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Riverside Guy

Uh, according to what was written, this is not original content, it's a licensing deal:

"...will have first rights to the series from HBO..."

If that IS the case, it is not an "original streaming program" as was mentioned in the last paragraph.


Both articles are a little confusing, it clearly states Netflix is producing it, if that's so they would never allow it to hit some other service first. It also seems to indicate Weeds is an HBO show, when it is actually a Showtime show.

the troll

so is this junk ?


"Netflix...will have first rights to the series from HBO"

Also confusing. This wording would indicate HBO will produce the show and NF has the rights to air it which can't possibly be true. HBO hates NF and why would they produce a show for another provider anyway??? Makes no sense. Poorly written article. Makes one wonder if there's any truth to it at all.

swarovski uk

wo de xin hao leng ,deng zhe ni lai teng

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