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This is wonderful!

Karen Lee

I can barely wait to see big media's reaction to this one.

Hilarious and food for thought for those who just routinely accept whatever RIAA/MPAA dish out.

Jonathan Alexader

You mean, the same TED talks that we can already watch for free on Youtube? Way to go, Netflix. Where are the real movies I'm paying for on streaming? I'm about to quit over this crap selection.


Wow this is funny! Next maybe they will stream home movies or PSA's and call that content too!


Hey the more TED Talks on more services and devices. I'm cool with that.

Don't worry people Netflix will get more paid content soon enough. This is just extra icing.

Joe Stuart

Very nice addition to Netflix's catalog. Thanks for sharing!


I might have kept my streaming account if there had been more of this sort of programming available. The Frontline Club, The Commonwealth Club and the Google Talks and TWIT are others I'd recommend to be added. If Netflix ever solves the playlist problem I'd consider viewing there rather than on iTunes. I really like setting up a playlist and then sitting back to watch and Netflix doesn't do that.


These TED talks are silly little PSAs for grade school kids. They exist only for the delusional at TED who think they are so smart. FAIL


this is the equivalent of offering my local access and PBS programming

please.. id like content i actually want to watch


That's funny, because I think it would be great if more PBS programming were available. (Though I tend to watch PBS shows on my non-Tivo recorder so I can watch it faster than realtime with sound -- I wish some other service would add this kind of capability.. podcasts on an iPod/iPhone are the only other instance where I see people use this.)

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