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I smell a spinoff!


"...at least enough to pay for the domain. "

Two words. Spin off.


Well, you have to admit, at least "dvd.com" is better than "qwikster.com". And even if they do spin off, I'd have more faith in a "dvd.com" site sticking around way longer than a "qwikster". But still it will be really annoying if they completely split the companies up like they wanted with no integration.


Well, if NF moves its DVD catalog to a completely different site, regardless of the name, it will once again be thumbing its nose at the subscribers who said they want to keep all their viewing choices in one place.

The split will require a new membership account, another submission of personal info, and will result in a separate bill. (Not to mention the subscription rates may increase dramatically.) It will essentially force many people to make a choice between services - and will likely anger enough members to set off another exodus. One of the services is very likely to fail.

It is just pure folly when the streaming side is simply not ready to compete against DVDs. Streaming is still slim pickin's, has frequent stability and quality issues, doesn't offer enough user options (languages, scene selection, subtitles/captions, bonus features), is often in the incorrect aspect ratio, and titles expire much more rapidly than DVDs.

One can only hope that the POB at NF are preparing for an appropriate time in the future, rather than jumping the gun yet again. We shall see . . .


NF has to prepare for a future that might consist of Saturday delivery being dropped and first class mail being delayed 1-2 days. In the business world it's chess, not checkers. I did not like the Qwikster idea, but it was dropped... never happened folks. But I think we can all agree eventually it likely will need to happen.


Netflix won't spin off, they are just making it easier if you want their dvd plan. At first you would have to go to dvds.netflix.com, now its just dvd.com, and if you google dvd, Netflix's page would be a top result.


I think they learned their lesson and won't split DVD from streaming... Time will tell though.

Fred Talmadge

As a disc only customer and not likely to change any time soon. I'm just glad that Netflix still values the old fashion DVD disc.


It would be a major hassle for me if I could no longer cross-reference my Instant and rental entries. I keep everything in the DVD rental queue right now so I don't lose titles when they are dropped from Instant.

Most likely if this happens the market will come to the rescue with a fee-based DVD/Instant interface to the two spinoffs that would duplicate the old combined search, dual queue, and user review features, for a nominal fee, say $2 per month. I would pay.

Another alternative is that Netflix itself could continue to provide a dual interface. Obviously they won't do this voluntarily -- they feel only contempt for their customers. So, I propose that 'dual' customers go on strike when and if we lose our dual interface. If a few million of us put our accounts on hold for a month or so, Hastings would come around in a hurry.


If they split, then I'll be going to the new site. I've no interest in old TV series or krappy B movies, thank you.


Honestly, I don't understand WHY they feel they need to split the services. They worked just fine together when they had both on one account. So you have to raise your prices, fine! Just keep the format the most convenient for your CUSTOMERS. We're the ones paying, after all!


Perhaps they want to keep the domain name from the grasp of another competitor?

Or if they do split it off then they will learn from past mistakes and allow full integration between the two sites.


You folks have got to be kidding. They aren't going to spin off DVDs; they just tried that and it caused everyone to run around frothing at the mouth.

Just because they bought a domain name doesn't mean you have to go type in DVD.com whenever you want to add movies to your DVD queue. Netflix forwards several domains to netflix.com including netflicks.com and netflex.com. And now DVD.com forwards to netflix.com as well.

Facebook Application Developer

Terms of the purchase were not disclosed — though DVD.com is certainly a better domain than the short-lived Qwikster.


Just a cheap wesbite to draw traffic.

A spin off is years away if at all.


I don't buy the "it only directs customers to netflix.com" argument, how hard is it to remember Netflix? This sounds like they will split DVD's off eventually or sell the DVD division.


I fully expect Netflix to sell off the DVD side of things, otherwise they would not be disintegrating the two services like they have been. I do think though it will be awhile before this happens, namely whenever Congress finally drops the hammer on the USPS. That could (and likely will) take years.

Walt D in LV

What's really funny is that when I just now tried to go to DVD.com, it brought me to Netflix' Watch Instantly website!

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