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slower mail 50 cent to mail a letter they keep on increaseing the stamps and more people will go to online bill pay.

Daniel L

Man this is really going to fuck up my DVD watching habits. I'm going to have to increase the number of DVD's I have out at a time if I want to keep watching DVD's in my queue at a reasonable rate.


None in my city but 2 will now be going through my city which I guess could slow things down.

danny hicks

i dont live in the states but thats bad for people to lose their job people shoud go instant wtching it might be better


Make the postal service worse to get outta debt.

This is just gonna make most use other services when possible.

Why wasn't the postal service bailed out?

Well see how this effects the mail service for Netflix....

Will this change things? Maybe a little. How long will this go on and how will Netflix adapt?

Maybe someway to tell when a Title is returned and the next disc sent out quicker?

Hrmm.... Maybe a way where you log into Netflix clicking you returned the disc and they the next early. However if they don't get the Title back on the time you said you returned it 3 times then they will no longer allow it for that user?

I don't know. Just an idea.

I'm sure Netflix will figure something out. I also assume this won't be all doom and gloom.

Netflix & Blockbuster are still the biggest selection of Titles around as there isn't any video stores left.

Redbox has new releases and a few older ones. Streaming has a small section.

I heard Dish hasn't put much effort into Blockbusters disc service? Which I find odd. Maybe they will now that Netflix seems to be?

Well see....


"Why wasn't the postal service bailed out?"

Wrong question. The government bails out the post office every year when they come up short. Anyone who believes that the post office is an "independent entity" is delusional.

The correct question is: Why wasn't the postal service looking for alternate (private) solutions that could do it for less money?

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i dont live in the states but thats bad for people to lose their job people shoud go instant wtching it might be better

Scott Baker

My nearest Netflix processing center is located in a nearby city where the Postal Service processing center is being shut down. I wonder if Netflix will have to move their center?


One of the better investments nowadays is to buy forever stamps - they appreciate better in value than stocks or bonds.

My GOP state is threatening to pass a law to force Amazon to pay for sales taxes as if they were a local store. Amazon's processing center will probably be moved out of state producing lots of lost jobs in this state. How does making life difficult for online businesses "create jobs"?


They have been talking about these changes for years and I'll believe it when I see it, Congress has to approve the changes and I doubt it will happen in an election year.
Tino is correct that we taxpapyer have to bail the USPS out every year to pay their enormous pension fund.


Originally my local center was supposed to be closed (Cincinnati), it boggled my mind that a city the size of ours wouldn't have a sorting facility, thankfully when they released the revised list our sorting center was no longer included. The USPS is a real interesting beast. We pay almost everything online (I'm 27, wife 28), but my retired father doesn't like to and very much relies on the USPS. The customer base is shrinking every year but it is still very much a vital service to those that use it.


My understanding is the #1 reason the PO is in trouble is because Congress mandated they pre-fund their retirement account. This would be a massive problem for any company or entity to accomplish let alone the PO. I'm sure there are other reasons too, but this is being cited as a big one.


Daniel L: "Man this is really going to fuck up my DVD watching habits."

Thirty-five thousand people are going to become unemployed and you're unhappy because of what it will do you your ability to watch DVDs.

You obviously feel the world revolves around you! GROW THE FUCK UP!


Come on Tester, do you really think this news would be posted on Hacking Netflix if it did not affect our DVD watching habits? Anyone at this site reading that headline would first think of how it affects Netflix, and we are notorious for "feeling the world revolves around us" when we don't get our luxury item in the most convenient method possible. Thousands of people have lost their jobs decades, like in national automobile manufacturing, but you would be hard pressed to find drivers of Toyotas, Nissans, and Hondas expressing sympathy for employees of companies associated with GM, Ford, and Chrysler.


I'm glad to see that there going to cut out the waste and run themselves like a real business for the first time in there history. There are so many tiny post offices in this country and they are nearly non productive. I don't expect there to be any real delays in delivery. In my town we have a great big post office. Surrounded by little itty bitty tiny post offices that serve little purpose. Strange people use them for a po box for some weird reason rather than have there mail delivered to there mailbox.


Galagatron: There is no doubt it it will affect someone's DVD watching habits. But IMHO that is a minor inconvenience considering how it will affect the people who lose their jobs. They may have to change their living habits to cope with their layoffs. They may lose their house, car, etc. That, to me, is far more important that someone not being able to watch a darn DVD today.

I haven't read any other posts in this thread that said "poor me" except the one from Daniel L.

As far as expressing sympathy goes I'm not saying he should go out and start a fund for them. I am saying he should at least realize the impact on the people directly affected by the layoffs instead of simply worrying about missing a day or two of watching whatever he watches.

Daniel L

@Tester I have two part time jobs. One of them is helping other people find jobs through a non profit organization. I get paid very little for my work, and much of the time I'm just working as an unpaid volunteer. I do plenty of realizing the impact that this will have on the people losing jobs. I will probably help some of them.

This website is about Netflix so my comment was too. It's true that this change will fuck up my DVD watching habits. Just because so many people will lose their jobs doesn't mean I should buffer every single thing I say about the subject with my expression of pity for them.

Daniel L

Oh and I realize that those people losing job is "more important" than me missing a few days on my rentals. I didn't say otherwise. Realizing that isn't mutually exclusive to my original comment. All I can assume is that you are just looking to argue.


Netflix' decision to move as quickly as possible into the streaming business and away from disk-by-mail is starting to look smarter. If they'd bet the company on the continuation of their mail business they'd be really up a creek with these developments.

With internet services like bill pay and email chewing up more and more of what used to be Postal Service traffic, I'm guessing in ten years it'll barely be recognizable. The interesting thing is that moving the mail is a constitutional mandate, so they can't just shut down the Postal Service.

To anyone spouting rightwing BS about how privatizing the mail would make it cheaper/better, bear in mind that any private company taking on the task would need to deliver to every rural address just like the Postal Service does, and if experience is any guide, they would not be cheap. Compare a FedEx overnight to USPS next day service.


Those of you who posted that the USPS gets bailed out every year by the U.S. Goverment are clueless. I'm never amazed any more by such ignorant comments.

Their is no other private company that can do what the USPS can. Do a little research on the history and infrastructure of the USPS. UPS or FedEx will never deliver a letter for under 50 cents nor will they ever deliver to all locations around the world.


Daniel L: No, I am not looking to argue. I was stating my feelings on what you said. I do have that right, just as you have the same right to state how the layoffs would affect you.

I'm not sure if I believe you about one of your part-time jobs. If you are telling the truth I commend you for doing it. But I have this nagging feeling that someone who spends time helping others, as you say you do, would at least show some sympathy, as you didn't, before I brought it up.


Non Saturday delivery is not a bad thing for Netflix. I am thinking Netflix will be able to close ALL of the distribution centers for a day. That is alot of money in labor, and postal fees they won't be paying.

The only people that will notice the change, and those that will be the most vocal about it, are the customers that try to turn DVD's around every two days. These are unprofitable customers anyway. There will be a bunch of threats to drop the service and the stock price will take a dive, but reality is....
those are the same customers that know there is NOTHING out there that can touch the service Netflix provides even if the Post office does close down for a day!

As a customer I love the DVD service and do take advantage of Saturday delivery and pick up, however as a Stockholder I also appreciate the cost savings being able to close it all down for a day.

As for layoffs.... I am sure Netflix will lay some folks off too. It is much easier to schedule 5 days a week than it is to cover 6 or 7.


"Their is no other private company that can do what the USPS can."

That's not what I said. I said that there are some services that USPS provides that can be done far more cheaply and far more efficient than hiring government union employees at wage/benefit packages of $75-100k a year each.

None of these were even attempted. The USPS is just saying "we won't even try, so we quit".

I'm wondering how much NFLX is going to have to drop the prices on their DVD plans when the number of discs you can get in a month drops by half. They probably shouldn't have increased their prices in the first place.

Daniel L

Tester, what you have to realize is that "showing sympathy" by typing a few words on this obscure online message board will in no at all help those people. Me saying "I feel so bad for the people who will lose their jobs" before typing my original comment would have never, in any way at all, in even the smallest way ever, help any of those people. Those few words wouldn't have done shit. This discussion that has resulted won't do shit. You complaining about my comment won't help them. My comment I am typing right now in this sentence saying I genuinely do feel bad for them won't help them at all. Nothing you or I can say here will help them in the slightest way.

I don't pretend that typing a few words on this message board will affect any worthwhile change in the world. Do you? That is a genuine question. I do not mean it rudely or impolitely.

My opinion is that expressing sympathies won't prevent those people from losing their jobs. Expressing sympathies won't help them find new jobs. And expressing sympathies won't do jack shit in any other way to help them. Being politically correct in my original comment, and or expressing sympathies as you wanted, would have been literally pointless. The only possible effect it could have is that I would have given someone like you one less reason to find something wrong with what I wrote.

Many of the people I help are poor, formerly homeless, and or even somewhat mentally disabled. I don't really care if you believe me or not. It really makes me feel good about life, when I just about hate everything about life otherwise (except movies), to know that I try to do what I can in the few ways that I can.


The routing center here in New Orleans is on the block, but the NetFlix distribution center is in Baton Rouge where all the work is moving to... hopefully the service won't be any slower than it already is.


Daniel L: I do agree with you that showing sympathy or compassion here, or most anywhere else, will not change things. But complaining about you getting less DVD's won't change that scenario either. You chose to complain none-the-less.

If someone you know dies do you say nothing to the family? Do you not express sympathy because you feel that expressing it will do nothing to help the family nor will it bring the person who died back? Sometimes by showing, with words, that you care, it can make life a bit easier on some people.

After reading your most recent post I will say that I do believe that you do help the people you said you do.

For what it's worth to you I am truly sorry that your life is not as good as you want it to be. I wish you no ill will and I hope whatever is causing you to feel the way you do leaves you very quickly.


Great. I've been basically unemployed since June of 2011 (freelance work only) and now there's going to be more competition for jobs.

We're all screwed, I guess.


Jeez Tester, get over it. Acknowledging that on a website where anonymous people comment in a forum can not be compared to the funeral example you gave.
Anyway, I turn at least 90% of my DVDs around within two days, or the next day -- when I come home to a rental in the mail, I'm going to watch it and when I'm done, I'm going to take it with me in the morning and drop it in a mailbox -- but I won't drop the service if it takes a day longer. I don't know if the closures and layoffs will make a difference but deliveries of discs over the years have been swift no matter where they came from in my region.


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Galagatron: Where did I ever mention a funeral? It looks as though you didn't read what I posted. All I said was expressing sympathy after someone dies. I didn't say where or how the sympathy would be expressed.

I'm not sure why you mentioned to me about you not dropping Netflix. While I agree with what you said about not being sure if the closures and layoffs will make a difference in your disc deliveries, Neither Daniel L or myself mentioned anything about dropping them. The only thing that was mentioned was Daniel L saying he might have to raise the number of discs he gets.

IMO if discs do take a day or two longer that doesn't mean you should drop them. But that's just my opinion. Each person needs to make their own decision based on how they feel.


Sorry if asking why the postal service wasn't bailed out was out of context.

I haven't been paying much attention to the post office and there issues.

Seems really stupid to me that a service that is a necessity for many things for people is in such financial trouble.

Also doesn't help that my view on my local postal service has been a bit sour lately due to poor service by mail being delivered in the wrong mail boxes and such.

Hopefully they can get there act together and get over this hump and improve as there isn't much of an alternative. :P


Yes it also blows that more jobs will be lost too.

Daniel L

Fair enough. I've just never been one to really tell people that I feel sorry for their situation unless they bring up the topic to me personally. It's not that I don't feel bad for them, I just don't really express myself emotionally like that, especially to strangers. I can see why it would seem super insensitive for me to not have buffered my original comment though with a statement of sympathy, however unnatural it would have felt for me to do.


It always gets worse before it gets better as they say.

Peter Davenport

Well everyone got the 'change' they voted for. By the way Tino, the Post Office IS an 'independent entity'. My brother works in a high position of which I'm not at liberty to give away.


Daniel L: I am truly glad I now know how you really feel. I am sorry I said what I did without knowing more about you.


The fewer government and union employee's the better.

I have no use for the USPS. I hate when I buy something online and they ship USPS, it means my stuff is going to take twice as long to get here.

USPS and Amtrak, should of been privatized years ago.


Here's the thing. When people mention the real problem with the postal service (the union) people get all butt hurt. If you like and support unions then you should be the first to hate the power it has over the postal service. I want people to earn a fair wage and have job security. I don't want a fat cat union executive taking part of my paycheck. I also don't want jobs lost because union expenses force companies to either fold or move overseas. The union damaged GM and is killing USPS.

Cutting services won't help however. If they were allowed to, which is unlikely, cut Saturday delivery like they want to it would just send people elsewhere. If these closings cause delays that too will send people elsewhere. UPS and Fedex both have made great strides at speeding their times up. The one advantage USPS has is that it's packages move on the weekends where typically UPS locks them in container until Monday. That equals the time out for long journeys that fall near the end of the week. If they lose that then the companies that offer delivery options will have no need to deal with USPS anymore and will simply strike exclusive contracts with one of the two other guys.


Before this turns more aggressive, as the reds & blues start to bicker/battle. Can we all just agree that layoffs are tragic no matter what industry, that the Post Office has unique challenges with their constitutional mandate and congressional oversight, that they are not a true private corporation, that unions do good AND bad things and that ultimately, this is thread is about how the news will affect Netfix and those of us who are subscribers?

With that said, back on topic and let's educate ourselves a bit. Check out this link and read the interview transcript or watch the video:

U.S. Postal Service Faces Big Changes Amid Struggle to Deliver on Profitability

Postmaster General Donahoe notes that First Class presort mail won't be affected. So Netflix sending discs to customers should still be a one day turn. They send your new release on Monday, you'll get it on Tuesday.

The question is if dropping your Neflix off on Wednesday will get it to Netflix on Thursday or Friday. My gut feeling is that the PO will try to get Netflix turn around done faster than other mail. 1) it's easier to sort. They're all the same size, shape and color. 2) Netflix is a big customer and it won't be too difficult to prioritize their mail (both directions) over everyone else. Read the story above and you can see that Donahoe is making it pretty clear that the PO is beholding to Mass Mailers/Corporate Mail over Retail.

My take on this (and we won't know till it happens) is that the average customer sending back a bill or a birthday card is the only one who's going to get shafted on service.

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