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I actually tried to get a Facebook group off the ground last summer that specifically spotlighted upcoming indies so that folks would now what they could add to their queue. I posted about it all over the internet and received very little support. It got to a point where just a handful of people were even reading the weekly notes. If you want Netflix to stock indies, you have to support indies. They've been moving away from them for the last few years and it looks like we're just going to get stuck with a glut of hollywood tripe...

Joe Stuart

Indie films are an important element to Netflix's success. Indie content provides balance and at times substance.


You know @bill that was last year Ebert is speaking about the future and it is 2012 not 2011.

I do not rent DVDs by mail because the USPS is closing locations and believe me this will slow down mail. It just isn't worth it to get both streaming and mail service when 2 REDBOX rental kiosks are less that a mile from me.

I have no need to own or collect DVDs so I really enjoy the online streaming option that includes a large selection of INDIE films.


I hope this is not true. It would be a deal killer in the future for me. On the other hand, if a smart little streaming company took this as a selling point “We do independents", did a nice simple interface, and was on Roku, the diversification would be welcome. Sundance?!

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