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Adam Blumer

Good grief. What's wrong with advertising during Rush? We love him. Don't be so politically correct.


True, taking one side or the other makes me want to support a company less.
You realize that this painting companies red or blue is Totalitarian, correct?
If you want to sign yourself up for the same ideology and worldview as Franco, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, etc. you should be aware of what you're doing ... and you can count me out.


I agree with the other two repliers (for the most part) While I do not listen to Rush Limbaugh -- or even care much for him -- this whole hub-bub about the Advertizing is starting to come off as a little odd.


.. and, contrary to what Steve Swasey said, I have heard Netflix Commercials dozens of times on the talk Radio (sports, news, and opinion) so to say "We do buy network radio advertising.." is false.

They go something like a game show where an announcer would asks something like "If a train leaves LA and another leave NY where do meet?" and the contestant would reply "London England" or something equally wrong. They would go back and forth with a couple questions before the question would be something about Netflix and the 'contestant' gets it right.

I have literally heard the Commercial Hundreds of times.


All this attention will just make more people listen to Rush and more companies will advertise in the future. I don't like MSNBC but I couldn't care less if Netflix advertised on that network, I have more important things to worry about.

Jonathan Trillo

Disappointed with the comments so far. IF Netflix were advertising on Rush's show, it would mean Netflix would be giving Rush some of your money to pay for the show. As a customer of Netflix, this disgusts me as Rush is a loon and spouts BS on his show that's factually incorrect most of the time, and the rest is his own twisted opinion.


"this disgusts me as Rush is a loon and spouts ... his own twisted opinion."
-Jonathan Trillo
I am sorry you are filled with so much hate.
I am even more sorry that someone has convinced you that hatred is a virtue.
Each one of those regimes I mentioned had convinced a large segment of their populations that some "Other" (e.g., Jews, Communists [Franco], Intellectuals [Pol Pot], etc.) was to be hated and by hating that "Other" it made people morally superior.
You may want to reconsider who you have turned into.


Hacking Netflix, it was a bad idea to put this story on your blog. People are becoming increasingly polarized with their political isle and no good is going to come from this topic. It would have been best to leave well enough alone.

In my opinion (and the opinion of Bloomberg News as I have read) Netflix and the Dozen or so other companies who are ditching Rush Limbaugh are doing it to further their name in the world. "Netflix dumped Limbaugh?" "Netflix didn't dump Limbaugh?" "Netflix should/should dump Limbaugh?" "Netflix netflix netflix." They are advertising even by NOT advertising. If anyone believes that a company has any moral obligation or conscience is mistaken. You guys are being taken for a ride.

Personally, this has no baring on my using or not using Netflix.


Soooo, they aren't advertising on Rush's show, except when they are ;-)

Rush is a big blow-hard, who, like any other radio personality, is looking for ratings. nf is a company looking for customers so they advertise on shows with good ratings. I feel really bad for the woman Rush insulted, and if anything bad happens to her I hope somebody holds Rush accountable. If nf feels they can make money advertising on Rush it probably makes their shareholders happy, who need happiness more than the customers. Pulling the ads gives Rush to much credit. Hes' just a windbag and nothing he says matters. I do hope that woman sues his fat @$$ for slander though.

James Rosenblum

This is such BS...Since when was Rush an elected official? Or a religious figure...he's an entertainer...If it had been Bill Maher saying these things, no one would have cared...and Louis C.K. said Sarah Palin pops retarded babies out of her cun% hole and no one has a problem with it...I am so sick of the politics in this country today...you know what politicians make me think of when they have a debate? Two methed-out trailer trash women pulling each others hair on COPS...


Can't we all just look at the bright side? Those commercials are excrescences.


Jerry Falwell would be proud of how well you liberals have arranged this boycott.. Good Job!

I can read, how about you?

How difficult is it to comprehend the article? Netflix DOES NOT advertise on Rush Limbaugh's program intentionally. The article says explicitly that this was a mistake and it will not happen again.

Say whatever you want. Speculate whatever you want. Netflix is straight up telling you how it is. If you canceled your service over this you don't deserve to enjoy movies anyhow.


I CAN READ, HOW ABOUT YOU? You ok? You need a hug?


Rush Limbaugh is a repulsive individual and I would pull my subscription to Netflix if I find out that they advertise on his hateful and vitriolic program.


Netflix just needs to stay NEUTRAL! People like me who are sick of politics are enjoying the service to get away from all of the BS.

I could give my personal opinion of that conniving professional activist but I will refrain. Suffice it to say, she wasn't too innocent. It smells like a set up because it is.

Now, please Netflix, get on the stick and get Men Behaving Badly back as I need my fix. That is the funniest show ever.

British TV rules!


I find that all of the people commenting on this are missing the big picture. When you buy a time slot for advertising you buy that slot. If things happen on that day like breaking news or important this your advertising slot gets moved to prepare for that. So what happen was that NF's time slot got moved. Why is that such a big deal. They bought a slot, the radio moved it and it happened to be on his show. GET OVER IT!!!!!

Jonathan Trillo

@AnusGrabber, never really said I hated the guy. And it's kind of worrying that you seem to think you have me sussed out from one paragraph.

In light of Rush's recent actions regarding birth control pills, I can quite honestly say I have no respect for anything he says, and who he is as a public figure. If you want to continue a political discussion probably best outside of this website.

As for netflix making it clear that they do not sponsor the show, it's a very very wise move, especially since a higher % of netflix's subscribers will be more liberal compared to the general public.

Art Artistry

Both sides of this argument are full of idiots. Netflix is basically being forced to pick the side that is more vocal, because you all force them to do that. Since when has advertising on every radio network and nearly every television channel meant that you support all of the opinions of the commentators and shows, it also doesn't mean you're against them. Basically it means they don't matter.

IF they had been giving Rush some live reads like you hear Jim Rome do everyday for several companies including a bunch of ones that run commercials during Rush' show then I MAY...MAY think a little differently. But they aren't. When I'm watching an episode of a show on HULU and a scientology ad pops up I don't think scientology is supporting drug abuse violence or anything else that might be going on during that show.

So all of you calm the heck down, and if you like the SERVICE Netflix provides use it and pay them. If you don't like the service then cancel it and stop bitching. Netflix isn't political and they also aren't an opinion based company.

And to those of you opposing Rush telling Netflix that they're supporting him, you're hippocrates and you don't have brains. Rush is making more money off your blind rampage then off of a Netflix ad. Anyway you got your way you squashed free speech and succeeded in smearing companies that did nothing wrong. You've also flushed any opposition you can make to anyone else opposed to something like this for ANY reason. Way to pick your battles.

Jonathan Trillo

Art, Netflix doesn't have to choose any sides, all they've said is that we don't advertise on Rush's show, all they're doing is correcting an misconception because of a error.



Art Artistry

@Mr Trillo Making it a point to specifically comment on the fact that they DO NOT advertise on Rush' show is picking a side. He clearly has a large number of listeners so there is really no reason not to advertise on his show other then to appease those who are calling out against him.

Jonathan Trillo

Art Artistry, you advertise on the hackingnetflix website.

Oh wait... you don't? What have you got against the website? Do you not want to associate yourself with the word 'hacking' or do you disagree with the promotion of online streaming?

It's non of the above, you don't advertise on hackingnetflix because you just don't. You are not require to explain why. But if someone claimed you were, you would correct them yes?


Bill Maher Calls Sarah Palin The Cunt and he's lauded and called fearless and the most dangerous man in Comedy ... Where were all the calls from the left to have his advertisers pulled? It's the usual selective outrage from the left



Two things. One, Bill Maher has never called Sarah Palin a "cunt." That is a flat out lie, which I assume just come second nature to conservatives. Two, Bill Maher is not on an ad supported network. HBO has no advertisers whatsoever, so there's no advertisers to be pulled. But you conservatives just keep going on making up facts to fit your false world view.

Explainer Video

Most of the TV shows are not current season shows. They are shows you can get on DVD, so about a season or 2 behind.
We get our movies in 1-2 days in the mail. When I send movies back, it usually takes 1-2 days for them to get it.
It really depends on where you live and where the closest processing center is.
I think Netflix is trying to work on getting current TV shows, but I don't think they have been able to get networks to agree yet.
Hulu is better if you want recent episodes of shows.

Adam Blumer

So, a bunch of people, like me, have an alert set set up for whenever RL is mentioned online. Then we swarm the site with comments. Sure, we've never heard of/visited the site but, "oh, the victimization, leave us alone, dang it!"


I like Bill Maher. Especially his cracks on religion. (Created buy guys who think the earth is flat)

I tend to agree more with Rush or OReilly but I see both of the republicans as just like many of their followers, massive hypocrits.

Amazing that both were not canned over their prior issues, the sex thing and the drug problem.

I find myself a fiscal conservative & a social liberal except when it comes to taking money from people who earn it and giving it to those who dont.

Dont get the anti-abortion or the religious holier than thou crap at all.

Dont want an abortion,dont have one. Want to campaign against it ? Fine, AFTER you adopt a half dozen crack babies.

And dont even get me started on how cristians think they are oppressed.

I dont care who netflix advertises with. Dirtectly or indirectly. Although really, I wish they would stop the pop up ads.

And really, I think netflix should get into porn. If profit was really their motive.


The dittoheads come marching in. And try to pretend they aren't. Saw this same phenomenon on Amazon today in regards to a book that Rush said about the author, Tracie McMillan "What is it with all of these young single white women, overeducated - doesn't mean intelligent. For example, Tracie McMillan, the author of this book, seems to be just out of college and already she has been showered with awards, including the 2006 James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism. Social justice journalism. This woman who wrote the book on food inequality, food justice, got an award for social justice journalism." Of course, the dittoheads, unable to think for themselves and like rush having a problem with any woman who gets past grade school, rushed to Amazon (or maybe they just outright hate women altogether), posted some one star reviews, and never read the book. Stay classy dittoheads.

Now, since all you dittoheads have no problem with Rush, can I go around the internet and post nasty things about YOUR daughters?


Thank you, Netflix.

Denise "The Slut" MacSlutterson, Prostitute Whose Birth Control Was Paid For By Insurance.


@AnusGrabber: "Each one of those regimes I mentioned had convinced a large segment of their populations that some "Other"...was to be hated and by hating that "Other" it made people morally superior.
You may want to reconsider who you have turned into."
You're kidding, right? The Republicans are the kings of blaming the "other": "liberals," "the Hollywood elite,""east coast liberal elite," illegal immigrants, "wellfare moms," "ivory tower" intellectuals, anyone from another country, anyone on food stamps, etc., etc., etc.


Here is a quote from Mike Malloy on Fri show making fun of the tornado victims...where's the calls to have him removed?
MIKE MALLOY (04:56): They keep being killed, you know, their God, if this is where they want to look at it, keeps smashing them into little grease spots on the pavement in - uh - uh - in - in, you know, in Alabama and Mississippi and Arkansas and uh Georgia and, uh, Oklahoma, you know, the Bible Belt. [imitates "preacher" voice] 'Where they ain't going to let no goddamn science get in the way - it says in the Bible, blah blah blah blah blah!


I don't understand peoples' preoccupation with where companies advertise. In the case of Netflix... the company spends much more of "my" subscription money on movies that I'll never watch than it does on advertising that I'll never see. It's very difficult to spend any money at all without somehow indirectly supporting something that wouldn't exist in your ideal world. You can either get over it or learn to make everything from scratch yourself.


1. Reed Hastings is a Democrat so I doubt Netflix probably intentionally meant for their ads to end up Rush Limbaugh's show

2. I don't think it is wrong that Netflix or other advertising companies are pulling out on Rush. Rush can say what he want, but that doesn't excuse him from social consequences of said free speech. Companies have a right to protect their image from people who are careless.

3. I don't think Netflix should dabble in the arena of politics simply because its silly. But if they must at least its not as bad as Hulu and Youtube which actually post political ads in videos to the point that you must ad block them.

4. Comparing Bill Maher to Rush to prove hypocrisy fails because Bill Maher makes fun of politicians for starters, secondly, Bill Maher is a comedian not a political commentor like Rush Limbaugh. Not to mention, Bill has gotten in trouble in the past enough to lose his show Politically Incorrect which was on ABC.


Thank you Netflix for not supporting evil.


Over 40 companies have stopped advertising on limbaugh. This is the list: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/03/rush-limbaugh-over-40-advertisers-flee-host-says-everythings-cool/


Thank you Mike for keeping us informed.


All you ideologues, on left and right, need to fucking kill yourselves. You are absolutely the most useless sacks of pigshit that this world has ever produced. You are unraveling civilization with your blind, extremist crap.

And it is for nothing. The politicians on both sides laugh their asses off at you. They are a pack of sociopaths sucking you dry, working together to keep up the illusion of two separate parties. I have worked on campaigns and seen it first hnd THEY LAUGH AT YOU!

David: you have no fucking clue in you zero life what evil really is if you think it omens in the form of a blowhard radio host. You are the dumbest piece of human garbage here, you utter fool.

Idiots. Complete and total idiots. All of you. Your minds are operating at a sub-animal level.


You all scare me. On both sides. You're the people whose ideological war will kill us all. And it's a pointless war, too, because ultimately the politicians don't control anything in this world; The corporations do, and they have for a long time, now. Fighting over your stupid extremist ideals won't change anything, nor will electing this guy or that guy. Either way, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. It never does.

Honestly, just shut up, both sides. You need a time-out. You're both playing into the plutocrats' hands, and you're not helping ANYTHING by bringing your arguments here.


1. John said: 'Bill Maher has never called Sarah Palin a "cunt." That is a flat out lie, which I assume just come second nature to conservatives.'

Quote: '...he [Maher] acknowledged that some people would probably be uncomfortable with some of his remarks about religion, not to mention calling Sarah Palin a “cunt” ' - Arnold Wayne Jones, dallasvoice.com, March 28, 2011.

So John - are you a conservative liar or an ignorant liberal?

2. RJM said: 'Dont want an abortion,dont have one. Want to campaign against it ? Fine, AFTER you adopt a half dozen crack babies.'

Don't like slavery? Don't own a slave. (If you think about things before you say them you might be able to see the flaws in your logic.)

And are you saying that it's OK to kill crack babies? Before they're born or after they're born or both? (You didn't specify).

3. Shera said: ' Comparing Bill Maher to Rush to prove hypocrisy fails because Bill Maher makes fun of politicians for starters, secondly, Bill Maher is a comedian not a political commentor like Rush Limbaugh. '

Maher's show is about news and politics. He also appears on news channels (CNN, MSNBC, FOX) more often than Limbaugh does. I've seen several articles calling Maher a political commentator (one of which is in the same article referenced above in item 1). And have you ever listened to Limbaugh? He's hilarious. So who's to say that Maher is not a political commentator or that Limbaugh is not a comedian? Both are entertainers and are both comedian and commentator. Still - to use the label of comedian to excuse someone of saying disgusting and hateful things about people is pretty lame.

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