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Comcast just doesn't get it. The reason we all cut the cord (which is a lot of us) is we are tired of paying $100 a month for 8 channels we actually watch.

Comcast will have to have a far better setup than Netfix, something they haven't done with ANY product in the past and they will have to be able to compete with < $20 per month.

I just don't see anyway that Comcast can be a Netflix killer. Sure, they will compete and those with Comcast already or who might be debating Comcast or Netflix might go Comcast because of the cable, but Netflix uses who don't have cable, aren't going to jump on board. After cutting the cord, an additional $100 month for streaming just isn't going to cut it, if that steaming isn't the end-all-be-all-early-release-all-the-content steaming that Netflix isn't.

If Comcast had everything (all of the possible DVD catalog + some Indies), same day release as DVD, Close Captions 100%, unlimited streaming on Comcast Internet without a bandwidth limitation and was below $100 with Internet included, then I might consider it... just after pigs fly.


Hell No!


If it is in anyway tied to Comcast I will never ever do business with them. I'd pay more for netflix then ever consider a Comcast product again.


No comcast in my area and even if it was, Im not paying for cable.

But, for those who already have it, I can see them plucking some netflix customers.

A material number ? Probably not.

But, competition is good.


I have Comcast, and I'll probably check out their streaming service since it's free to me. But I'm not expecting much - Comcast has repeatedly promised great things and then been unable to deliver. In this case I don't think it's their fault - the movie studios are unwilling to give anyone streaming access to their full catalogs, whether it's Comcast or Netflix.

Bob Emmerich

Comcast has 23 million customers, some of whom will get the service for free, so of course NF will lose some subscribers. I think it would be easy to find out how many NF customers stream via Comcast broadband.

For the people above who said they wouldn't switch to Comcast - duh! They have 23 million subscribers bc they have a cable monopoly, this isn't for you and they don't need you, this is a bone to the current subscriber base, and if they pick up a few extra customers for $5 per month, that's just gravy. It's not a recruiting tool, it's retention focused.


If you have Blast Plus/Extra and limited basic cable you get Streampix free. Blast Plus/Extra is around $55, limited basic cable is around $13 (if you don't have cable TV then Comcast charges and extra $10/month for internet) so for many people it's free but if what they have now is any sign of what's to come, their service is crap they're actually trying to pass off content which is already free on their site, as long as you have local channels through thme, as being Streampix now, so at this time it really isn't worth much.


No Comcast in my area even if I wanted cable.


Comcast Streampix. Really? In comparison, how is that Dish and Blockbuster Movie Pass nonsense working? That service was intended to "KILL THE Netflix" and save Blockbuster brick and mortar stores. Now we hear that 500+ Blockbuster stores will be closed nationwide. The advantage that Comcast has over Dish is that they actually own some pipes on the internet. And BTW, there is no foreseeable Netflix KILLER to date. I can not wait till the day that the Blockbuster brand is a thing of the past and completely eliminated. I blame Dishnetwork for resurrecting the BB brand and actually believing customers would embrace it.


I don't believe that Comcast will be the deciding factor in any Netflix downfall. This move by Comcast is definitely an attempt to stop, or at least slow the defection of cable customers to Netflix and other streaming services.

The valid point the blogger makes is that Netflix is now operating from a much weaker position than during their disc-only days. First-Sale guaranteed that they retained control of their destiny when it came to physical media. However, with streaming, Netflix is at the mercy of the content owners and the ISPs. Therefore, a healthy future is less than assured.

But, this offering by Comcast would have to be truly excellent to do more than convince a small portion of their existing, non-tech-savvy customers to never bother with even trying Netflix or similar services.


For years people have asked to be able to pick and subscribe to only the channels they wish to watch. Back in the late 1980s that is the way it worked - you had a HUGE dish out in the backyard aimed at the sky and you could subscribe BY CHANNEL. And lots of those channels had no commercials. But the cable companies just haven't listened. And I can't imagine that I would take out a full subscription with them just so I could get streaming from them. NO NEVER. I suspect the only folks they will latch on to with this latest scheme is those that are already subscribers and this is offered to them for free.

Klass Klown

Comcast is a delivery mechanism for HBO and other content. Streampix is the VOD delivery mechanism for HBO and other content.

Cheap Air Max

Comcast's Streampix Can't Hurt Netflix.this is not good.

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