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voracious D

terra nova doesnt seem like the kind of show netflix would want to take on for their model. its super expensive to make. also.. it features humans shooting dinosaurs in the future / past.


The show is prohibitively expensive - it would be stupid for Netflix to pick it up. Then again Hastings hasn't been exactly been on his A game lately so who knows what they're thinking.

Maybe he's just excited at the prospect of having lunch with Spielberg.


I don't know if they should or shouldn't pick it up...but if they do, I'll watch it.


Fox cancel it but it still Spielberg show so i hope Hastings find a way to the show. Netflix also needs to work on bring few current shows instead wasting money on cancel series that been running for couple of season. Like The cape, off the map, and more...

Like how happily Divorce season 1 running on netflix but at the start it say watch the show on tv land Wednesday. i hope to see season 2 soon


Ill watch it


Why don't they pick up Community? The show costs about $5 to make in comparison to something like Terra Nova.


Ugh, no please. If you're going to save anything, go for Fringe, which will almost certainly be canceled by the end of the season. It's a much, much better show, it's got to be less expensive, and even if its ratings are lower I'm willing to bet the fanbase is a lot more loyal.

Community would also be a smarter option if NBC doesn't want it.


I'd rather have them pick up shows like Terra Nova than make more shows like Lilyhammer.


I hope they save Terra Nova. I had no idea it will be cancelled. I'm just getting into it big time. It's was really just starting to get real good. It's open for anything to happen.


Saw this in the paper today, first thing I thought was - well after, "no surprise there" - was, wonder when the "NF to the rescue" chatter will start. Apparently it started real soon.

I watched the first episode on free Prime on Demand. It was ok, knew it was doomed. No, nf should not spend the money to pick this up. Too expensive.


I wish they would stop making their own content and use that money on movies and established TV shows, the other article on HN states that the director of House of Cards wants $100 million or he's taking his ball home. Spending that kind of money on an unknown show is foolish.

BTW: how's Lilyhammer doing in ratings(viewership)? From what I have read not too well.

noor almtowaq

They should pick up the show Kyle Xy is end with a good bang!.
their is other shows netflix should stream to save shows then terra nova show.

their are better shows to pick then this show

Joe Stuart

If production costs are brought down to a reasonable level, I say give Terra Nova a shot! I do think Netflix will be brave enough to absorb the cost - its all about introducing viewers to their library content.


Lilyhammer rocks! Haters be hating.


Please save Terra Nova netflix Please it was literally the best show i have seen and it was so sadening to see it get canceled by fox, Please take on this I know the outcome will be fantastic and Im positive that it will be great


I watched Terra Nova. It was OK at best. The finale was good but its not really worth saving..besides the production costs are too high. Its too formulaic for me and too cheesy at times. Netflix needs more *HBO* quality shows not mediocre stuff like this or lillhammer. If NF wants to save canned shows, I'd suggest Fear Itself, The Bionic Woman, etc but make the shows edgier.


Bring back Sliders!

LOL! It was good till the 3rd Season. :P

I'd agree if NF was to bring back any recently canned show it should be Fringe. *If* it does get canned.

I haven't watched it yet but I have heard a lot more buzz about Fringe than Terra Nova. I mean maybe they could bring back the show and cut the budget? Well see I guess?

If any cult Sci-Fi shows should be brought back it would be Fire Fly. Come on. The fan base of that show alone. Heck even Doll House.

However Netflix needs to start with some low budget shows first then as popularity raises then aim for the bigger budget stuff.

I have seen some impressive fan films and fan shows. So a lot could be done on a small budget.

Netflix should be looking to hiring some of those talents to help create Action / Sci-Fi / Horror and Drama shows on the cheap.

Well see though.

In reality I'd prefer the cash be spent on more Discs and Streaming but it's Netflixs choice. Who knows maybe they will get original content I dig.


Terra Nova basically sucked. So many awesome things they could have done, yet the writing has stupid stamped on the cover each episode.

I liked the actors, but the plots were simplistic, the science was poor and they just didn't seem to be able to write anything that I 10 yo couldn't come up with. "Lets put the very important evidence in this cabinet that anyone could access. Don't bother guarding it, it's only the proof that there is a spy undercover in our camp."



Even Fillion tweeted his interest ... it could be a shortened season during his off time from castle!!


you are correct it did suck and that's why it was canceled


Firefly would be amazing, but I just can't see how the logistics of reviving a space opera that was canceled nearly 10 years ago would work out. Arrested Development is much easier with the cast onboard.

As for Dollhouse, it got pretty decent as it went along, but if Netflix was hypothetically going to work with Whedon I'd rather it be a completely new series.


I admire them for having the balls to try something like this, but there are SO MANY great shows they could save or pick up... and Terra Nova isn't one of them.

Somebody else mentioned FireFly and if it weren't impossible due to the actors it would be the greatest get in Netflix's history. AND I DIDN'T EVEN WATCH FIREFLY.

The X-Files would also be a huge get if that were ever possible, but I think the best X-Files fans can hope for is another movie... likely straight to DVD.


It's possible to get FireFly. At this point in time with the exception of Fillion, everyone else in the cast is not a regular on anything, just 'guest' shots. All they have to do is buy the rights from Fox, do a shortened season and it could be done ... it could be done



But didn't Hastings himself say that was unworkable, though he himself is a fan? The other thing is, the sets for Terra Nova still exist, meaning the start-up costs are done, whereas Firefly would presumably have to be rebuilt all over again. Arrested Development's main obstacle was the cast and writers--the filming itself doesn't require much in the way of expensive sets or effects.

If it is possible, though, Firefly would be an exponentially better choice should they want to pick up an expensive SF series than Terra Nova. Sure, TN has its fans (what doesn't?), but it doesn't have the "Too Good Too Last" prestige of various other cult series. If they're going to risk losing money, it should at least be on a property that will improve their overall brand image.


I watched the first few episodes when they aired, but it's not a very good show. It'd be a waste for netflix to keep it going, their money could be better spent in other ways.


Not reviving this show somewhere would be a loss of outstanding programming (in my family's and my opinion of course). However, when it comes down to it profits will be the deciding factor. I've actually been watching it on HuluPlus, so if Netflix isn't interested maybe they'll give it a shot.


Nobody really knows how much Terra Nova costs. Saying its outrageous doesn't make it true. What is undeniably true, the second season would be drastically cheaper than the first (can be said for most shows).


I think that before Netflix drops another $100 million on one single series, it should pick up some of the really good series that are already completed, but not available yet on Netflix. Examples include Cold Case, Ashes to Ashes, The Vice, Taggart, and, oh yes, Terra Nova itself.

Alan E

No. Terra Nova costs a lot of money. Netflix cannot charge for advertisments so viewership cannot aid them in recouping the costs... to pay so much for so little gain has to be a profit loss.

Netflix is not here to loose money - they stay in business and provide us with this service by staying profitable to do battle with the movie companies and their insatiable desire to charge as much as they can (their right as it is their material that folks want - supply and demand).


I could see a company Hulu or YouTube maybe picking up Terra Nova and or FireFly?

They have the cash and ad support to keep the budget going.


How about bringing back flashforward or the event, instead?


Bring back HBO's Sopranos & entourage!!
Dosent look like any actors from those are working anyway. Probably get it cheap too!


Yea, no.... I don't think Netflix would pick up Terra Nova.


@mike I doubt they will never get cold case considering the show can't even be relesed on DVD because of licensing issues with the music in the episodes. Music issues is why shows like alias and wonder years and supernatural get pushed back.


I wanted to like Teranova, I really did. I watched it till the end. I am kind of glad it did I would have continued to watch it like Stargate SGU there is so little Sci-Fi on TV I am doomed to even watch the train wrecks. If you want more TeraNova watch Outcasts on Netflix it was the basis of TN and it got canceled after 8 eps. Lilyhammer has been great and is not really original programming, they just put up the money to stream the show from Norawegin TV first instead of after it was on TV there.


It is clear networks don't want shows to be long running any more. when's the last time since a non-reality show not been cancelled after a season two if lucky? Heck even reality shows get the axe quick. Seems to me every show needs to be written as a miniseries or have unbreakable contracts for a fixed number of seasons and write complete stories to cover the duration of the series. I'm so sick of quality non-reality shows getting cancelled, leaving fans ticked off because the story is left unfinished.


You know LOL. I wouldn't mind if Tremors The Series got brought back and I doubt it would cost too much either.

I just watched the Series on Hulu in the correct episode order as Hulu has it in the Sci-Fi channel order which is incorrect.

Once it becomes less about the Graboids, Shriekers and Ass Blasters and focusing on the Mix Master concept and starts whipping out all sorts of crazy creatures it gets real fun.

Nothing amazing though but Val & Earl would have came back on the show (most likely re-casted) if the show wasn't canceled.

For what it was it was a fun creature feature of the week show. Only if your into B-Movies.

However it would need to start taking place in other locations as it went on than just the valley all the time.

If you liked the first 3 flicks. Google in the correct episode order and give it a watch on Hulu.


If Netflix really wants to resurrect canned shows they need to hold a voting poll of the top shows that were canceled and see.


I would love to see netflix pick up Terriers. An awesome show that only failed because it was given a horrible name, and very bad ad support. If you havent seen it I highly recommend it. Fox has no idea how to save great shows.


The head of FOX TV is a liarer and you shouldn't believe anything he says as he came out at the TCA's.
He said 'Terra Nova is popular show is rating good and has made us money. So it will more than likely go on to series 2 and he was the one who cancelled it.
I think Netflix should save this show because it will make them money as it did fox.
Can't understand how a show that makes them money gets cancelled.

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