can be streamed to your TV, unlike Hulu, so save the flames.


Actually it is a perfect complement to Hulu as Hulu has more current season shows versus reruns.

So if tvland ever goes streaming then NF would be in big trouble.


More TV by a large margin. Probably because of all the bad movies on streaming. We kept 1 disk at a time to get most of our movies. Usually get around to watching the streaming movies on the list when they popup as going away in a few days.


Newsflash for you, screwed_by_hastings: A lot of people have abandoned cable TV for Netflix (and other streaming sources).

Probably 80% of my household's Netflix viewing is TV shows. Much of that is my young daughter watching Curious George and similar shows. I'm currently watching Breaking Bad and Battlestar Galactica. My wife watched Gossip Girl. We do not have cable TV and the ONLY show we have watched this season is Downton Abbey, which we only knew about because we had season the previous season on Netflix.

I love movies, but most of the time I'm looking for a shorter time commitment. I prefer to watch a movie in one sitting rather than several half-hour sessions.


I like that they continue to add tv shows. For those that say they are on tv elsewhere...are they played in order from pilot to conclusion without commercials, on demand?



95% of my 250+ queue is movies and less than 50% of them are available on streaming, so I would be very unhappy if NF pulled back on movies. I already get heart palpitations whenever I see news of them pulling back on DVDs.


@Rigel: The funny thing about that is that DVD is more profitable according to everything I have been reading in today's world.

I think NF's real goal is to get streaming big and global. It would probably be a great thing for them to get US (or non US shows) all around the world on a wide variety of platforms in many places where dvd by mail is not practical for a ton of reasons.


I'm currently watching The Wonder Years and Family Ties, so I'm loving this idea. Sad that Cosby Show disappeared though! Whatever - any new content is good content.


As long as netflix focuses on quality, adult oriented TV shows like HBO does, I prefer TV series over the 90 minute movie any way as you get better story and character development. If netflix releases a bunch of dumb, low budget comedies like lillyhammer, I will drop streaming.

Riverside Guy

Yup, episodic TV is what I mostly watch. Shame Have Gun, Will Travel is getting nuked today!

And WHY did they lose the license and not renew it for Babylon 5?

Mike Smith

I want movies!! Buy a DVR for TV.


The overwhelming majority of my queue, and of my streaming hours, is movies, not TV shows. If they're serious about getting some old shows though, I think that'd be great. I wish they'd bring back Leave It To Beaver. All in the Family would be a great addition too.

Is this article all just hypothesizing on the part of the NYT though? Or is there something official from Netflix saying that they've decided to shift focus away from movies in favour of old TV shows?


My entire Instant queue right now is TV shows. Nothing on Instant for movies looks worthy to watch.


TV shows on streaming Netflix is really what making cutting out cable so easy. I don't think I'd ever go back.

We favor TV shows because they are 20 minutes of 40 minutes; plus you can watch the next episode right away if you want.

I also think TV can be better than movies. You can really connect with the characters.

You can rent or buy almost any movie, but 6 seasons of anything costs so much. a lot of shows merit multiple viewings.

Lots of Shows are hard to really enjoy unless you start from the beginning:
Arrested Development
Parks & Rec.
Fringe (not on streaming)


Yep, cancel cable TV and just use netflix/Roku channels for TV. For movies, use of combo of netflix streaming, netflix DVD (just toggle on and off the DVD plan as needed), redbox, and amazon. This not difficult people, not expensive either.


I turned off streaming, (and am currently 'on hold' entirely), but I watch a lot of TV shows from Netflix, and have for years... on DVD.

I've always appreciated the TV show selection. (If they got season 4 of Twilight Zone ever -- and not the horrible pick a million different single DVDs, but the season set, it would be NEW TV for me from 50 years ago!)


@Idiot who used the Oscar analogy: Netflix signed weinstein, dreamworks, epix and several others in place of starz. Open your eyes. Stop choking on the misinformation provided by mass media and do your own research. There is even an article on this website explaining that better titles are coming, many of which won Oscars.


Netflix streaming does provide a great experience for watching whole seasons of TV shows. However, it does have its drawbacks.

On several occasions, I started watching a show, got halfway through the second season and suddenly got the "expiring in 5 days" notice. Now, I don't have enough spare time to be able to watch 120+ episodes over a 5-day period, nor do I want to. Therefore, I was stuck having watched just enough to really get hooked, only to be disappointed at not being able to watch the rest. So far, every time that has happened, the show never returned to streaming.

Now I check the third party sites (it's a shame that we have to go to third parties for such info) to see the expected expiry date, before I even start watching a new show.


I absolutely love to watch TV shows on Netflix. I watch a lot more TV shows than I do movies on Netflix. Take Breaking Bad for example. I never seen it on cable since I don't have cable. When they put stuff like this on Netflx its like Christmas for me. Tons of hours of high quality entertainment. Great shows are definitely the way to go with Netflix. Heroes, Spartacus, Stargate's, Star Treks, 24, Battle Star, This kind of stuff for me makes the service better than cable could ever be. How do they do it for 8 bucks a month?


A lot of my watching time comes from when I exercise, and for that TV works very well. A 40-minute show just covers my warmup, 30 minutes at full speed, and cool down. Plus wanting to see the next episode is motivation to come and work out the next day.

Starz was a bit of a problem - they sometimes had great titles, but the encodes were often atrocious. At least now if I go for a movie I can have some assurance it'll look OK.


Also I'm part of the no-cable contingent. Netflix has so spoiled me that I can barely tolerate watching TV with commercials anymore. I'm mystified that people spend what cable costs and put up with advertising on top of it, plus no control over when the shows start/end unless you use a DVR.


" I'm mystified that people spend what cable costs and put up with advertising on top of it "

To me, cable is still a bit cheaper than buying season tickets and traveling to 30 cities a year to watch my home baseball team.


It looks like about 2/5 of the top 100 rated shows on IMDB are also on Netflix (and if I count just shows I'm interested in, over half of them are on Netflix). Netflix coverage of the top 200 Movies is much much worse.


I'm probably in the minority here but movies are infinitely more important to me than TV shows. Which is why I'll never give up Netflix disc rental, unless streaming gets close to having everything, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon as the studios want to keep their offerings spread out, to avoid an iTunes-like situation similar to what the music industry has. I choose which movies to see based on reviews. So I'm baffled by how many people choose what to watch based on what's offered up to them. If I hear about a great movie, but I miss it in the theater, or it doesn't even come to my small city, then I'm just never going to see it?? I can't imagine being at the whim of studios this way (because the studios prevent it from streaming availability). Discs for me, all the way. I do also stream, but would never consider only streaming.


Do you watch more movies or TV shows on Netflix? Do you think Netflix should be licensing more movies or TV shows?

I seldom, if ever, watch TV shows/series. Most of it is junk and just not in the same artistic category as movies. I'd rather Netflix license more movies, specifically foreign movies.


Using "Netflix math" (meaning each episode of a show is counted as a separate title) on 2/27, the total number of titles available on Netflix streaming according to NetFlix Instant Watcher on thenowhereman.com was 48310. Today it is 45314. Nearly 3000 less titles. More than 6% of their streaming content evaporated almost overnight.

New deals have been made, but the new content will be trickling in. Meanwhile, old deals will continue to expire.

Once again, I am currently enjoying what Netflix has to offer and at $7.99 it is a great bargain. However, this does not bode well for the future.


A vast majority of our Netflix streaming are TV shows. I would guess this is a common trend that Netflix is accommodating. Watching a movie can give you a couple hours of entertainment. Watching an entire series beginning to end gives you months or weeks of entertainment.

Perkins Cobb

Yes, TV shows are one of the best aspects of Netflix streaming. They invite binge viewing (which is complicated by disc turnaround), and in general Blu-ray quality is less essential for TV content than for feature films.

However, if Netflix is rebranding itself as a TV company, it's also irrevocably marginalizing itself. The pull quote from that article, which was buried near the end, is:

"Mr. Olson’s firm reported last week that only four of the 50 top-grossing films of 2011 were currently available for streaming on the service, and that one of them, Disney’s “Gnomeo and Juliet,” would vanish on Wednesday."

TV is great, but I would think that most current customers are also accustomed to getting new film releases from Netflix. I'm puzzled that there haven't been mass cancellations from streaming-only customers on this basis alone. Netflix is very good at showing you the content it does have and hiding the content it doesn't have, but surely people will start to notice how many recent hit movies they can't stream?

And the big question remains ... if Netflix is starting to concede that it's now a "TV company" and won't remain a significant player in streaming movies, then who will take its place?


My take-away from the NYT article:
Media companies (content licensed owners) have realigned their thinking - only offer crappy content they think is worth the $7.99 price point that Netflix stands firm on. To the media companies surprise, 21 million subscribers love it.
Meanwhile, Netflix has realigned their thinking as well - movies are too expensive to license for such short-term windows, let's change the branding for streaming to be TV media.

IMO: Netflix is more realistically morphing into a TNT/TBS/USA cable channel model than a HBO/Showtime model.

Personally, I have yet to find a reason (DVD or Streaming) to come back to Netflix.
Member 3/2003 - 7/2010



I am in the same camp as you. My brother is a cord cutter and is very pleased with NF. I have to agree with him that it is by far the best place for cord cutters today. No question on that. Where else can you get a wide variety of TV shows to stream to so many platforms on demand and commercial free at a steal of a price?

I am not a cord cutter. For those of us in my camp the new NF streaming just doesnt offer much. I can get all the old TV I want on cable with a DVR or included on demand.


I for one would love it if they continue to get tv shows, especially older series. Movies are easy to get via disc by mail, but TV is rather difficult when there are 6 discs per season.


I still have netflix only because my mom really likes the BBC shows that are there, but then right in the middle of the series, they stopped carrying her favorite one. This is not the only time I have heard this story, so if they keep offering shows, then pulling them from online viewing, I will cancel my account all together. I was already going to when they pulled all the Starz content, but as long as my mom watches her BBC stuff I guess we will stay around. I have so far never found a movie on NF I wanted to watch, maybe that will change.


I don't think I've watched a movie on Netflix in months, I'm almost exclusively there for TV shows.

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