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I'd like to see their iOS process also. Please post that as well if you can after they do.

mark c.

Found most interesting how they "choose devices most heavily used by subscribers" I wonder if once certain phones slowly become outdated the app will be phased out from that particular phone.


No one can complain about their device support. In the streaming world they are unmatched to any competitor they have.


So I'm the only one questioning the Android device 1,000 number?

I read the article and they've narrowed the 1,000 down to 10 phones and 4 tablets for the bulk of the work. Still crazy though. Every phone, tablet, netbook, e-book reader and everything else needs to be tested? Crazy.


and yet both my ainol paladin (mips tablet) and my huiwei u8150 (super cheap android phone) don't work or must use backleveled netflix code... hardly bragworthy.

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