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House of cards, indeed.

Robert Safuto

Welcome to the world of original content production. Netflix may get to own the rights when the series is complete but they also bear more risk. So far Netflix has had to spent a lot of money for their content, but at least they're getting known quantities. Not so with an originally produced show.


That's also the downside of working with movie directors who aren't used to dealing with much more stringent budget constraints and may not be willing to make do.

Louis S

I love how the story is framed. Netflix simply licenses the show, and MRC is producing it and paying for it. Netflix has about as much to do with the show as they do with Cheers, only difference is, it's exclusive.

I also think its just a way to get the show in the papers. There's complications all the time between producers and networks, and it ALWAYS gets resolved. It's all part of the game.


$100 million? That's what, about $5 per netflix customer? Insane. Think of all the existing shows and movies they could stream for that money...


Yeah, how many episodes are they getting for $100M, exactly?

Mad Men was produced on a budget of $2M-$2.5M for its first two seasons. A typical hour long scripted drama on a broadcast network is about $3M, I believe.

Now, if a show really takes off to the point where individual actors are pulling down a huge salary, these figures go up. Sometimes way up. Charlie Sheen, I believe, was making millions per 21 minute episode of Two And A Half Men.

As AMC found out (with Mad Men and Breaking Bad), if you don't own a show, you have lower risk, but limited ability to dictate budget. As Walking Dead creator Frank Darabount found out, if a network owns your show, you could be out on your ass for no reason.

Hopefully, Netflix has learned something from the success and failures of others.

Klass Klown

regardless of all that, it will take an unbelievable effort for this re-make to surpass the original series. the original was off the hook!

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