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For me its the PS3, its a good all-rounder. The interface is nice and fast, reasonably easy to search and browse. Video and audio quality is top notch and the PS3 supports the full range of available media, from your basic 480p with stereo sound right up to the 1080p DD5.1 flicks. Also is a damn good bluray player and supports all the other notable online services too (with the exception of Amazon unfortunately), so theres no need to use other devices.


All I use is Xbox and Roku. I have it built into my TV and bluray player but don't feel the need to set it up since the other ones work just fine.


PS3 by a LONG shot. I just got apple tv 3rd gen? Anyways the apple menus are amazing. They look so good and it's easier and "fun" finding content you normally wouldn't find on other devices, but the PS3 video quality is awesome. In the end I got to go with the better video quality. The menus on the new apple tv are so good though. I wish it had the video quality of the PS3. It puts out a rock steady performance though just not nearly as detailed with the same bandwidth.The wii is just pathetic on a hidef it looked real good on my old analog tv though. Vimeo looks amazing on the apple tv so I think it has to do with with Netflix rather than apple. I got so many overlaps in media its just to much. I got an internet to tv as well.


I used to love my laptop for Netflix (I cancelled the streaming part of my account when they cut back so intensely on the library of movies for streaming - nothing to watch). If home, I plugged in the external monitor and speakers. Nowadays, I stream movies from other sites or use the DVD's from the snail mail subscription... still use my laptop, just less of Netflix. Reed Hastings' changes have been annoying. Why break what wasn't broken?


Just got the new Apple TV and I got to say that the video quality is by far the best I've seen on Netflix. I have a PS3 and a XBOX360, but HD quality on the Apple TV is the best. The quality adjustment is faster also way much faster on the ATV than the PS3 (that I was using most of the time).


I find the best device for streaming Netflix is my Internet-based TV it also has the services for Amazon prime, Hulu and other streaming services.


I use Logitech Goolge TV most of the time, if not I use Roku, Wii or any of my Laptops. My eyes are not good enough to watch a lot in my LG Optimus. I like the UI of the Logitech.


I prefer Roku to all of my Netflix devices. Roku 2 is instantly ready to start streaming and only uses 2 watts of power. The PS3 and XBOX 360 takes too long to start up and begin streaming.

wade courtney

My Google TV sucks, the UI is slow. I love using my xbox360 or my ipad2.


@EbanOnAir I honestly and truly wish that was the case here. But with a lower bandwidth PS3 is easily double the resolution on my hi def. Its very noticeable if you don't have fast internet.


I own a Sony Blu-ray player and media player that have Netflix, they aren't the "best" but they work for me.

A Facebook User

The best thing I've found to stream it on is the Apple TV. I just got the new 1080P one, and it's a lot faster, more intuitive, and has more functionality that the other devices I've used. the Netflix app loads faster, and the videos load faster, on it than the other devices.

I also have netflix on my TiVo and my Blue Ray player (bdp-s570).

I am hoping the new TiVo app is just as awesome.


I'll have to go with the Roku players. More so the Roku 2 line.

Then would be the PS3 & Wii.

I know the Wii is 480P but the Wiimote works really well.


That's nice to hear from a couple people that the new Apple TV is an improved Netflix streamer. I've been using my PS3 over my 2nd generation Apple TV because the PS3 does 1080p streaming while my Apple TV is stuck at 720. I also found the PS3 keeps up much better with variable quality streaming if my bandwidth is flakey, better than the 2nd generation Apple TV. But maybe I'll spring for a *new* Apple TV! Would be much quieter, pump out less heat.


I like my Apple TV.


Yeah, the new Apple TV is by far the best. The video quality is great, and the menu system is really well done.


Roku Box is the best by far. PS3 has too many annoying (and intrusive) updates.

Emil Rekasi

Roku. Definitely


My preferences in order:

1. PS3
2. WD TV Live Media Center
3. Panasonic Blu-ray Player
4. Roku Box

Simple reason "why" is that these are the various Netflix streaming access boxes attached to the 4 TVs at my place. Actually each TV has 2 devices, a primary and a backup.


The PS3 is my first choice. I think the video quality is a bit better than my first-gen Roku player, but the Roku is also very solid. The larger artwork on the Roku's interface is nice and matched with the mobile remote app it is easy to navigate and search for titles, so those are some nice perks. My Samsung HDTV has Netflix, but it's slow and for some reason my soundbar audio won't pass through when using it.

As for mobile devices, the iOS devices are nice. I often watch a TV episode while in bed before I go to sleep.


PS3 by far for me. Love the higher quality picture you get on it then most of the other devices offered.


The worst has got to be the iPad. It used to be great, but they changed the app to take away access to your queue. So now you have to use the website for browsing (and the app just for viewing).


I'm happy using my Intel PC, DVI out to the TV and digital sound out to a receiver. The reason I like it is that many of the movies I watch raise questions, biographical, historical, and geographical, or just related to the movie, and with my PC attached to the TV, I can easily flip back and forth between PC and DVD/Blu-Ray player, Satellite TV, or another browser tab on the PC.

Riverside Guy

Uh, I can access my instant queue on my iPad... I doubt there are 2 NF apps, one for the new one and one for the old one.

That being said, while I only have limited time on my iPad, it sure seems to beat the hell out of the PS3. The PS3 takes forever to load, is slow as hell AND takes a long time to start a stream going. AND recently (past 4 weeks or so), I have been seeing MANY breaks in the stream... waiting 10-20 seconds for it to restart.

Jared Thomson

I used to prefer the Xbox 360 until the latest dashboard update botched the colors. Not only that, but I absolutely hate the 360's current Netflix interface. The old one was better. Now if you select a show it automatically starts playing before you can even choose an episode.

So PS3 is the winner for me, although I'm not a big fan of the UI on that either. I miss the old Xbox UI.


I like watching Netflix on my Apple TV. I tried other methods, such as using my Samsung LED TV's built in feature. But there's something that's quick and easy about using the Apple TV.

If you ask my 4 year old son he would say the iPad! Every time I use that thing it's streaming Bob the Builder.

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