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I never visit any of these pages. I only have my queues bookmarked.


Besides the fact that Netflix no longer fixes any of the problems that you report about the quality of the picture on a movie, now they made their site another step worse. By taking away the ability to rate shows that are currently out in theatre, they have just made me want to switch to Hulu just that much more. #HatingNetflix


We need to accept that Netflix is not interested in being a social networking site. I will miss rating movies, as I have missed sharing them, but Netflix is a distribution service. They maintain a deep library and they deliver good quality on time. So they remain only means of video entertainment and I remain a very satisfied customer.
I have both DVD and streaming, 5 at a time. I have more programming than I can watch for under $50 a month and do not pay for cable I don't watch.


I think Netflix has reached the JetBlue phase of its existence, i.e. the business morons have taken over the management of the company from the founding luminaries.


The most interesting new feature is the search feature (that you don't mention ..... ). It lets you know directly if a title is available or not on streaming. I really like this new changes.


I really mostly look at member reviews to find out the quality of the selection, like if streaming is botched or if the disc is an older release not in a 2:35 ratio or something like that. Otherwise, IMDB has an easier way to keep track of movies you've seen and how you rate them.


The more they separate the DVD and Streaming functions, the easier it will be for them to eventually revisit the idea of splitting into two services without all the backlash.

I've never seen a company so determined to not give their customers what they want.

Daniel L

Did they also take away the ability to see the list of movies you've rated? I have both a DVD and streaming plan, yet I can't find where I can see the list of movies I have rated. Anyone help me out?


I am surprised that through all of this promotion of streaming and de-emphasis on discs, clicking the Your Queue tab still takes you to the DVD queue first. Likewise, TV series pages show only the DVDs until you click on the streaming tab. It doesn't really makes sense, because if you are streaming a series, you have to go the series page, click on streaming, click on the season, then click on the episode. If you are watching on DVD, you probably will visit the series page only once per season to click "add all discs."

Fred Talmadge

I guess us old fashion disc guys keep the the old site. Just as well, as long as I can work my queue and search for movies I'm okay

Idyll Quandry

Well right now the At Home section of the site is very broken -- I don't know what disks I'm getting until they actually arrive. I understand from Netflix Customer Service that this is happening to a lot of people.

I'll be unable to fully assess the site until it you know, works.

mark c.

Hey...I hate change but like Scott says...the company is slowly moving to completely separate for dvds. Rating movies was fun in the past but look forward to what streaming has to offer in the future.


Daniel L, if you click on Suggestions for You and then Ratings, it'll list all the movies you've rated.


As far as web-usability goes, Netflix.com replacing ALL text with giant pictures and putting a static menu bar that covers half the fold at 1280x720 is a serious slap-in-the-face to a large portion of the browsing population. The arrogance they've shown in the past year+ has finally piled up enough that I'm canceling entirely. I don't even like visiting netflix.com anymore... how can a company fuck that up so bad?


This image-heavy crap is designed to appeal to the touchscreen users. I can't really complain since usually when I want to search titles, I have them in mind before I go there and type them in. My home page and bookmark are my queue, and thankfully they haven't turned that into a side-scrolling cover art mess.



I was just about to say the same thing. NF obviously believes that they need to design their website for the tablet market.

Not a big fan of all of the changes. Instead of being able to browse their entire catalog, this seems to be designed to shove certain things in your face and hide away others.

I especially hate the fact that they are hiding DVDs or streaming titles, depending upon your subscription. That seems like a childish move to "fool" everyone. It's like they are saying, "if its not on your current service, it doesn't exist!"

Plus, this makes their recommendation engine poorer, as the inability to rate titles you cannot currently access will make their profile of your tastes less accurate. Not to mention the fact that just because it's not on streaming right now, doesn't mean it won't be later.

It's just plain stupid. No other way to put it.

I used to visit Netflix just to look up info on movies. Now I'll be spending a lot more time on IMdB.


People still use their website? Why?


What's the point of showing me Dvds when I'm paying for streaming? I don't get you people. I love the changes.



The point in showing DVD's when you have streaming only is so you can rate them and in turn receive more accurate suggestions.

Imagine you go to the movies or go to a family/friends house and watch a movie you haven't seen. Now you want to go rate it on your streaming only account, only to find out that movie isn't offered through streaming. With these changes, you are unable to rate the movie.


I hate that the removed my ability to see dvd titles as a streaming only customer. I also hate the scrolling menus on my laptop at peak hours it clunky and slow.


I'm on streaming only and I was really irritated by losing the ability to rate movies which aren't streaming or to see their predicted rating for me. But, I still have access to all that. I just can't search using Netflix or else it will only show me streaming titles.

Just use a search engine. For example, Google Netflix The Lorax.

Daniel L

Netflix seems like it is in a constant state of "trying new things." It's like a wheel that just won't reach the bottom of the hill. Why don't they just pick a design that works and stick with it? They could still make minor changes (ie tweaking the problematic areas). Instead, every aspect of their website is majorly changed every once in a while, many times for the worse.

What's all this testing for? Why fix what isn't broken? Why can't they seem to get it right?

willy whayne

Heads up on those who hate all the Netflix changes. Companies that don't adapt will eventually die off, Netflix is trying to stay a step ahead of competitors and I personally don't mind. If the 8 dollar fee is causing you so much agony you're free to leave and go to another service that won't even compare in quality and quantity.


Willy, you've got half of it. Adapting for the sake of adapting isn't the answer. You keep your customers happy. Adapting can be very bad. Coca Cola decided to adapt and created New Coke, look how well that went. Qwikster was an adaptation also.

I like that they hide DVDs from the recommendations and categories as it should be, However when I do I search I want a way to find it no matter what. there is a DVD tab and a browse DVD option but as of now it doesn't work.

Tim Bentley

I do not mind the changes. They are ok but some suggestions. If you are going to make it like a tablet then go all the way. Add the INSTANT QUEUE and CONTINUE WATCHING ribbons. Accessing the instant queue in text format from the static red blaring bar is archaic at best - clicking on it takes you back in time. Add the 2 ribbons mentioned above and I am happy.


From a marketing perspective, it's strange that a DVD-only customer can no longer even see which titles are available for streaming (or see whether a DVD in their queue can be streamed). You would think they would want DVD customers to see these things to entice them to sign up for streaming.

The most effective marketing is usually to your existing customers, and this info used to be there, which meant not only was it effective marketing, it was FREE marketing. The best combination! What strange things they do...


To those posters suggesting this redesign is for tablet users:

This new version doesn't work on iPads.

So I'm not sure WHO they are targeting. Just the web team trying to justify their continued existence??


With every change that NF makes, the more user unfriendly the website becomes. I thought the idea to making changes to a website was to increase the ease users have of finding things. Soon NF will be as hard to navigate as any MS website.

Big Dave

Netflix is getting on my one good nerve. I mean, how many more ways are they going to try to convince us they don't give a sh*t about their customers?
I feel a Roku in my future. I already have a net capable TV, and a box would expand my options. Netflix may soon be history for me, and I used to be one of their biggest cheerleaders.
This is one of the worst managed companies in the USA. :(

Smartphone App

I don't find the new #Netflix changes a big improvement. I'll be waiting for more.


I guess my major issue is the fact that they block 3rd party apps from doing what their customers want. They have said that they don't want to support two different style websites in the past. But at the same time they will not release anything in their api to allow others to take up their "slack". If they would allow others the ability to pull the needed data from their site the problem would be null. We would have tons of "mods" to run for ourselves to see what we want.

If nothing else do like most sites do and give us options in the settings to setup stuff the way we want.

Lastly for god sakes please allow "real" multi profiles soon.

Joseph Kigle

Since when do a few tweaks qualify as a "Redesign?"



Their website has been awful for a long time now. Maybe it's been like this for a while for DVD people but instant people are just getting it? I hate that it doesn't show you the titles and ratings of movies anymore, just giant pictures. And if you click the picture to read about it and see reviews, oops, it just starts playing! So you have to go back and do a search for the title of the movie...

So I finally just bookmarked my queue page and that's it. I avoid the rest of the netflix site.


Well Windows 8, coming out this fall, is being geared toward touch screen displays and will have a full touch interface (yes it will have the traditional non touch interface as well). I believe Netflix is trying to prepare and perfect their website to take advantage of this and all the touch screen monitors that will be sold with new computers later this year. It may not seem like it right now but this is probably a very smart move as they will be ahead of everyone else.


Anyone else using firefox on a pc & getting the following error every time you finish a stream & click "back to browsing"?

Netflix Site Error

We were unable to process your request.

Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below.


@Paul: You can see the name and description of a movie by hovering your mouse over the picture instead of clicking on the movie itself.


The Online Suggestions logic is now bonkers.
I don't like Horror or Crime and always rate them as Never watch.
Now my Suggestions-for-You has dozens of Horror flicks; and virtually no types that I have watched and have highly rated.
What the heck is Netflix doing ?



Why would I want to rate them? You have too much time on your hands.


The main thing the change to not showing DVDs to me as a streaming-only customer has done is ensure that I will never be a DVD customer again. Maybe that's what they want. But why would I join up for DVDs if I have no idea what DVDs they even have? It's not going to be long before I need DVDs again - but I'll likely be going to GreenCine instead.

Why does Netflix insist on removing functionality every few months? Redesign all you want, but quit making everything less useful. The touch screen preparation defense doesn't make that much sense to me, because a lot of the functionality right now (seeing description, ratings, etc) is dependent on hover, which you can't really do on touch screens.

(Incidentally, this means I can't link to Netflix as often in blog posts as I used to; although now I'm pissed off enough I don't really want to.)


Actually, I love grid based sites. Grid rocks!

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