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sir jorge

i work from home, i do that on a monthly basis already, and yet no one cares


How the heck is he going to do this with data caps?


Some companies i.e. Verizon FiOS and Charter, among others, have no cap. If he has a company that does have caps and allows overage then I suppose he'll pay the extra charges.


bully for him


Good publicity stunt... Netflix can surely use it with the beating it has taken lately with the negative press.


I am blessed with having a company with no caps. I hope it stays that way.


well I decided tonight that I am going to see just how many movies I can watch in a month myself lets see how far I can get before I hit my 250GB cap with comcast.


I hope he is not on comcast. HD content is about 4800 kilobits per second, which is 2GB/hr. If he was to do nothing but netflix, he could watch 125 hours of video or 250 - 30 minute shows.

I hope he does not want to watch movies.


Most routers have traffic meters built in if you guys are curious what your usage is. After cutting the cord I have never been below 250gb in a month. I believe I have only broken 550 once... I think. 300-500 is probably a good median for me.

Klass Klown

C'mon, man. There's no other way that Mark Malkoff can spend 30 days to make the world a better place?


I have to agree with Klass Klown, why not do something useful like volunteering. If I didn't have a job or obligations I could sit on my butt for 30 days straight.


I wonder if he will include stuff he falls asleep watching.


I kinda think the value is gonna go up less and less with each 'movie' he watches.


I challenge him to first be a streaming customer for at least a year, then try and watch 250 movies in a month. This will show how much stamina he has and what he's made of.

"He wants to see how much value he can get for $7.99 a month", He says it's "about 4 cents per film." Well doesn't that already answer your question Mark? Four cents a movie! were do I sign up? Netflix what a genius idea hiring this guy.


Value isn't just about quantity, but must take into account the variety of available content coupled with the quality and reliability of the video/audio stream.

As for the stunt itself, it would take no effort to simply click 'play', leave the room, go out for a bite to eat, take a nap, whatever, then be back in time to activate the next selection in line. Even if Malkoff actually sits through all 400+ hrs, it is not something that the average viewer could - or would - do. In which case any value, perceived or actual, is either completely skewed or completely wasted. Easy enough for anyone to calculate the extreme streaming possibilities, without having to go there. Not impressed.


Funny, I can't stream more than 2 movies/3 1-hour TV shows without the shows infiltrating my dreams and ending up in a catatonic state. I couldn't imagine streaming show after show for 30 days straight. I'd have to be seriously hung-over/baked/bedridden to even attempt that.


If he's in NYC, he's likely got Time Warner for his internet service. Unless he's made arrangements, they'll shut him down long before he gets to his goal

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