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Kale Barton

Dear Financial analysts of the world...
Netflix is not designed to replace cable or satellite.
Netflix supplements whatever entertainment services you already have.
Please stop acting surprised over it not sending millions to cut the cord.
Thank you.


Agreed - NetFlix is a good supplement to something else, not a stand-alone product.

In the US, NetFlix plus broadcast television (for those that can get it) is a good alternative to cable.

In Canada far fewer people can get OTA. From what I've heard in the Digital Home forums, Canadian broadcast coverage is pretty spotty and weak. That said, if anything, Canadian viewers hate cable companies even more than US viewers.

yuppie scum

So, they signed up all the french?


The reason a larger percentage of Canadians have not cut the cable is do to a lack of content. NetFlix also removes a lot of titles after a period of time. At times it seems that they remove more titles then they add. If they don't increase there content in Canada and stop removing titles. Then that 10% will quickly decline to 5% and before long Canadians will stop using NetFlix.

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