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Can one pay via an itunes giftcard from a regular computer ?


I believe you'll still need a bank issued debit card or a credit card




2 thoughts -

I wonder what constant bandwidth 1080P and 5.1 requires and does nf really have "thousands of hours" of content ready to stream with those specs?

I wonder if Apple is getting the 30 or 40% fee they get from other apps? If so, nf may be losing money on people who sign up and pay via iTunes. Though I honestly don't imagine more than handful of people would do so, that fee might be relevant as nf negotiates for cable boxes.


@rjejr - There are 3 quality level settings in the "Your Account and Help" section of the Netflix website. They show quoted average bandwidth usage. The highest of the 3 quality settings should be the one you are looking for. Now that Starz is gone the majority of newer content should be available in 1080p if it was formatted in such a way from content distributors. I'd imagine (just speculating) that Netflix will always go for content in 1080p since they can progressively compress it for those with lower bandwidth anyhow.


Netflix is working on purchasing servers that will be able to stream HD quality content with less bandwidth currently required. each stream for every device is unique so it could very well be the launch of those new servers. id expect to see those 1080p capabilities slowly rollout to all the NFRD's in the coming months. id expect 3.5 mbps to still be the required internet speed if not a little less probably around 2.0 mbps

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