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This is full of fail.


Tomorrow comcast will fall Down because of the price think about this.
You are paying 7.99 for Netflix and Hulu plus is 7.99. So it will not hurt Netflix at all. Comcast you have to get cable which is 30 bucks plus 10 more bucks for Hbo and starz and wait plus 7.99 extra so at end u are really paying 70 bucks for what. 7.99 vs 70 bucks

Fred Talmadge

and of course you need to have Comcast's rather expensive Xfinity service


Plus it says it's 4.99 unless you have the most expensive package. Sounds like an extra subscription service to me.


I don't know alot about Comcast or Xfiity but a quick wiki check shows Comcast has 17 million broadband internet customers as of March 2011, so probably more now. I've also read elsewhere they have about 23 million total customers, so that's 6 million customers they already have they can entice with this to sign up for broadband (if it's available). So as was correctly pointed out in the blog, Comcast isn't looking for new customers - they likely already have a monopoly in most of their areas - this service is simply: "to keep customers from defecting to Netflix".

I do think their CSRs are going to have some difficulty explaining to people who gets this for free and who pays $4.99 as the Streampix page says "Blast Plus" but wiki doesn't even have an entry for that level of service. So it may be only a very small number of customers get this at no additional cost. (Cablevision has Boost Plus - b/c Boost or Plus alone wasn't fast enough.)

I was surprised to see it was available on mobile devices, I had presumed this was a set-top box only service as only Comcast customers could get it. Making it available on the iPad is a big win for them.

My one big question is - does this streaming cost against the 250GB cap? If Comcast can figure out a way to exclude their streaming from the cap then that could be a big advantage over using nf.


I remember when Xfinity was announced for Xbox they did say that it would not count towards the data cap.

All the Comcast news means little to me though because only Charter and Uverse are available where I live. Though I guess now that they own NBC it could be an issue when NBC rights come up for renewal again with Netflix. But that might not even be a big issue, since not every one can get comcast they may be willing to continue licensing to Netflix. Further to keep NBC material from Netflix could look monopolistic and anti competitive.


Comcast Cable customers already have this service to their hardwired equipment. I can watch almost any TV show for free (as long as I have paid for HBO if that show is on HBO, etc). Streampix is strictly an add on to make it wireless. Frankly, if you're already paying Comcast's very expensive fees this is cheaper and better than Netflix since Comcast has a massive amount of TV compared to NF - and you usually have access to it the day after it airs on regular TV.

I, however, see no reason to watch a show of any kind on a tiny phone or laptop screen. That's why we bought a "home theater". Idjiots.


Since this seems just like an extended Comcast OnDemand library for an extra $5 a month, are the controls as poor as they are for OnDemand?


So if I am just paying comcast for internet and not expensive cable / premium stations... How does this effect me? I pay $7.99 for netflix because I can watch shows and movies at a reasonable rate when I want. I don't want to pay another $50 dollars for premium stations and be able to watch them on my computer too.
If this is bundled with internet at no cost to the customer then great. Otherwise I won't upgrade as I am already cutting my bills down.


They're absolutely right, I don't need additional subscription services. So I'll stick with Netflix/Hulu and not subscribe to cable.


I pay Comcast almost $150/month, and they want another $5.99 for streampix, and it has commercials in it? No thank you.


" I can watch almost any TV show for free (as long as I have paid for HBO if that show is on HBO, etc)." .....you realize that sentence doesn't make any sense right? It, by definition, isn't free if you have paid for it. All this is is a super DVR / on demand service which is different from Netflix. I'm not seeing the value add here.

Looks like one suit walked into another suit's office and looked at a pie chart and said "what are we going to do about getting killed by Netflix?" and this is the brilliant result - I'm sure they make 7 figure salaries as well.

Jared K

Streampix is just another sad attempt by cable/satellite providers to push an emaciated "Netflix killer". It's just hollow marketing. Streampix replicates the sort of content they used to offer via their "Premium Collection", but they've added some TV series, mostly stuff they own through the NBC acquisition. The offerings are not only puny, but there is little quality exclusive content that isn't on Netflix or Amazon already.

In my household, we just drastically reduced our cable bill, yet it still seems high for what we get. Until Comcast sees the light and offers a la carte channel selection, I'm using every means to lighten my bill, not increase it by paying for a redundant service.


Comcasts prices are not worth the rotten equipment, around our area you have to trade in your converter box or dvr like every month or so as they die. Its crazy and I canceled back to limited basic no box, When they can give me equipment that doesnt die once a month I might try again, but the prices keep going up anyway!

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