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All I can say is make sure you see this movie before diving in for the purchase option. I rented it via CinemaNow thinking it looked promising. While not a terrible film, it is extremely slow and plodding with very little action or intrigue (they were trying pretty hard for intrigue but it didn't work). It also bounces back and forth through time alot making it somewhat confusing. This is one of those that could have been great, but those behind the camera dropped the ball. Strictly my opinion of course, but you've been warned.

Michael Garcia

I must respectfully disagree with TS. I found TINKER TAILOR to be one of the finest films of the year. The slow build pacing set up Gary Oldman's superb understated performance, which may be the most exceptional of his career leading to a much deserved best actor nomination. If you have trouble with the time shifting of the plot, just watch the costume design, when they are wearing clothing of the 60's, its the 60's, when they are dressed in 70's attire, its the 70's. Also, in the 60's Oldman's glasses are of regular thickness, when its the 70's and he's much older, they are about a half inch thick (glasses are a metaphor for many of the character's in the film, symbolizing who is looking clearly and how hard they happen to be looking. As TS stated, the pacing is slow and deliberate, but I find it leads to a more nuanced film that, in my opinion, may be the finest spy film ever made. If you are a fan of Tomas Alfredson's other truly great film, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, do yourself a favor and pick up TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY. It'll be right up your alley.

Michael Garcia

whoops, sorry about the typos. Unfortunately, there is no delete for me to fix my post.


Hopefully this shows up on other Universal titles and equates to better/more recent streaming titles from the studio.


If this very subtle form of advertising is what it will take for NF to be able to afford more quality, high-demand and/or hard to find titles from a variety of studios, then I am all for it. Sure beats commercial breaks and in-your-face ad bars.


"Negative" reviews like the one TS posted never turn me off, and don't most people watch stuff before they actually buy it?


I wouldn't call my review negative; more cautionary. It wasn't an awful movie but not the best either nor was it as good as it could have been. Good cast, well acted but in spite of that not great. No one should be "turned off" by my post. Some will disagree; others agree. All I recommended was rent it first because sometimes people take a chance and buy blindly. As I said...only my opinion.

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,maybe i will watch it:)

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