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Well see.

Hope it happens.


I read "TV movie rights" as "tv movie" rights, thinking nf was going after made-for-tv movies, which would not be a good move judging by most made for tv movies, and anything made by syfy. I don't think nf is going after tv movie rights as nf is not tv, what they are going after are movie rights for streaming over the internet, which has nothing to do with tv. I suppose as the internet and tv continue to blur we can just call them "movie" rights.


It seems that Netflix is playing semantics. They want to be called a "TV Network". It must be beneficial in paperwork somewhere. You know how a bureaucracy is. If you check the right box you can get anything, finding that box is the problem.

If they call themselves a "public TV network" perhaps they could siphon money off of PBS and NPR?

Louis S

Netflix as of today is HBO in the mid to late 1980's - in other words, it's just starting to get its feet wet. I also like how SOMEONE finally pointed out the obvious, that the premium channels like Showtime and HBO are now repositories for original content and movies are an afterthought. When you think HBO - you don't think that it's the network that carries movies, you think of it as the place to find their shows. Same w/ Showtime, especially considering they let three studios walk and form Epix on their own (hence the reason Netflx streaming members get newer releases in the first place). You will see Netflix, Amazon and other internet streaming companies bid on pay TV window rights to the studios in the next few years.

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