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I would pay $50 a month for my local Fox Sports HD channel and nothing else, but it ain't gonna happen.


What are you trying to watch Tino?


Local sports (hockey/baseball). Can't get them in Tampa with an antenna, only through cable or satellite.

The MLB and NHL packages block out local games, so that's not a solution, either.


Do you have family out of town? Have them sign you up so the billing address is outa town and then you may need be get a VPN. This setup can get you MLB.tv for less than 200 or just a month and half of cable when I had it. I have family 1500 miles away. But you're right, you're in a spot if you don't have a relative out of market.


dont forget to pay the family. family will cut you off quicker than cable. :)


I didn't buy a TV that is five feet across to watch video that is ported through my PC.


Yes Tino, because Mlb.tv/NHL GCL is only available via PC.

Fred Talmadge

I ain't going to spend $100+ to get the few channels I want. So I've been on Antanae and Netflix for years now. If they want me back they really need to get serious with a la carte


I repeat it again: local games are NOT available via MLB.tv and NHL GCL on your TV due to blackouts.


I repeat again... get someone out of market to sign up for you. My ISP doesn't play nice with their IP tracking, when you ask MLB.tv who I will be blacked out from, it says they can't determine my location... and then they fall back on the billing address. Not sure how many ISPs this affects, but if not there is always the VPN route.

I gotta admit, I'm a little confused by the I didn't buy a 5 foot tv to port video from the internet comment. The crap boxes Cable/Sat provide can't hold a candle to the hardware in my HTPC. And I really doubt the HD stream from MLB.tv is compressed any worse than what FSN is pumping to everyone via cable/sat.


I would like it even *for* cable (i.e. with a STB.. my Tivo(s)).

Heck, EVEN if I didn't save much if anything, I would rather be able to permanently turn off channels I didn't care about, to give negative feedback about some (shopping channels) and positive feedback about others. Basically, I'd probably have the OTA channels plus a smattering of others.

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