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yeah i've been bummed as a comcast customer and a roku owner. my feeling is they have an arrangement with Microsoft for xbox live because they keep telling me that the device that i can watch it on.


I just read an article online about how Comcast has Streampix, Verizon has Redbox, and Dish has Blockbuster, so nf was talking with Time Warner, which doesn't currently have a streaming program. Why would anybody think Comcast would want nf after just recently announcing Xfinitny Streampix for $4.99 or free for certain customers? I was also thinking maybe Cablevision as they try to hold off Verizon FIOS. But not Comcast.

some guy

Comcast is the worst. If you're going cable, go AT&T U-verse


"go AT&T U-verse"

That's if you have AT&T and fiber optic in your neighborhood, I have AT&T but I can't get U-Verse.

As for Comcast, I knew they wouldn't be interested since they just started Streampix. Time Warner will also be a NO because they own HBO and they hate Netflix.

Louis S

Fine by me. I'll continue to stream Netflix through my internet connection and continue to not give any more money than I have to. Nice going Comcast!


Good! I like Netflix just the way it is. BTW I am a comcast customer and so far the only way i can find out if i get streampix is if i call.

If i need a cable box, it aint streaming, it is ON Demand.

Joe Stuart

Although I prefer the integration or the open option for consumers, Comcast is making a smart business move. Pushing their own product and keeping their competition at bay. Four years from now we will all move towards digital streaming. Why cheer on the competition?


How is it legal for Comcast to not let HBO Go work on a Roku? That seems like discrimination. If I'm paying for internet service they shouldn't be able to choose which sites, and/or devices, I'm allowed to use.


DIRECTV,GAMEFLY,NETFLIX merge by 2013. That will be an excellent business move for NF.


Comcast sucks, just another reason why I am canceling my service with comcast. By the way people complain that NF movies that are too old, look at the library for StreamPix. I think the most current movie was like 2004 and you only have about 500 movies/TV shows to choose from. You may be the largest cable provider but your not the brightest.
Nice going Comcast.


re: Time Warner. Time Warner Cable was spun off a number of years ago and is largely independent of the rest of the organization which includes CNN, HBO, and the movie studio(s).

That said, it took "Linsanity" to get TWC to meet MSG's terms so customers in NYC can watch most Knicks games. TWC plays hard ball.

In any case, I don't think there ever was a point that a Netflix type content provider would be able to partner successfully with any of the large cable operators. On-Demand video rolled out at basically the same time as high speed internet in virtually all markets. In some cases, OnDemand was available before cable internet service.

The profit margins for OnDemand videos are quite good on a per movie basis, as high as 50%. "Rent" one film for 24 hours from a cable company and they've made more $ than Netflix or anyone else would share with them for a whole month's service. Partnering with Netflix is basically cutting off your nose to spite your face if you're a cable operator.

Netflix and cable operators are, and have been, direct competitors, even before the cable side started creating Netflix-like monthly subscription content.


To use hbo w/comcast aren't you required to "rent" one of their lovely hd-dvr boxes? You can purchase a Roku for less than 50 bucks now, it would cut into their bottom line. Same thing with twc and hbogo on samsung web devices or espn3 on the xbox. They don't get it and never will.

Klass Klown

need to reset on what streampix is and isn't. streampix is a viable competitor of the content that netflix has available for streaming. back catalog movies and fairly recent tv episodes. streampix isn't a vod for recently released movies.


I would not like to see NETFLIX merge with DirecTV...I was a DTV subscriber for years and there is a reason why a I decided to cut the cord...


netflix offering a subscription bundle option through a cable and/or satelite company is not the same thing as a merger. So netflix remains independant of the other companies. It may boost their customer base to make one or more deals for that. Comcast has their own crappy on demand and dish is making blockbuster's streaming service their bundle thing. So it is obvious they don't want alternatives to those though comcast could benefit greatly from it since they haven't improved their selection since the added the service (10+ years ago?0. That leaves ATT, wow, directv, and other smaller than those providers. Specifically the three named would be good choices for a bundle offer. All the provider needs is to add the software option to their boxes.

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