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I'll be checking out Amazing Stories and some Magnum as well.


I'm not sure why CNBC puts their specials out on DVD. They show a rotating list of them every late night -- just check your listings and it will probably be shown within the next week or two.

Schmye Bubbula

Maybe you usually can't find what you want on Netflix streaming, but there's always something good on Netflix! (I'll never have time to see everything in my Instant Queue.)


Also I noticed last night that additional episodes of Luther and Archer are now available.


And still no Alias...this is getting old


Any word on when the glitches on Magnum, Quincy, etc will be fixed ?


what IS the deal with Alias? It was announced in October!


When is Quincy being fixed also? I did have problems last Thursday with it.

Karen Lee

Good grief Paradise Alley is 34 years old. While I'm a 'long tail' member how about some Cary Grant movies if you're going to put old stuff out on streaming. I remember seeing this in theaters and the acting was lukewarm.


amazing stories are beyond stupid


Magnum, Miami Vice and Knight Rider. Awesome!


I've had They Might Be Giants in the wait queue for years going back to DVD only days. Very good movie and looking forward to watching it again. George C. Scott...Oo rah!


partial to westerns but that is gone too .
just junk now

Dave P

New Who? Allons-Y!


Spoke with NF today

Quincy et al will still be streaming someday but they were pulled on purpose.


Great. Please, update us on a weekly basis. Thanks. Ando


there is a lot available on streaming but its old tv stuff nothing really new ...is there other services that offer more current movies on streaming??


I saw on Instant Watcher that a ton of anime is being released on the instant queue. Any way of telling if any of it is available subtitled in japanese?

Peter Davenport

I said it once, I'll say it again. If you haven't seen it then it is new to you. It doesn't have to be current which with this gang can mean no older than 5 years. Anyway since the blogger didn't mention it, the film WALK PROUD with Robby Benson from 1979 was just added. Never been on videotape and definitely no other video format and rare as heck! Sweet! And before anyone whines that it's full frame, it was shot open matte. Google that. If there were black bars on it then it would be just fake widescreen. However the good news is for those who have zoom on your tv or video projector then you can zoom in to 1:78 which will make it close to the way it was projected in the cinema so everyones' happy.

Jesse Harvey

Where's did leave it to beaver go ???

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