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Art Artistry

After looking at the other companies in the contest I don't have a problem with Netflix being included tons of good companies are part of it. It looks to me like they just threw them all in a bag and scattered them out there. Verizon, Comcast, EA and USPS are my picks for the bottom four.


No, but Consumerist might be the worst website in America.

Daniel L

Major things Netflix needs to do to stop pissing people off:

1. Stop acting like it's trying to sabotage it's DVD side of the business.

2. Start acquiring newly released (and old too) independent, hard-to-get-elsewhere-easily DVD's and Blu Rays again, such as new releases from Criterion and similar companies.

3. Stop making dumb ass decisions.

4. Try to focus on acquiring streaming titles of all flavors, not just absolute garbage, and not just blockbusters.


The contest is based on things that happened in the past year. And some of the brackets are filled with companies suggested by readers. No matter how you feel about Netflix, it did not exactly have a banner year. Anyway, they were soundly beaten by Gamestop which I fully expected.

Of course S, that's a matter of opinion. I find The Consumerist to be highly entertaining and very informative as do millions of others. But whatever floats your boat.


Man that $6 increase and the whole separating dvd and streaming must have really pissed people off to still be whining about it. My only beef at this point for the separation of the two services is that I have to pay double the taxes on it.

And if you want to know what the worst company in America, look at the cable companies especially Charter. High prices for bad or shoddy service.

Netflix only suffers from an unreliable streaming library...

Its still better than the likes of Hulu which kill me with their non stop commercials (and you can't even pay for full service to get rid of them).


It wasn't just the price increase, it was the whole Quackster debacle (as I like to call it), the price increase without warning consumers, the unreliable streaming library, and the fact that they managed to alienate 800,000 customers all in one quarter. So it was a bad year. You will be happy to note that Charter has moved into the second round having defeated Century Link (Qwest). And I correct myself that Game Stop won that round. You can still vote, but that's a pretty hefty lead by Game Stop and doubtful that they could possibly lose. Other results from previous years:

2007 – Winner: RIAA
2007 – Runner Up: Halliburton Other Finalists: Wal-mart, Exxon, Sonny
2008 – Winner: Countrywide Financial,
2008 – Runner Up: Comcast Other Finalists: Diebold, Wal-mart
2009 – Winner: AIG
2009 – Runner Up: Comcast Other Finalists: Bank of America Ticketmaster
2010 – Winner: Comcast
2010 – Runner Up: Cash For Gold Other Finalists: Bank of America, Ticketmaster
2011 – Winner: BP
2011 – Runner Up: Bank of America Other Finalists: Comcast, Ticketmaster


I don't care about the Qwikster mishap or the increase in price, but what bothers me most is that despite the 30+ day delay windows I can never seem to get new releases without a "(very) long wait".



The qwikster debacle never happened, there was plenty of warning about the price change, the streaming library is the best of any service out there, and the 800,000 (plus more) customers realized they were getting a good deal after all and came back.


What's the problem here? You act like The Consumerist wants to go out and beat Reed Hastings . The Quacster never happened because Hastings found out he laid a big duck egg. It was a very bad decision, no matter how much you want to rationalize it. No matter how you keep trying to whitewash it. They were horrible business decisions that Netflix still hasn't fully recovered from anyway you slice it or dice it. And I'm sure now agrees they were crap. You fan boys sure get in an uproar every time someone offers up the teensiest bit of criticism of whatever your "thing" of the moment is on any particular day. You act like people are going to go to your house and crap in your Cheerios or something.


Amazing how Netflix went from one of the best to one of the worst overnight. The price increase was bad enough but that new interface on the streaming selection screen, their new data handling for streaming that kept recommending shows I had indicated specifically that I was NOT interested in, tossing in the one's already seen to make it look like there was a bigger selection, and removing all the good stuff from streaming, destroying the search engine for streaming, ... shall I go on?

I still have the mail service for DVDs but that service has degraded too. I'll keep it if it doesn't get too much worse but I'm annoyed now where I used to be quite happy with both streaming and the mail service. Paying more to be annoyed rankles.

Yes, Netflix deserves to be on the worst list.


Ritch, you need to beat others to the punch. ALl Netflix members are waiting 30+ days, so demand will still be high. What I do, I make sure I sent a DVD so that it arrives the day before "release". In so doing, I'm receiving the DVD on the "release" day vs having to wait a long period.

I used to send DVDs so that it arrived on the "release" date, and always found myself waiting. I was told to play for the day before release, and I've never had a problem since.


Maybe Netflix deserved to be on the worst list in August, but they reversed that unpopular Qwikster decision. That's something rare. The media needs to stop harping about it because some of the old users who ditched it ahead of the reversal still think it actually happened. Sure the price increase was bothersome but the disc service has actually been rebounding in the past few months. LOTS of older titles Netflix either did not have, lost, or expunged over the years have become available.

Fred Talmadge

The Flixster deal was a mistake and of course price increases are always unpopular. For myself as a disc only customer, I'm fine with Netflix. No one else provides the variety of movies I want at a fair price with good customer service.

mark c.

NF messed up and didn't communicate with its loyal followers but the Worst company? I enjoy the streaming service and have hope the selection will only get better. I don't see them as the worst but I can see how the loyal fans are still pissed.


LOL at the people still complaining about Qwikster. Do you hold grudges against BofA for their monthly checking fee or Verizon for their online-bill pay fee? Yes, lets all hold a grudge over something that never happen.

The splitting of the plans HAD TO HAPPEN. Netflix needed a rock hard # of streaming subscribers to be able to negotiate content deals. If you're unhappy with what the charging fine, but tell me which other company offers a better streaming product for eight dollars a month or less.


Netflix isn't the worst company in America but Reed Hastings is certainly the worst CEO. How many missteps do you have to make before you're fired?


Used to be I would be hard-pressed to come up with a title that Netflix did not have on DVD. Now, I have a huge (and ever-growing) list of titles released in the last year that Netflix didn't bother obtaining. And, no, they're not on streaming either. The value of Netflix as a service continues to steadily decline.

That said, Netflix will have to work 10 times harder at screwing up in 2012 to even come close to being as bad as GameStop.


What the hell does "worst" mean anyway?

You've got companies that are responsible for thousands of families losing their homes illegally (I'm looking at you, Bank of America); You've got companies that are responsible for billions of dollars lost by investors (yeah, Goldman, this song really is about you).

You've got gas companies fracking the Northeast and causing cancers and health defects while trying to sue documentarians to stop them from talking about it.

You've got government agencies getting caught running massive scams and having to pay half a billion dollar fines (hi, SAIC!).

You've got megamarts which underpay their employees, keep them at 32 hours a week so they don't get benefit, force them to use public assistance, stop them from unionizing, and refuse to even follow the law in paying them overtime.

And NETFLIX is worst in America?

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


(sheepish) "government contractors," I meant to say. SAIC is a contractor.


I wouldn't say netflix is one of the worst companies but I would say they handled price increases poorly and made a bad decision which was reversed quickly and that was spliting dvd and iw. Could have been worse and they gone through with it. Right now netflix even at the new price is the best deal for both streaming and discs combined. But amazon and hulu are gaining in contect making them valid streaming only competition.


i don't care how bad nf gets, any long time gamer is going to tell you they'll never compare in horror stories to GS. Going against GS, face-to-face interactions w/ egotistical pimpled face rock-gods-in-their-own-minds store workers who treat you like you're an idiot. fortunately I found one where the workers are normal people, but it took years of looking.

Oh, and something bad that did come out of the Qwikster disaster, Reid going on record saying they were going to rent games. That was a broken promise people actually wanted. It just totally disappeared. Reid may have actually had those brain cells removed from himself so he can pretend it never happened.

Semore Butts

You guys are a bunch of freaking cry babies name one service in the world who gives you what you want exactly. This isn't freaking B.K people, you cannot have what you want if you don't like the way they handle business, price wise, movie wise, or whatever cancel the subscription. Crazy thing is most of you people who are crying and complaining either have a netflix account or will be returning soon.


NF might not be THE worst company in America, but the recent boneheaded moves by those running the company sure make it seem they want to be.

Frank Zentura

Why is Adobe missing from the list? I consider Adobe much worse than NetFlix. Have you seen their licensing practices?


It astounds me that people find so much to complain about. Netflix, even with all that happened during the last year, is still the best deal out there. Surely, Comcast is the worst company in America. In fact, the cable and satellite providers all suck.


While NF might not be the *worst* company in the states, having been a NF employee - they are one of the most difficult to work for. Their "support" for staff is haphazard at best, and the management team chooses to write up and/or fire employees who either don't kiss butt regularly, or who choose to take vacation time more than once every couple of years... It's pretty sad when a company dings their front line reps if they get too many "no" responses to a one-question survey that frankly, does not clearly state how it will affect the rep.


Well after reading the above x employee input maybe that explains why my service sucks so badly all of the sudden (since the whole debacle started w/ nf).
Ive loved NF for over 7 years used them pretty much non stop since, but Ive canceled for the last time now. ( I miss the old NF)
Ive never had so many unplayable discs or busted discs since the whole NF changes thing began. And my que...they never used to move movies up to the que and then proceed to say unknown availability!? Half my que was that way last few months, old and new stuff!?
I suspect they are not replacing busted discs anymore and are short on availability and of course we all know new movies are not ever coming back fast and plentiful! The price hike wasnt too bad except for using both services, its the service Im leaving for now.
Theyve taken the fun from NF so why pay for it anymore.

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