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I hate what social networking has become. It use to involve blogging and being more descriptive about things and ideas. Now it's just check-ins and mere mentions of what people are doing. If I want people to know about a Netflix selection I'm watching, I will make a comment about it or post a comment on the "timeline" of the specific people I think might be interested.


I'll bet 3 fingers and a testicle that conversion rates on peer influence marketing in social media environments will exceed 25% for @instant_netflix. They have positions open right now that, in the right hands, could make a huge and almost immediate positive impact on the bottom line in just a few months. Shareholders should demand they hire me, analyst should upgrade the stock to BUY and everyone should hold onto their socks because I'd rally the board to go big then blow the roof off this joint. This whole situation is set up so perfectly that whoever gets empowered to set the social strategy is going to look like a one hell of a stud. Either way, mark my words.


I don't do bookface...


I think a better poll question would be "Should the option to share on Facebook be available?" As it's worded now it's almost saying "do you want to share your viewing on Facebook with no option to not share". Some times the viewing of something can start a conversation with others.


What's a facebook?

I don't have an urge to share everytime I poot or scratch my butt!!!

Walt D in LV

First off, I agree with VinceA (above). Having the option is a lot better than forcing it down peoples' throat. Netflix has always insisted people can opt out if they want to.

That being said, I 100% unequivocally love the idea of sharing my Netflix viewing on Facebook.
I am one of the many who were extremely disappointed that the Netflix Friends features were removed. Sharing movie notes on Facebook would be the next best thing.
I have used Friends on Netflix (http://www.friendsonnetflix.com/) to share my rating, though it seems like it hasn't been updated in some time.
I currently use the Facebook feature of IMDb which posts to Facebook whenever you rate a movie. This sparks some interesting conversations, much like the Netflix Friends feature did (especially the Two-Cent Mini Reviews.. BOY! I loved those!)

So, a great combination of Netflix and Facebook should allow you to continue to rate movies like always, yet have the option button "Post to Facebook" and in doing so, your rating would be posted and you could add a further little comment e.g. "Adam Sandler should be nominated for an Oscar for his role in this!"

As a side note, since so many websites currently do similar features to this, I don't know why Netflix can't. I guess it has to do with the law with video stores/rentals. To me, it just seems silly: I can rate a movie with IMDb (where I have only 415 ratings), have it posted on Facebook, but can't do it on Netflix (where I have over 3200 ratings).

Fred Talmadge

I'm kind of bored with FB frankly.

mark c.

Don't want it....as long as I can opt out of sharing on FB I won't mind the feature for other to use.

Karen Lee

Totally uninterested in Facebook for anything. I like to keep my information as private as possible, not give some company stuff about me to sell to advertisers.

Dave G

I'd say I'm mildly interested, but I haven't even bothered to ask many people what they watch on Netflix.


I used the Facebook integration with Netflix before they took it away a couple years ago (and the Netflix friends feature before that...)

The way I see it, I'm the movie buff in my circle of friends. I watch a lot of classics, foreign films, cult films, etc. and had several friends who were interested to see what I was watching and what I thought of it. I would always write a short 2-3 sentence impression of the film, knowing that's going to be far more interesting than a generic "He rated ____ 3 stars." Like Walt D said above, it sparked many conversations with several different friends.

If you're one of the people who is annoyed by those kinds of posts, it's incredibly easy to hide posts by Facebook apps...


I'd rather Netflix set up a way to easily see/be notified when titles will be expiring soon in your instant queue than spend time on FB integration. Work on things that benefit EVERYONE as opposed to things that benefit the minority. In the long run your business will be better off. Still a great service, Netflix has numerous other things it can devote time/energy/money to instead of FB integration.


I don't want to prevent others from sharing, but it should definitely be an opt-in. And the opt-in should be stand-alone, not dependent on anything else - definitely don't want an "if you opt out, click the button below to cancel your account".

The law should be worded to ensure it must be a stand-alone opt-in. DO NOT leave this up to individual companies to decide.


For all of the folks worried about whether or not you'll be "Forced" to use the Facebook feature unless you choose to opt-out, think about it. You have to give them your Facebook email and password before they can be connected, so as long as your not stupid enough to "accidentally" enter that info then you have nothing to worry about.


No interest whatsoever, I rarely use Facebook. Netflix is pushing this in Congress so they can share ad revenue, after the PIPA/SOPA uproar I doubt it will get passed.

Miles Danforth

The law is different here in Canada, so we've had this all along. You can add or remove it at anytime, all it does is say "X started watching Y on Netflix" on your FB page, and adds a "Watched by Friends" category on your Netflix home page.


Tom, that is until they require FB to use Netflix. Other services do, Reed sits on FB's board... It might be a stretch, but not a long one.


#1 - The failed/rejected Beacon app started sharing info with Facebook (the company, not necessarily on your page) if you visited the Netflix site with the same browser you use to login to Facebook -- even if you didn't actively give NF your info. Not saying the same thing will happen again, just putting it out there.

#2 - Is it really worth the time and resources for Netflix to implement this when only 15% of users (according to the current tally on this poll) actually want it? Netflix has removed features that were more popular than that due to "lack of interest."


"#2 - Is it really worth the time and resources for Netflix to implement this when only 15% of users (according to the current tally on this poll) actually want it? Netflix has removed features that were more popular than that due to "lack of interest."

According to the pool here, up to 25% might use it, that's a pretty big chunk. What percent of people wanted subtitles on everything? It's probably less than 15% an they are doing that.

Plus, it's already in Canada, UK, and South America, so I can't see it being a huge effort to add it here (once the laws are changed).


Apples and Oranges Groggie. Netflix is facing lawsuits claiming violations of the ADA due to lack of subtitles. Unless I'm missing something there isn't a law to force Netflix to provide the ability to share with your neighbors your opinion of the last How i met your Mother episode you watched. Again, I'm not against it, I just think there there are about a dozen other things netflix should give priority over FB integration.


I'm not interested in getting a play by play of what movies watched when in a stream that would probably be cluttered with all sorts of other stuff I may or may not be interested in knowing. However I did like netflix's friend feature where I could add my friends and see what they have watched when I'm interested in the info. Personally the friends feature they had on their site was the best way of handling social sharing of movies. Now that is something so far up to 3rd parties to handle. One I know of, feedfliks (sp?) has the option.


You can already do this if you really care about sharing what you are watching - it's called GetGlue. It's not an integrated app, but in terms of privacy it's probably better that you must explicitly choose to share what you are up to.

As other's have said - I don't care, wouldn't use it, and it had better be an opt-in


Hard to share on FB my viewing habits when I am not a member.

With that said, if Netflix decides to integrate with FB, the option should be to opt IN, not opt OUT. That way people will know they are sharing private data with others.


Add it for Google + too. Yes, I use it and think it would be nice to create a circle called Netflix and just share my Netflix stuff with that circle. With Facebook I can't control who sees what and I hate that.


Bring back my Friends feature on Netflix. It was stupid they got rid of it. If you didn't want to develop any more for it, just leave it the way it is at least...


I think the law as it stands is one of the best pieces of consumer protection legislation out there; it's a shame that netflix wants to gut it. I'm pleasantly surprised that it's "tied up", I hope it doesn't pass.


Another vote for "should be optional". Let ME choose whether I want to share something on FB. It's my FB account, not theirs. If you read an article on another site (hell, this article on this site!) you're not forced to share it.



Gettin' some love there Mike, Nice! But again, another study shows NF should be spending their half a million bucks elsewhere.


Let it be opt-in, I won't opt-in though. Not that I don't already share with my friends when I find a gem of a program on NF which I think they too may enjoy. But...I see no need to broadcast to the world the title of every program I watch.

EL Don

Opt-in ONLY and no seamless sharing. I must initiate it, no auto posting.


Don't care. I just don't want to be required to use a facebook credential to login to netflix. I hate that about spotify.


netflix needs to bring their social media policies in-line with the breadth of their app saturation; the rights holders won't let them.

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