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Netflix getting the river and Terra nove does that mean we will watch these series airing one episode every week like cable tv.
The problem is Netflix is dropping really down. Do they see that crackle popcorn flik amazon Hulu and Comcast are hurting Netflix.
1. Price change spilt
2. Starz
3. 100 titles missing
4. Less tv shows missing 21 jump street and more
5. Add boring wrist titles bring big hit add fresh shows

X files Buffy saved by the bell angel those are best shows bring more please


I had given up on THE RIVER and would not like Netflix to blow their content dollars on expencive shows that thanked like The River or TeraNova, it also tanked at the right time.


I did not care for The River but did like Terra Nova so I would watch Terra Nova if it was continued on Netflix but not The River...


I like the River, hope they are able to pull it off.


The River is a good show. I enjoyed it, tho it got kind of silly near the end. I am not sure how they will be able to make a TV series out of it as it seemed like the perfect mini-series. If netflix does get it, I hope it becomes more rated R or at least PG-17.

Terra Nova was OK. It seems pretty expensive to produce. It needs to get rid of its kiddie image and have more of an edge.

I have been saying for the longest that netflix needs to bring back Fear Itself. A twilight zone like horror TV series. I enjoyed it quite a bit.


Netflix would lose all credibility if they did this. They're trying to compete with HBO/Showtime/Stars. Let SYFY pick up these lousy shows. IMO it would make more sense for Netflix to continue a series like Damages.


What? The River is AWESOME! Every damn show I like gets canceled Netflix better save good tv.


Spielberg produces both Terra Nova/The River... that might play into Netflix's thinking. They might be able to curry favor with Spielberg for future shows. Just a hunch. My understanding TN's ratings weren't awful, but weren't great either.



Also The River, Terra Nova, and Arrested Development are all 20th century fox productions. Rupert Murdoch, may be a Netflix investor.


How does netflix will air these episode are their days time that netflix will air these shows. Thats our big question i know one episode every week but they should make a perfect and time for us to enjoy the series to make it more better and more views.


The River seems like a good show for Netflix to save. It seems cheaper to keep. Terra Nova was also only in its first season, but was known mainly for it's high budget. Yet it wasn't critically reviewed and was never that much of a hit. I know River tanked but there is more upside for the price.

Frankly, Netflix should try to save shows that have maybe two seasons under its belt and they should make it so they get to stream the previous episodes too.


Please save the river! I just started to watch it on on demand it's amazing

Nate Dawg 28

I really like the genre. What the heck is wrong with the three FORMER major networks? Every time I start enjoying a show, it gets the butcher's knife to the carotid. Another example that I can think of in recent years was "Invasion." Great show with good actors and real character. Too bad they let it air after the "Lost" episodes. Two shows with fantasy/sci-fi back to back never works...unless you are watching SciFy channel for cheap CG tricks.

Anything is better than the reality junk that is produced these days...LIVE LIFE for REAL, then you won't need the reality shows. TV should be escape from reality, even for a short time.

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