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Abner Tripleday

The feature has been on the Wii for a few months.


Roku 2 Netflix needs to add 500 instant queue and just for kids and disable search option just like Roku 1. It will be a great way and I think of devices should have a way to disable search off and on and access your over 500 and just for kids area or search whatever is good.

I want a 500 instant queue and just for kids or search with all titles and just for kids u get both ways to access safe for kids.


Apple TV has had this feature for a while. It's nice. Apple TV blows the PS3 away as far as steam quality goes. I own both.


The real problem is that there's no easy way to get rid of it. Yeah, I can accept that some people out there want to censor their children, I don't approve of it, but there's nothing I can do about that. The problem is that I don't have kids and I'm getting really annoyed having to sit through this useless menu every time I load the app. It also means that it isn't even remotely useful to the people who ARE interested in censoring since there's no way to force it as the default.

Ideally it should be an option and the people who want to have it show up can do so while the rest of us are treated like adults and don't have to put up with it.


The Just For Kids is available for almost a week on PS3. The UI is the same as before on the "regular" Netflix but I really like the "Just For Kids" UI and I'd like to have it for the regular Netflix. Looks definitely better!

@Belgand: really ? Just to have to press 'ok' twice instead of once is annoying you ? I don't have kids either but I don't see the problem...


Apparently the cartoon characters on the launch screen are not the same at every starts. I've blogged the Just For Kids thing on my Netflix blog in French and too a picture of the launch screen and I can see that it's not the same as yours :) See the picture here: http://netflixinfrench.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/netflix-for-kids-disponible-sur-ps3/

some guy

Agreed, we need a don't show checkbox. Great feature for those who want it.


I have kids and I sympathize (in this insatance) with those who don't. When they implemented this on Wii awhile back it bothered me the way you had to switch between the 2, and now it bothers me that I have to pick one every time I start it up. It should not be hard to program a "remember" setting. (Ok that's not english nor technical but you all know what I mean.) It should actually be mandatory for anybody who does programming to have the settings be saved. I have my own PS3 account as does my my wife and each of my young sons, each of us should be able to save our own setting so the adults get the normal front end and the kids get the kids front end. That's the way it should be.

Daniel L

Yes, it is absolutely fucking ridiculous that there is no option to remember your preference. Once again, Netflix shows how clueless and idiotic they are when it comes to making UI's. Unreal.

Jonathan Alexader

Agreed, I'm tired of clicking it everytime I open Netflix on my ps3. Also, I'm tired of this shitty selection of streaming. Where are the blockbuster movies?


Jonathan--the blockbuster movies are being held hostage by the studios who want to charge NF so much to stream them that it would mean exorbitant price increases for all of us, whether we stream or not.


LOL! Since when does "blockbuster" movie = good? Stop sucking Hollywoods tit, Jonathan.


Require a passcode for explicit content. Problem solved.

Brian N

First, when does the cursing and obscene language use get you what you want... Please, it's not needed and even though I do curse on occasion, you guys are just using the shock value of it.

Second, I have kids and I wish they would let me set the default for the UI per device/PS3 account as the kids mainly use the WII and I only use the PS3 for movies. But, I am glad that they are taking this overall approach, I like it. Hats off to Netflix for thinking of the child audiences.


@Belgand and others:

After I didn't select the kids side several times (5-7?), it no longer showed the option any more.

Perkins Cobb

On Blu-ray, Jonathan, the blockbuster movies are on Blu-ray.

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