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Netflex is making the impact since its come, now after the drop they getting with the promotion again.


The quality of the recommendations have definitely gotten worse. I used to find new movies with the recommendations. Now, I rarely find anything good in Netflix's recs. It's disappointing.


The recommendations have gotten better for me in the past few months, much more stuff I'm interested in.


The DVD recommendations are pretty good but the instant streaming recommendations change at random and seem way off: For example I was recommended Rock a Doodle which they think I would rate a 3 star. Obviously my top 10 should all be titles they believe I would love not like. The recommendations are fun to laugh about though and then search for a type of movie and sort by ratings.


Their recommendation engine has generally been pretty good for me, but I'm annoyed that with a streaming-only plan it's now 10x harder for me to rate non-streaming movies since they're not available in the search anymore. I like to rate as much as possible in the hope that the recommendations keep getting better.



You have to know what's what first of all. You have two different top 10's. Your instant top 10 is based only on what you've been watching recently. Then your browsing top 10 is based mostly on your taste preferences (it includes DVD's). The watch instantly list under the suggestions tab should much more accurate as it only suggests titles rated 3.8 or higher.


It was working fine for me until they removed the ability to rate anything that isn't on Instant Watch. Now I consider the entire system flawed and untrustable.

Fred Talmadge

I gave up on recomendations. I don't know what I watched (maybe a romantic comedy) but I'd get a bunch of gay movies all of a sudden. I'd rent a Western (not Brokeback Mt) and they would go away.


At first my recommendations were ridiculous. There would always be at least one gay/lesbian movie and one Asian martial arts bloodbath in my Top Ten. Since I sat down and devoted an hour to refining the 'Preferences' tab in my account profile, the recommendations have gotten a lot more accurate.

I have over 300 titles backlogged in my DVD queue, but only 30 titles left in my Instant Watch queue, so when I go looking for a recommendation, it is generally because I feel like watching a streaming movie. This is fortunate, because the 'Top Ten' list now only lists streaming movies for me, on both the Instant Watch and the DVD rental tabs. Another case of Reed Hastings trying to antagonize his customers, perhaps? I keep thinking, if the Top Ten feature can come up with 10 titles on streaming that I actually would like to see, how much more useful would it be if it included movies from the 90% of Netflix titles that are not streamed?

Basically, I think Netflix does a good job with this feature and I find most of the categories that it offers me to be right on the mark.

Daniel L

Netflix's recommendations have generally been pretty good for me in the past. I have a shit ton of movies accurately rated and I have my preferences rated as well.

One small thing that kind of doesn't make sense to me is why my "streaming top 10" recommendations are constantly changing. It's like they just pick 10 random movies and then list them in my "top 10." Shouldn't my top 10 list stay pretty consistent? Why does it completely change every day or so? It changes drastically (all 10 movies replaced by 10 new ones) even if I've rated no movies in the mean time.


The recommendations have definitely gotten worse and now we know why. I've been complaining about this for months - I finally cancelled streaming. It also explains why the searches of streaming content don't work very well anymore either -- garbage data input means garbage out.

Is Hastings REALLY that hard up financially????


I don’t think one single film it has recommended has ever been of interest to me.
Here is the flaw: the recs are based on genres. But I think it is safe to say that many of the best films, while seemingly part of genres are often more than that. For instant Jaws is probably classified as a horror film, animal attack film, etc. I never watch those kinds of movies but Jaws is a great film and I enjoyed it because it was well acted, written, directed, scored, etc. Another great horror film is the Shinning. But it is also a great movie for many reasons as well.
How will they tag The Artist? It is not actually a silent film (being made nearly 100 years after the heyday of silent movies and, it does have sound in parts of it). Is it a romantic comedy? The story of a person who looses it all? Drama? But, many people enjoyed it who would never see a “silent” movie.
I think recommendations are a waste of time and resources. I’d rather mine were turned off!

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