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Very useful! It'd also be great if there were a way to know if any of these titles were only available via streaming, and not on disc.

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what company is still with netflix? if 1200 titles are gone?


This is really going to hurt netflix. They better working on finding some better programs, because they've been really slacking lately.


Ouch..pretty big list. Netflix better have some new announcements or else the selection is going to really drop when starz ends.


Good riddance. Starz Play was full of the lowest quality encodes on the service. Low resolution, low bitrate, stereo audio, no subtitles, often enormous problems with the encode (wrong aspect ratio, wrong playback speed, etc).


I thought I'd miss the Starz content, but now that it is in a neat and tidy list I realize how little of this content I watch. None of the series, only a handful of the movies.


Interesting that I don't see "Boss" on that list

could they have made a separate deal?


I can't believe nf still doesn't have any mention of the cancellations on their website. That's just rude. I have several of these in my queue and they don't even have the date listed in the notes. nf has 23 million streaming subscribers, some of them are really going to be upset when all of this goes away unannounced in 1 week.


haha, according to InstantWatcher, Boss is expiring on February 24. Better hurry up if you haven't watched it! I loved it - doesn't hurt that I live and work in Chicago.

Personally, I'm going to miss Starz. Sure, their quality wasn't the greatest, but at least they had some newer stuff. I'm kind of hoping they take the initiative and start their own streaming service. If they keep making shows like Boss and Spartacus while keeping newer movie content on there, I'd subscribe. Well, at a reasonable rate.


I think this hurts them a lot. 90% of my streaming viewing is NOT Starz, but that is because most of it is watching TV shows. However, WHEN I feel like watching a movie, it was often a Starz movie. Now, there is really no choice for new movies. In other words, I think the percent play time statistic is misleading because people will tend to watch TV more than movies, but that doesn't mean they don't want a movie to watch sometimes, and they won't like their new choices.


The weird thing is some of these titles were just added. They had them for 2 weeks. Though I usually avoid Starz titles. The quality is so poor I avoid them. The only titles I stream is the ones not available on DVD.


Hoo-ray! A few of the movies now have expiration dates! Everyone check your streaming list.


Yeah Netflix only gives us seven days notice which isn't enough time. I agree Starz quality was lacking but they had some good titles, out of my 187 titles in my streaming queue 21 are Starz.


15% (21/137) of my instant queue expires 2/29 because of this. The quality of the encodes wasn't usually great, but it had some of the better movie selection and was still watchable (probably DVD quality mostly).

I watch pretty much entirely movies on Netflix. I don't have the time to commit to tv shows, so I really hope they keep the movie selection up despite this. We'll see in the months beyond the expiration of Starz.


The EPIX deal is IMHO far superior to the Starz deal despite the 90-day delay. The quality is better and the content is better, the Starz deal lost a lot of luster when the Sony movies were pulled (very rarely mentioned anymore, they were working to get them back, big shock... they didn't). The Disney films are great especially if you have kids, but Netflix made up for that loss by acquiring the rights to Dreamworks Animation. Their catalog and 3 new titles yearly. Starz wanted us to pay a premium to get their content. Like 8 bucks a month for streaming, but an additional X amount to get streaming AND Starz content. That's not cool at all, I'm glad Netflix told em to shove it and went and picked up Dreamworks and Weinstein.


A lot of these titles are on DVD, is Netflix going to get them from a third party?


In looking at that TV and movies now link it is showing some Starz content on Amazon Prime. What is up with that will Amazon be getting Starz content (such as Spartacus) 'cause it isn't on there now.


Just checked the list. The Disney and Pixar films still listed we watched already. Of the remainder I could find only 3 films that are in my que that I still need to watch. Apart from Spartacus and Boss I will not miss Starz at all. As for Spartacus and Boss there are other means available to get those. Boss is excellent! Have one more episode to watch.


My kids will be upset...no more AstroBoy. I love the deal with AMC. The Killing streams the same day it comes out on disc. Season 4 of Breaking Bad is March 21st and Mad Men on the 29th. Hopefully they stream then as well. That will keep me busy.

Daniel L

I never watch Starz titles on Netflix streaming anyway because they are always all fucked up. Wrong aspect ratios, messed up subtitles, whatever else. Starz = shitty uploads. As far as I'm concerned, watching them wasn't an option in the first place.

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Hopefully Disney will not make further deals with Starz sincen Netflix is the future NOT Starz. Heck even HBO would be a better company to make a deal with at least they are worth the $20 subscription.


Yeah most of those shows/movies would never be watched by me anyway...but of crap I've never heard of.


Well people have eclectic tastes so I'm sure there is a minor audience for almost everything on that list, but for the most part it looks like 3am, obscure cable channel viewing to me. That list was/is not worth the millions upon millions Starz was looking to get from it. And now what happens to those titles? The vast majority will sit in their vault creating no revenue. Who else besides NF would have paid them any money at all for titles like Perry Mason, Saddle Tramp, Tall Man Riding or Modigliani just to name a few? Starz could have had a little bit of my money but they chose none instead. Oh well. I won't lose any sleep.


Netflix announced the eventual loss of Starz content 8 months ago, before the price changes. As soon as the contract is null and void they will pursue the lost content directly instead of through inflated premiums that come along with dealing with Starz. Getting away from the premium TV channel plague is wonderful for Netflix and anyone interested in keeping their service economical.


I am sorry to see so many of the old, classic western tv series gone such as Gunsmoke, Young Riders, Wagon Train, Rawhide and Cheyenne. I don't agree with Netflix's downplaying the significance of the Starz deal not being renewed, I think it's going to have a significant effect - there were a lot of good titles in general on that list. If Netflix is so intent on acquiring new content (which was the justification for the price increase), then why are they just letting the Starz deal just slip away. So if any of the content providers ask for more money, is Netflix just going to say no, it costs too much?


people are forgetting netflix can do a runaround... Starz itself just licenses a lot of the content... Netflix can go to the rights owner and license it themselves...it may take some time, but eventually all the starz stuff (Minus their own OWN content) will be back


Sure everybody's taste are different, but the Starz content represented 32% of my families streaming queue. Considering we had less than 50 titles queued and you have to admit most of the IS titles aren't worth viewing) we're going to be left with so few titles we decided to drop streaming and add an additional DVD rental to our plan.


Crap I didn't know "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures" cartoon was from Starz.

cant believe it

hello i just checked my list 26 movies will be gone out of 165 in my instant que

John K.

Does anyone know exactly when Starz will be pulled? We are trying to finish off the Spartacus episodes and have 5 left. Is it midnight of Wednesday night (29th) west coast time or what?


Wow, nearly 1000 titles seems like a pretty big hit to their streaming catalogue to me, especially all of that Disney content. When I had Netflix, I ran out of things to watch pretty quickly, the content library seemed pretty small to me. I would think that Disney would be worth what ever they had to pay to keep those titles. I am sure there will be a lot of upset children and frustrated parents once content is gone. Thankfully my family is unaffected as we jumped ship to Blockbuster @Home from DISH back in October. We will still have access to most, if not all of that content. We can stream it to our iPad, our TV and PC. As a DISH employee I think our relationship with Starz is pretty good. I do not foresee that content going anywhere for a long time.


Mostly disappointed that they didn't move the 60+ titles that disappeared to my DVD queue. Now I have to try to figure out what disappeared.

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