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Netflix advertises on airtime in so many forms of media. Netflix can't afford to take political sides when marketing their product to the entire country (not just the whiny democrats). Rush might be a dick and people might not agree with him, but that has nothing to do with Netflix.


Yes it does. They may have advertised in a wide radio programs without specific targeting, but Netflix ads have been aired during Rush program.

Many other advertisers who mistakenly aired ads during Rush program have initiated action to exclude Rush, netflix should do the same.


I agree.Netflix I love you but you better buck up and do the right thing.
Any contribution to this hateful man using my money, however indirectly,is unacceptable to me. We aren't talking politics here, this is hateful, uncivilized behaviour,not a "political" opinion.


Blind market advertising is only an attempt to evade responsibility. Do your shareholders believe "we don't know where the money goes" statements?

Demand the adverts be pulled, make a statement denouncing that kind of rhetoric or my family won't return and we will encourage, vehemently, that others leave as well.


I'm certainly with you LogrusZed. They can exclude certain programs or certain hours where they don't want their ads to air.


Patti Sontag

Not knowing who you sponsor does not absolve you, Netflix, from responsibility for the trash that Limbaugh spews. We will boycott until you refuse money for this programming.


Other advertisers who purchase blind airtime have pulled their advertising from the show and Netflix should do the same. I'm giving them one week and if they are still on it, I'm off Netflix. So are most of my Facebook friends.

If Netflix doesn't care that they are advertising on a site that promotes rage and violence against women I do not care to do business with Netflix. Yes I said violence because Rush decided that the student should do a sex video and I find that a violent suggestion.


Limbaugh is a scumbag and sociopath of course but I reserve my true scorn for those defective enough to listen to his hateful and ignorant gibberish.


Refusing to air advertising on this program isn't "taking sides". This program is an example of hate speech. It's unAmerican. Enough of the misogyny and racism. Netflix needs to join the effort to take the wind out of this windbag.




Netflix just doesn't get it. We don't want our money going to Limbaugh. If that means leaving Netflix then so be it.


Rush Limbaugh has the right to free speech, but he doesn't have the right to be subsidized or financed for his speech.

Anybody who subsidizes and finances him is his accomplice.

And if he degrades civilization with his his speech, which I submit he does, than anybody who finances him is complicit in the degradation of civilization.

Ben Pike

The funny thing is - he can say whatever he wants...

...and you can chose not to listen.

"Your freedom to be you includes my freedom to be free from you" - Andrew Wilkow

ahhh the beauty of choice.

Arlene W

Netflix, please request that your ads to do not run during Rush Limbaugh's show and join other companies who do not want their brand associated with such sexist and uncivil talk radio.

Ellen Lavan

Betcha more than half of Netflix customers are women and most of them get birth control through their insurance package. Why would Netflix want to alienate women by linking the Netflix name in any way to the bigot?


No one is asking Netflix to stop advertising on Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow or any politically slanted program. But I would hope that Netflix would pull its ads from any program where the host used the "N-word" or other racist terminology. It's the same thing with Rush's attack -- which was not even a criticism of women in general, but a hate-filled rant against a specific private citizen. I don't know which is worse - bigotry in general, or the verbal assault he visited upon this one woman.
Of course, I would have hoped for a more courageous response from Governor Romney too, than his mealy-mouthed "that's not the language I would have used."
Anyway, we put our Netflix account on "hold" last night and my wife called to tell Netflix why. She said the kid on the other end of the line cheered her on and said she was "awesome."


Ben: Here we go again with that same old silly "you don't have to listen" nonsense. When you are broadcasting over the public airwaves, and when you have sponsors who pay for that programming, you are not free to say whatever you want. You have a certan amount of responsibility and there are limits. This isn’t cable TV you know.

People have every right to protest when someone broadcasts such ugly hate towards women over the public airwaves. Frankly, if I owned a company and I had a daughter in college and Limbaugh had said what he did, why in the heck would I want to sponsor him? That's the same as giving tacit approval to everything he said. And someone like Hastings, who has two teenage children of his own, would he want them to be the subject of such misogyny? Or, would he want his sons to think things like this are okay? I think not.

Emily Guerrero

I have been a Netflix customer since it's inception and my teenage boys almost exclusively watch shows through Netflix vs. regular TV. When I told them about the current situation, they were supportive of dropping Netflix and gave a plug for Hulu-Plus as an alternative. Of course Limbaugh can say what he wants, but I do not want a single dollar of my family's money going to support it. (PS Geico, I'm spending my lunch break researching other insurers.)

Winter Colby

There is a such thing as free speech, but Rush's hate speech is PAID FOR by Netflix and others. We're simply asking that they stop paying for it.

We aren't asking for censorship of Rush Limbaugh, we're informing any company that advertises on his show (funds him) that we won't buy their product. This is a form of civic capitalism and private citizens are doing what we know that we can to help the vendors in the market understand our reaction to someone they fund. Netflix: I am putting my subscription on hold because you fund a man who called my wife, my mother and my sister sluts. There was no need for such misogynist hate speech.

Terry Clancy

I have been a loyal customer for many years, singing your praises, but this will stop if you do not do the right thing. You have the power to make sure your money does not support Rush Limbaugh. Your daughters do not deserve to be called a slut and a prostitute, for that is what he has done. Do not continue to pay him to do this.


What's your next slogan Ben? Is it "America, Love it or leave it"?

Not listening to the BS Limbaugh said does not make it OK for him to say it.

I guess that for some reason you feel it's alright for him to call Sandra Fluke those names. What if it was you mother, or your sister he was talking about? Would it still be alright? If it was a Democrat who did the name calling would it still be fine with you?

I think you have a crush on Rush.


How many of you Rush haters subscribe to HBO or Sirius XM? Bill Maher and Howard Stern say derogatory sexist things all the time. I don't like MSNBC but if Netflix started running ads on there I wouldn't care.


I was actually thinking about giving Netflix another chance but that's not going to happen now.


I cancelled my Netflix account today. When Netflix does the right thing and stops sponsoring Rush Limbaugh I'll come back.

Cyn Huddleston

Suspended. Cancelling in 7 days. They need to find their advertising folks and fix this. Their ads are appearing there. They can stop it.


yo dudes,

has anyone confirmed this? you can find a ton of people claiming that netflix is advertising with rush, but the closest i've found is http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/03/04/1070965/-ATTN-dKos-Netflix-users which seems like it's a recording of a netflix advertisement approximately four minutes before the beginning of the rush show.

right now, what i'm seeing is one of those "some people on the internet said its true, so some more people on the internet said its true, so it must indeed be true". anyone have a recording of something that clearly shows a netflix ad in the middle of a rush show?


I guess all you libs have already cancelled your HBO subscription.



I am not in support of Rush Limbaugh. That being said, in no way do I hold the advertisers accountable for his words. Ideally, I would like to keep our government and businesses separate. By condemning businesses for advertising wherever they think they can get customers, you are basically demanding that the companies have a political stance. The point in netflix advertising is to increase customers. More customers = better chances of getting quality shows. Stop demanding companies to have a political stance. As long as they are neutral, it should not matter who they advertise. They are just trying to do what is best for their customers and their employees.

jim cosenza

I agree with Patti Sontag: "Not knowing who you sponsor does not absolve you, Netflix, from responsibility for the trash that Limbaugh spews."

Contact Netflix Board of Directors:

Leslie Kilgore
100 Winchester, Los Gatos CA 95032

Reed Hastings
100 Winchester, Los Gatos CA 95032

Jay Hoag, Technology Crossover Ventures
528 Ramona Street, Palo Alto CA 94301

Richard Barton, Zillow, Inc.
999 3rd Ave., Suite 4600, Seattle, WA 98104

Timothy Haley, Redpoint Ventures
3000 Sand Hill Road, Building 2, Suite 290, Menlo Park CA 94025

Charle Giancarlo, Silverlake
2775 Sand Hill Road, Suite 100, Menlo Park CA 94025


I hope Netflix is smart enough to see through all the phony liberal outrage. But if they announce their support for this left-wing witchhunt, I'll cancel my subscription immediately.


After nf pulls it's Limbaugh sponsorship I guess it can get to work on pulling all of Kirk Cameron's movies from it's library.

Adele Major

I put my Netflix account on hold this morning and called to tell them that I am waiting to see how they respond to this. Netflix was very friendly but didn't seem particularly concerned about losing my business. If Netflix announces they are continuing to advertise with Limbaugh, then I will be forced to cancel my account. I believe in free speech, but I don't want my money supporting that guy. There's free speech and there's hate speech, and I think Limbaugh has crossed the line on genuine debate/alternate points of view into deranged and pointless misogynist rhetoric. Interestingly, my health care company also advertises with Limbaugh, but hilariously, they pay for contraception. So for all the companies which I have a choice about (not including my healthcare provider unfortunately), I will cease to be a customer.

Dan Lake

I cancelled my Netflix account this morning. They have until my currently paid billing cycle to publicly come out against this hater or it's so long. They don't seem overly concerned with retaining customers because there are enough who will take my place. I am not concerned because I have a variety of other services I use for movies and TV. Not knowing who you sponsor does not absolve you, Netflix.


I'm boycotting Daily Kos because they run advertising from Netflix, which runs ads on the Rush Limbaugh Show.


Per the article:
Update Tuesday 9:07a.m.: Netflix emails to say it doesn't advertise on Rush. We're waiting to hear back whether the company just bought ads on the local radio station or what.

I would say, stop jumping to conclusions, and give netflix a couple days to figure out how they are advertizing with Rush and if they want to continue, since they don't even know that and either does the person who wrote the article.

Sharon Sweeney

I've put my membership on hold, will reactivate if Netflix withdraws its sponsorship of Rush Limbaush. Otherwise, regretfully, goodbye after six years.


I'm keeping my Netflix account. To the Daily Kos "Leftie"... thanks for the laugh :)

r. Gravenor

Anyone who continues to place ads whether directly or indirectly on Limbaughs show is equally guilty of viciously attacking women. We stayed with Netflix after the outraguos price hike last summer, but will cancel if they continue to support this vile, nasty pig.


Netflix has not and does not purchase advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show. We do buy network radio advertising and have confirmed that the 2 Netflix spots were picked up in error as part of local news breaks during the Rush Limbaugh show. We have instructed our advertising agency to make sure that this error will not happen again.

Any of you gun-jumping idiots feel ashamed of yourselves?

Alan E

LOL - 'Hate Speech'? You need to listen to the whole context and the entire speech on what Rush actually said instead of getting spun/slanted reports from your favorite liberal news/gossip website.

Newsflash... I am not okay with paying for someone else's bedroom business... and someone who sleeps around is indeed the definition of the word used... If you don't like the word, then don't match the definition... pretty easy! Just like most of you all posting would not like to pay for a conservative's Bible purchase or Bible Study textbooks... if you don't want the government in the bedroom, then don't ask taxpayers to pay for it... surely we have .. I don't know... roads to build/repair before we start taking money from U.S. taxpayers to pay for everyone's sex life... Shameful lack of thought here folks - just ignorant shameful idiocy.

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