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noor almtowaq

Hello, So does that mean to us for netflix users. we cant watch any thing


Non-factor. The article states you must be a subscriber to Epix to get access, meaning you must have Cable/Sat. It's not different than HBOGo. Also, ABC Family has had full episodes on their shows on their website forever, I have a link to their video page on my HTPC.


iT's also only for those who have been iNdoctrinated iNto the iCult.

Yeah, I realize that covers just about everyone, but there are a handful of us non-iMembers left.


Epix has had Android apps for a while now. For once apple is late to the game.


ABC "Family" only? And I don't think I know what Epix is.

I always wondered why content producers didn't just host their own content - I know many of the networks do - so they could fight the piracy they are always complaining about, and cut out the middlemen of Hulu and nf. But now having been indoctrinated and drunk the iOS kool-aid I can definitively see "apps' as the way to go. I just don't see how it doesn't make sense for FOX or NBC to host their own programs via an app where they can capture more eyeballs and advertise more of their shows than having things move to Hulu or nf where people are not likely to be brand focused. I wouldn't be surprised if 5 years from now HBOgo is seen as the model and Hulu is gone.


Well just based on this little blurb they're talking about offering "fresh" episodes of their shows. NF deals exclusively with past whole seasons and has publicly stated they do not bid for new/next day showings. Until ABC or other entities offer entire uninterrupted past seasons it's still not quite direct competition w/ NF. Most network websites already offer streaming of their current shows usually going back 6 episodes or so. All this says to me is they've opened up an app for Apple products to watch them there instead.


IMACynic: ROFLMAO Whenever I hear an iMacaholic fan-boy talking it reminds me of the Borg from STNG saying "You Will Be Assmilated".


I downloaded the ABC Family app and 2 points of frustration (#1, which I will post on iTunes soon):
1) no airplay ability to send to AppleTV
maybe Apple/ABC are working on a native app for AppleTV device, so that is why no airplay...?
2) commercials. That is why I love netflix

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