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Am I the only one who thinks that netflix should do something more TV-like and release an episode a week for 8 weeks instead of all of them at once?

Robert Emmerich

apc - I think that might have happened in the "old" days of tv programing, when shows ran 24 episodes over 10 months, Sept. to June. Now, even though shows usually run once a week, the calendar is all over the place, and a lot of people get their tv viewing on DVD or DVR or streaming, so once a week is not a good way to launch to a new tv program. That said, I would have gone with 1 episode per day myself, with either the first 2 or last 2 on the same night to run for 7 days. I'll probably watch this, but no more than 1 or 2 episodes per day. And if it sucks I'll stop watching.


No way. Netflix knows its viewers love to plow through multiple episodes in one day, so releasing an entire run of a show is a great way for Netflix to go about this. This show doesn't look all that great to me so I will probably skip it entirely, but I like the idea of Netflix doing shows and releasing it all at once.

Kale Barton

Still, a valuable PR opportunity is lost by dumping all 8 episodes on at the same time. I'd would've preferred releasing 4 episodes a month, create some buzz, anticipation. Netflix added an original series last summer about the Borgias- albeit not something they commissioned themselves, and I haven't even checked it out. Why? Because they've done nothing to make me interested in looking at it, to see if I might like it.


One of the main principles of Netflix streaming is "Watch what you want, went you want to watch it". Why would they do it any different just because they are producing the content this time? If you want to watch it one episode per week that's perfectly acceptable, but Netflix doesn't want to force that on you like the current cable model dictates. Are we really debating giving the customer choice and control of what they've paid for?



I don't have to wait for it to come out on DVD to not watch it.


Am I the only one who thinks that Netflix should keep its focus on movies instead of being just another TV channel?


Lets agree to disagree, but I think Netflix should have done an episode a week, just like HBO and Showtime do. It would've guaranteed viewers stayed subscribers through the duration of the run, and it would have had more speculation in forums and articles as to what happens next in the story. But of course the whole thing out is better for the customers.

BTW, this show is currently being shown in Norway through NRK in a weekly basis, they are a few episodes in but apparently they had excellent ratings (I believe NRK had an issue with product placements not being allowed in Norway, which caused the show to be cancelled for 3 weeks before bringing it back). Can't wait to watch this!


I'm glad NF is making original content. Its a better use of my subscription fees.


Well, NOW i can put it in my queue.

Why wasnt I able to add it sooner ?

Even kept the trailer in there which disappeared on its own thinking this might be added in its place. It was not.

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