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I don't understand why Netflix even lets people review movies. Who cares? I've never picked or not picked a movie based on some random person's anonymous Netflix review. If I'm looking up a movie on Netflix, I've already decided I want to see it. And if you need reviews there are THOUSANDS of sites where you can get more reputable and reliable reviews than the typical "WORST MOVIE IVE EVER SEEEN" type reviews I've seen people post on Netflix.


"there are THOUSANDS of sites where you can get a more reputable and reliable reviews"

Keywords: THOUSANDS, reputable, reliable.



I like to read the reviews on movies and I use the ratings of other users a lot. I've dropped streaming because the better movies no longer are available there and I'm not that fond of TV shows - also the new interface is annoying and slows me down on selecting movies. Today I received a letter in the mail from Suddenlink that they are capping service in this area. I checked their website and in the months when I had Netflix streaming that level of usage would now almost triple my ISP costs.

If I saw what is available on Netflix streaming I might be tempted to add it in again (if the offerings improve) but since I can't, then I'm not tempted. Is this really good for Netflix?

Anyway, the ISPs capping internet usage so tightly will surely plateau the streaming market - not everyone can absorb such large price increases. And it will surely quell the market for HD streaming video and HD cameras for podcasting if capping becomes a widespread practice. [It proves private corporate control where there is little competition is not good for the US. Other countries are way ahead of us in building good and cheap bandwidth infrastructure. That is where the future is.]


Reviews became far less useful when you could no longer click the reviewer's name and see if their other reviews matched your tastes.

This is just another in a long line of annoying changes. It is business as done on the Bizarro world. "Our customers like us too much. What can we do to make their experience worse?"

And Judy is right: to not show your existing DVD-only customers that many of the movies they like are available to Watch Instantly means cutting off a free way to market the service you most want to sell to a bunch of customers who are already inclined to buy from you. They spend tons of money on "customer acquisition" but don't do what's free. Again, bizarre.


p.s. -- reviews also used to be marked with Netflix's approximation of how much the reviewer's taste was like yours... not perfect, but another helpful element that has been removed


This company is effing up big time.


I'm a DVD-only customer, and have been since the switchover was made. I don't really need to see what's available on streaming, but it would seem like Netflix is losing a marketing opportunity by not letting me see what titles are available on the streaming option. At least some DVD-only customers might be tempted to sign up if the streaming titles are attractive enough.


I like the reviews. Good for all the soft porn flicks b/c the first thing people write about is whether or not there is enough skin to justify watching a really bad movie. Same for action flicks - is there enough? Probably doesn't matter for dramas, that's more quality than quantity.
As for the DVD-streaming split, they're just getting ready for the eventual spin/sell-off. It's going to happen at some point, I'ld rather see them sell it and use the money than just abandon it.
The major sticking point I see is naming rights. Somebody would probably pay money for the DVD-by-mail service named "Netflix" including it's famous red envelopes, but nobody in their right mind would pay a dime for an unknown and stupid sounding "Qwikster". I don't have a good solution. Maybe sell DVDflixs or rename streaming Streamflix, which of course they can't do now b/c Comcast has Streampix. Seems like any way they slice it they missed the boat on a lucrative DVD company sale.


Am I the only one who cannot see the critics who "Critically Acclaimed" something? Find it funny, critics love it but outside of whats on the DVD cover art you don't have any idea who. Or maybe I'm just missing something.

Steven Hoober

I get the logic and 100% disagree. In this day and age what company turns away the chance for customers to add value and create community. Look at Amazon: a fair bit of their traffic is people who do not intend to buy anything, but use it as an information service, as they keep every product, forever, with all the specs and reviews. It's not hard for them to just say "out of stock" next to the item, yet still have the value of offering alternatives, and maybe getting the sale anyway.

I can think of no way that Netflix is better today than it was 4-5 years ago.


In other words, despite Reed Hastings saying mea culpa for the whole Quikster thing and that he learned his lesson ... in fact they are continuing the same plans they had before to further separate the two services.

Truly Hastings is a guy who just does the same thing over and over and gives it a different spin each time.


I currently use FeedFlix to link directly to a Movie's page on Netflix's site. This DOES work if you desire...


If I'm a streaming-only customer and continually have DVD titles thrown in my face it pisses me off. Like they are just trying to get me to upgrade.


I have both plans (8 out @ a time) DVD and Streaming plus Blu-Ray so i have the best of both worlds. I can understand how frustrating it can be when ur on the streaming plan and the movie that u are trying to see is only available on dvd they recently had it set up to where u can see whats available on dvd even if u are only on the streaming plan... It would be nice if they would change it back to that option... #imjustsayin


"If I'm a streaming-only customer and continually have DVD titles thrown in my face it pisses me off." - it doesn't work like this. The only time you see DVDs as an Instant customer is when you search on netflix.com for an exact title that isn't on Instant. Recommendations, "More Like thistitle", clicking on a director or actor's name, etc, all only show Instant titles, and it's been that way since they started majorly tinkering with the site a year or so ago.

Riverside Guy

Soiunds like another in a series of bone headed moves all of which diminish what their customers USED to have.


I don't see why Netflix prevents a streaming Saved queue, or a "wishlist", or call it whatever.

It would probably be useful to know what your customers want you to license from the studios!


One of the first thing I noticed going IW only was, search excluded stuff not IW available. Not a huge deal since you can use any number of 3rd party app or site to search all content disc and IW and access the proper listing page. Also with my IW only I still see the proper movie/tv detail page when clicking from queue or search. Maintaining two sets of pages is rather pointless.

Fred Talmadge

While I sometimes read reviews they really aren't much help. So as a disc only customer I'm not all that bothered by this change.


The vast majority of reviews are worthless anyways.


Some people find the reviews useful; some don't. The fact remains that Netflix is removing something that pleased some of its customers, and neither it nor the customers will gain anything in exchange.


From a marketing viewpoint this just seems criminally stupid. Why in the world would you destroy your ability to cross-sell from your two existing services? Particularly when you already had the two services integrated, and your customers are used to relying on the integration?

It's just shake-your-head moronic.

Brian Skiles

I do miss seeing the dvd reviews and info on movies but if you plug the name of the movie followed by netflix into google you can see the dvd page for the movie. So if you want to see the info for Rango just put "rango netflix" in the google search window and the page will be the first link shown.


I completely agree with jheartney and others about the fuzzy logic of this catalog separation. It will surely have a negative impact by underscoring just how limited the NF streaming catalog is to streamers-only, and by eliminating the lure of instant-gratification titles to DVD-only users.

And even though a person can use external search engines to find any title on NF, it makes no sense whatsoever to have to do so. External sites should enhance the NF experience, not have to constantly make up for frustration-inducing deficiencies.

As for movie ratings, while on-site reviewing may or may not appeal to individual subscribers, personal star-rating of titles is very useful for getting relevant suggestions. And though searching on NF is imperfect, there was always be the possibility of seeing something in the suggested lineup that the viewer had not previously considered or known about. But if subscribers are only given the option to rate movies according to their account type, the suggestions may be far off the mark.

To comment further regarding suggested titles, I really wish that suggestions were more intuitive overall. Is there no way to exclude titles that have already been rated or viewed, or which are already in one's queue? And why does the 'Top 10' constantly change? Seems like it should only recalculate after more titles have been rated and/or the queue has been significantly changed.


Netflix used to have a really great rating system. In fact, they would prompt you to rate movies that you've never watched through Netflix. And it did a great job of recommending many movies that I enjoyed, but wouldn't have otherwise known about.

Now, they're making it much harder to rate movies, and the ratings/recommendation system is flawed.

I say that because my young daughters have started watching cartoons on Netflix. Trust me, they don't rate a thing. Yet now when I go to see the "Top 10 Recommendations for..." lists, etc., it's all cartoons and kids stuff.

Honestly, if it wasn't for the cartoons for the girls, I'd probably cancel Netflix by now, or at least gone down to the 1-DVD only plan.


a - wunerful a- wunerful ..i guess

Isaac Church

Bottom line: They are going to split eventually. Qwikster was a terrible name, but probably the right idea from a business perspective. Personally I don't care. I'll just do both services.


It's more than just separating the two account plans - it seems Netflix is hiding any unavailable titles from joint accounts, too. (I have a DVD+streaming account and had to use Google to find the Netflix page for "Gambit.")


Don't care, netflix is awesome.


Not having the results show up in search doesn't make sense. If I were a streaming only customer, and kept seeing titles appear as "disc only", I might feel inclined to add discs to my subscription.


Furthermore, I've noticed streaming-only customers are the ones most likely to quickly feel discouraged by the service and drop it because of what it lacks. Showing them they could simply add a disc plan or even switch to it could make them realize Netflix does have something available rather than completely does not and is inferior to the ridiculous Redbox, and feel like sticking around.


I don’t know if this is related but, I had both DVD and streaming last year. I put both on hold for a few months (busy at work). Then I only wanted to reactivate the DVD a couple months ago (that is all I have time for!) but in doing so, Netflix took away all access to my instant queue. It was frustrating enough to have two queues but, now one is hidden until I become a double user or, do only streaming.
They are not thinking this through. In the summer, people might spend a month (or more) at a vacation home. They might like to have the DVDs go to that vacation home for the family. But turn off instant for a month or more (no internet in the woods of Maine or in another country!) But, you can’t do that. In my case, I often leave for 1-2 months in the summer as a university researcher. I may or may not be in the U.S. or where I can stream or watch a DVD. Netflix used to be flexible and manageable. But no more.
I still don’t get the logic in punishing DVD only users or DVD and instant combo users. It is doing nothing but make me hate Netflix after years and years of being a loyal customer.


@MIKE Once you re-sign up for the Streaming plan your instant queue will come back, and I don't understand your logic. Why would you want your instant queue if you can't watch anything in it?


I'm starting to believe that, contrary to its advertising, this company actively HATES its customers. There's no other explanation for the bizarre behavior seen in the last year.


@Galagatron: This is Netflix we're talking about. Your Earth Logic is not wanted there.



Let's say you subscribe to DVDs only, but plan to add streaming back in 2 months. Before they started hiding both the streaming queue and streaming-only titles from your searches, if you found a streaming title you would be interested in watching, you could have added it to your queue so you would remember it later. Now, if you discover an interesting title that is streaming-only, you have no way to flag it and will likely forget about it 2 months later when you add streaming.

I just don't see the benefit of hiding things from customers. What if a restaurant made their website and menu inaccessible from anywhere except their own premises? Anyone passing by or sitting in a nearby eatery who wants to check out the menu online to see if they would be interested in visiting said restaurant on a later day wouldn't be able to, and therefore would be more likely not to ever bother.

Has Netflix just become a tax write-off for Hastings?


My, my, my....I've just read a good hunk of talk from all of you about Netflix.
I'll just say this: I have been using Netflix for 5 years and have seen it go steadily downhill as far as satisfying their customers. I used to do 3 DVD's a month mailed to me plus streaming. Then they doubled the price and since I am on a limited income I cut it down to streaming only. And as time went by that service gradually degraded to where I can't "look up" any movie I might want to watch....in fact I won't say anymore. You guys have said it already.
The thing is: Is Netflix listening? Are they making so much money hand over fist that they don't give a hoot about their faithful clients any longer?
I use several other streaming sites at no charge. Why should I pay Netflix for something I can get for free?
Netflix...if you hear this and care at all aout myself and the others here that are so angry at you for giving less and less for our dollar and wanting more and more. What are you going to do?
I can tell you this: you will lose me as a customer. That may be only a $10 loss for you, but multiply that by $10,000.


Netflix has a few good movies and series, but the selection seems to be very static. Are they not adding any movies in 2012? I seem to get the same, somewhat limited, list of choices, time and time again. If Amazon was less clumsy with their implementation, I might have migrated to them.
Anybody else get this same impression?


Well the most retarded thing about this is, as a streaming customer, I don't know what they offer in dvd or blu-ray so what is my motivation to EVER upgrade? none. F'em..

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