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Daniel L

None. Starz seems to think that watching a movie in it's intended aspect ratio is some kind of terrible way to watch a movie. They edit down their movies from super widescreen to TV widescreen. Why? The black bars are fine. I'd rather watch a movie in the right aspect ratio than have "my entire screen filled up" with the picture. Who are the editors at Starz to decide for me which parts of the picture I should watch? The director and his/her crew should decide that. It is their piece of art.

Sheldon Huelin

No. I have 0 interest in any of those.

Evil Monkey

None. They can't be bothered with things like high definition or 5.1 sound or correct aspect ratios. They might have some of the more popular Hollywood movies, but the best films aren't coming out of Hollywood anymore.


I'm with these fine commenters and don't understand the moaning and groaning going on throughout the interwebs. When I see the Starz Play logo, I run.

Worst quality stuff on Netflix. Who cares if it's a good movie if it looks like crap. As far as I'm concerned, the Netflix ghetto will finally be gone, and this is a day for rejoicing.


No I Don't care!

Worse things could happen to Netflix. 200 million for their "high quality content", indeed. Starz play? Please, I think they did Netflix a favor.

Netflix replace them with more British content i.e. Luther, Mr. Bean and classic American TV i.e. Gunsmoke, even Canadian content (I don't know any).


None. Can't wait for all Starz movies to totally disappear from Netflix. I might have felt otherwise but for the lousy non HD quality of their content.


Can't say I will "miss" any of them, but I am plowing my way through "Party Down" before those episodes disappear.

This blog's readership skews toward geeky single men whose first priority is technical specs; a significant number of Netflix customers are going to wonder where all the newer streaming titles went.


Edit: Gunsmoke belongs to them too that I'll miss but it explains why they only had S07-S11 oh well, guess I won't be seeing the rest of it. I sure won't be buying the DVD set.


Since CBS owns Gunsmoke I'm hoping Netflix will be able to acquire that through them.


I looked at the long list and there were some that I watched years ago but probably wouldn't watch again. There were three I watch every so often. They are "Enemy Mine", "Big Trouble in Little China", and "Paaschendaele". The first two are just ones I enjoy even though I know them by heart. The last one is Canadian, about World War One and is superb with Paul Gross. Just beautiful to look at.

I'd like to see the Starz movies replaced with movies from the UK, Australia and New Zealand and almost anything from the Vancouver area like the last season of "da Vinci's Inquest", ditto for "Regenesis" or the sci-fi that they do in that area of Canada. They have some good writers up there.


Aside from disrespecting their movies' intended aspect ratio, Starz tended to have just plain crappy encodes. Saw one the other day that had the characteristic judder that comes from working off a video master rather than from the original film. Other times they presented pan and scan 4x3 versions of widescreen movies.

Good riddance.


I'm glad that comments here have noted that the loss of Starz Play is actually a WIN for Netflix. I've been a bit surprised that the editors of this blog haven't mentioned even once that the Starz Play was easily the worst quality videos available on streaming.


Kinda. However I find plenty of stuff to watch all the time. So I will survive.

Plus the quality was bleh.

I'll be fine. That's why Netflix still offers discs too.

Plus have other services too.

I look forward to what Netflix is cooking up for streaming.

Who knows maybe Starz will come back later once they realize Netflix was a big chunk of there viewers.

Or they will come out with there own $8 streaming service in HD and all that stuff.

Well see....


If the stars stuffs been on Netflix for a while we had are chance to see them. Why would Netflix shell out millions of dollars for the same old stuff when they could get new stuff we may not have seen yet. Starz video quality was the absolute worst. Maybe in 5 years Netflix could go back and pick them up again but until then theres not enough new stuff to make it worth while. I would love a partnership with Showtime or HBO but I doubt thats ever going to happen.

Peter Davenport

Well I fall in to the minority here because I just went through and deleted 51 titles that were in my instant queue from starz play because I didn't want them to expire in to the ghost saved queue.

They may have had a disrepect for aspect ratios however there were some foreign films that retained the true widescreen image so that comment at the top doesn't apply for all films. Also even if a film is pan and scan, some were not available anywhere so something is better than nothing.

I did notice that their (starz) selection had dwindled from 60 pages to 30 recently. I figure this board is filled with mostly young pups so Netflix has to go in their direction of taste. Nothing wrong with that however I wish they would learn that if you haven't seen something, then it's NEW to you. This widespread disrespect of older films just started in the 90's and has grown in to arrogance with the computer age.


The quality was a kick in the crotch and the content really went downhill when they yanked the Sony titles... so no, I won't miss them that much. My 7 year old will likely miss some of the Disney content, but Netflix has made deals for all sorts of Disney Channel/kid friendly shows helping to make up for that loss. Of course, we were thrilled when they stole Dreamworks Animation away from HBO.


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I'm going to miss the handful of movies that are on Starz watch intantly that are NOT available on DVD.

Then again, why am I wasting my time posting this when I should be watching them?


Probably won't miss them at all.....since I've got Starz on my DirecTV package as well as the Starz channel VOD with D* also. Even with those I don't watch much of their content.


I had 4 Starz movbies in my que when the timeout warning was posted. We have watched 3 so far, one we bailed on after 15 minutes, one was ok but we would have bailed if it didn't have a couple of actors we liked, one very good. Plan to watch the last one before it expires.

No big loss for use.


How come netflix cant keep em up longer? That is the reason people choose instant streaming over DVDs, but now it seems that DVDs are winning since they dont die after a couple of months.


Won't miss Starz at all. Heck, I would have been happy with standard definition encodes, but the Starz titles didn't even come close to qualifying as that. If I ever accidentally began playing a Starz title, as soon as I saw that logo, I would stop it and choose something different.


I avoided Starz titles for all the reasons posted above. A waste of NF resources.


Only Astro Boy for my kids.


I'll only miss Spartacus' new season but I can wait for DVD.


There was a handful or titles that are nice, netflix will likely sign deals for the more popular ones. But stars had too many titles that were trashed by altering aspect ratio to made for broadcast tv edited versions. I'm glad netflix will have the funds freed up to gain quality content from others now.


Ohh, finally I get it, though the article didn't say so out loud: Starz blah-deal FOR STREAMING is expiring, not the same titles' DVDs? Alrighty then, any such expiration means nothing DVD-Only me's queue.

Hugo Ramirez

I get ticked off many times when I find a movie I want to watch and then see that stupid Starz Play logo you go to play it they play there corney music and it looks like crap then I avoid it. Bad enough they have nothing in HD but even SD quality is the worst.

At least the Epix stuff they are starting to put in HD. Yes it is in 720p and not 5.1 surround sound but the PQ still blows away the Starz Play stuff.

I been counting the days the Starz Play junk will be gone for good. I usually don't like it when stuff expires but this I will be glad.

William Smith

I avoided anything having to do with starz. On occasions that I chose a movie that was theirs I'd quickly back out before their intro was finished and searched for something else. I'd rather put the dvd in my queue and wait than watch a movie in poor quality and incorrect aspect ratio.

Evil Monkey

I admit I'm a bit confused on how the movie licensing works with Starz.

How come Starz can license films to Netflix rather than Netflix getting them from the studios? I would think Netflix would rather cut out the middleman (Starz) and deal with the studios directly. At least they should be able to get better encodes, right?


Sometimes a middle man is needed to get content from Studios who don't want anything to do with Netflix.


Yeah, I'm with the majority here. Starz can take their VHS-quality movies and go to hell. If I'm paying for streaming, I don't want to see something in 4:3 or lower definition than a used videocassette... And a few times they didn't have audio, or the audio was out of sync.

So screw them. Starz half-assed it, and I'm not going to miss them.

Kale Barton

@Evil Monkey (lol, great screenname)
Pay tv channels (HBO, Showtime, Starz) have been buying internet streaming rights to many of the films they license for their linear channels, long before Netflix started Instant Watch. No one, however, did anything (or knew what to do) with them. Then Netflix started IW, and began buying streaming rights to what they could, but couldn't get certain movies if they were already under contract to one of the others. Starz did operate their own (low profile) streaming service, Starz Play, available only to Starz subscribers and the deal NF struck with them gave them access (sub-letting) the material Starz controlled streaming rights to. Essentially, syndicating the Starz Play service to NF subscribers.
So long as Starz-or any other pay channel, holds rights to certain titles, Netflix is unable to license them.


Evil Monkey - Because the studios and Starz are basically one in the same. Starz is owned by Liberty Media, they're in bed with everyone (check out their Wiki). EPIX is straight up owned by MGM, Lions Gate & Paramount. The only middle man Netflix really has at this point is EPIX, but I don't really consider them one since they are directly owned by the 3 studios. Netflix has signed direct deals with studios such as Relativity, Open Road Films, etc.

Riverside Guy

Indeed a lot of starz stuff was of bad quality, but what will miss are Have Gun, Will Travel and the Warren Miller films.

Louis S

I won't miss it. The writing was on the wall once Sony pulled its movies in July 2011 and Disney and Starz renegotiated their deal. Thats why Netflix is pushing its TV content more than its movies and I'm fine with that. Epix titles have only become better in the last year as many of them have switched over to HD with surround sound. I don't like the 90 day delay but understand why it's in place.


Party Down ! I wish they would have streamed sparticus every week like they did season 1 also


I did suck that i lost 30 items in my instant queue that i cant get back because for some reason my saved section is gone.

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