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I'd be interested in the Breaking Bad numbers for season 5 too. I did not have a chance to see all of Mad Men but saw all of Breaking Bad and plan to watch season 4 when it streams before watching season 5 during its normal season.


What a load of crap. Here are all season premiere viewer numbers:

Season 1: 1.4 million
Season 2: 2.06 million = 47% increase
Season 3: 2.76 million = 34% increase
Season 4: 2.92 million = 6% increase
Season 5: 3.5 million = 20% increase

So, seasons 2 and 3 had bigger increases and instead of 12 months between season premieres for the first 4 seasons, there was 21 months between season 4 and 5.


Bilton, what are you talking about? The article says season 5 had a 20% increase and your stats say the same thing. Therefore you agree with the article, correct?


It's probably unusual for a show to have an increase like that five seasons in. Hopefully, the content providers will pull their heads out and realize easy availability IS advertising for their shows.


Netflix needs to bring popular shows to make it more big.


I knew the ratings would increase because of Netflix. I notice the same was true with History channel shows.
Breaking Bad appeared on Netflix when there was only a few episodes left in its 4th season. So starting with season 5 I think it will get its Netflix bump of 15-25 percent.


So if you make it easy to watch past seasons, you'll gain more viewers? Wow, what a concept! I just don't see why the content owners aren't wising up to this.


Walking Dead also had a significant jump in viewers from season 1 to season 2, and season 1 was available to stream before season 2 started. I know that's how i got into WD.

Also, I think the casual tv watcher is not very familiar with AMC. So in season 1 and 2 of mad Men, the casual tv viewer either didn't know AMC existed, or what number it was on their cable/satellite provider, but the more good programming they put out that people watch like Breaking bad, walking dead etc....then people decide to check out what other shows they offer. AMC is just building it's brand.


In my case they'd be absolutely right. I got the first disc of Mad Men last year in February via Netflix, loved it, bought all 4 seasons, and here I am. Breaking Bad will gain a viewer because it finally bubbled up in my Netflix queue too (didn't love it enough to immediately run out and buy, still do love it). Was similar with Lost, managed to time it out to finish watching all the DVD seasons the week before the last season started airing.


I fall in this camp. I would not be watching "Mad Men" or "Breaking Bad" if it weren't for Netflix streaming the older seasons. Actually I was so hooked on "Breaking Bad" after watching the first seasons recently on Netflix that I couldn't help myself but to pay to watch the newest Breaking Bad seasons on Amazon streaming since I was too impatient to wait for it on Netflix or Time Warner Cable AMC-on-demand. I also signed up for discounted Showtime for a year since I couldn't wait for the new seasons of "Dexter", "Californication", "Weeds", "Tudors" which I got hooked on through Netflix. Cable companies better take note of the added revenue they're getting thanks to Netflix.


For shows like Mad Men you need(or it helps) to watch the previous show so having them available so you can watch them back to back will then let you be able to tune in to new episodes aka increase ratings.
I mean you wouldn't tune in to season 5 of Lost without watching previous episodes. And that limits your audience if they have to do that.
Like I get Showtime, but I didn't watch any of season six(5?) of Dexter because I only watched the first two seasons. And cable on demand doesn't let me watch all the previous episodes, they only make the latest season available.
I think HBO Go is copying Netflix strategy and they have every episode of their shows online. So I can catch up with any series I want.


I agree. I would never have watched Parks and Recreatio if Netflix wouldn't have recommended it to me. Now I am a huge fan and watch every episode....


I have never understood why they do not at least get the DVDs out before the new seasons start. I am always a year behind Son's of Anarchy because I am not going to watch the new season on TV (where you could get my ad money) until I have caught up, and you make that impossible by releasing the previous season on DVD after the new season starts.

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If Netflix can hold on to market share — with a streaming-video library filled with little known or dated titles — what would that say about the strength of the service?



Almost every major network and station TV show have their prior season sets released a week to a month BEFORE the new session starts. I'm not sure where you've seen otherwise. HBO maybe? Sometimes they do things differently.


Will, "The Clone Wars" DVD season sets have been coming out about a month or two AFTER the next season premieres. Yes, it doesn't make sense.


Sooner or later, Hollywood is going to learn that Netflix is a GREAT marketing tool that they haven't been taking advantage of.

For example, a couple weeks before the new Batman movie comes out this summer, WB should let Netflix get the rights to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight on the cheap. But the studios can't see past their own greed.


Yup, I just caught up before S5 started. Finally. Onto The Killing next.

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