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The first sentence made this something I won't watch. Another mangled female case --such originality --- not.

I watched "In the Hand of the Enemy" yesterday - a 1988 TV legal drama DVD that was quite good. Who knew what we were doing in those years before GITMO. The writers did.

Come on - do we really need another tripe formula crime case?

Schmye Bubbula

"She's wrapped in plastic."


Sounds like Twin Peaks...


Yawn... I have no interest in yet another show featuring the abuse and murder of women and girls. As the father of two young girls I find this predilection of the entertainment industry to continually present this subject matter as entertainment to be utterly inappropriate and debased.


I hope it's better than Lilyhammer. I watched two episodes of that and have no desire to watch any more.


ryan, I read a press release that compared it to Twin Peaks. IDK about this, personally I only like Roth when he's doing splat stick type fliks (2001 maniacs, Cabin fever)... everything else he does I just don't enjoy.


More wasted money on another show I won't watch.


Ya know, i get the impression responses on Hacking are trolled by people who really hate Netflix. I loved Lillyhammer. I do not think Netflix is losing it either.


I don't know if I'll watch this show, but Lilyhammer was fantastic.


Lilyhammer was really good, I am really looking forward to the 2nd season, and based on the stats on Netflix's website, so did many other people:


Please don't tell me I am paying a $7 dollar increase just for original programming. If I wanted original programming I'd watch tv. I'd rather Netflix spend the money on obtaining rights to more tv shows not create their own.


@ David
Just because others have different opinions than yours do not make them "trolls". I watched the first episode, found it boring and predictable. BTW I enjoy flicks like sopranos, godfather, goodfellas, etc. Lilly just did not cut it with me.

I am all for netflix original content. But they have to step their game up if they want to be compared to HBO.


I hope this is not like Twin Peaks. It was slow and boring to me. I'd prefer netflix make a pilot episode of potential new series and let members vote on which is better. The last thing netflix wants to do is spend big money on a crap series no one likes. From reading the description of the show, it seems like the typical cable TV murder mystery series, which is not appealing to me at all.


David is right, all sorts of trolls on here. People who say they haven't been netflix subs for months... WTF are you doing here but trolling? I'd go as far as to say DVD-only subs are trolls. 90% of the content here is streaming related and the DVD-subs only have negative things to say about it... TROLLS. If you don't like it fine, cancel and spend your money elsewhere. Those folks that have cancelled and still linger... get a life.


Dunno about twin peaks.. seems to me to be a murder mystery type show though.. hoping it will be like Harpers Island... damn good show that really had people guessing till the end...

Scott Baker

Netflix is trying to prevent their streaming service from becoming a commodity that other companies can duplicate. The only sure way to do that is exclusive content. It's why MTV shows original content instead of just the music videos they started out with. (Any channel can get music videos from the music companies for free.) MTV had to offer viewers something they couldn't get from any other channel. Fortunately, original content on Netflix won't crowd out the other content nearly as much as with MTV since MTV is limited to just 24 programming hours in a day while Netflix can stream you anything in its vast library anytime.

Schmye Bubbula

On the contrary, MTV jumped ship from their signature music video format precisely because the record labels started charging MTV to show their promotional videos. (Just another in a long line of grievous errors by the record labels shooting themselves in the foot, setting the stage for Napster, iTunes, etc. To this day, they have learned nothing.)


Damn Netflix just keeps getting worse and worse. Lame ass shows and no movies worth a fuck. Just go out of business already.


There are plenty of good shows and movies to be watched. I don't go to the movies that much because there just isn't that much being produced that's worth spending money on. TV is where real innovation is happening now.


If TV is where real innovation is happening we are in REALLY bad trouble. ROTFL. The only reasonably interesting new TV shows this season are Person of Interest(James Caviezel) and Once Upon a Time(Robert Carlyle). Each hour of network TV has about 20 minutes of ads to 40 minutes of content. Hardly worth flipping the on switch even for those shows.

As for recent movies(no ads for about 2 hrs of content), I liked Hugo, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, The Adjustment Bureau, Limitless, The Lincoln Lawyer, War Horse, Passchendaele, Contagion, We Bought a Zoo, Snowflower and the Secret Fan, Cowboys and Aliens, The Whistleblower, Moneyball(and I'm not fond of sports), In Time, Melancholia, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Tintin, and more if I thought about it. Each a nice way to spend an evening (PC+large external monitor). Some are even worth viewing more than once.

The studios produce about 400 movies a year. The number of TV series beyond the reality and junk stuff is less than about 100 and most of those won't be remembered the next day. H2O and The Trojan Horse (from Canada) are two exceptions - memorable! TV could be wonderful but it hasn't turned out that way.

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Sounds like the kind of show we could (and often do) get on broadcast and cable. What’s Netflix bringing to the party?


This sounds interesting but not thrilling.

I haven't watched Lillyhammer because a mobster dramedy isn't really my thing.

BUT, I am looking forward to House of Cards. I love David Fincher's work on films like The Social Network, Fight Club, and Zodiac. I also love Kevin Spacey's acting. So, that should be a good one for me.

I think they're trying to get something out there for everyone.

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