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These analysts and TV execs need to stop looking at streaming as hurting traditional TV viewing. To my knowledge none of the NF Nick stuff is new stuff, it's previous seasons. NF streaming of catalog shows shouldn't be viewed any differently than syndication IMHO.


I think they are probably right on this one. My 11 year old watches some live tv, but she will rematch the same stuff on Netflix over and over with no drop in enjoyment over the broadcast stuff. All that said, the rights owners are also paid by Netflix. So a shift in viewership doesn't necessarily mean a loss of revenue.

William Robinson

Maybe this is more proof where NF wants to add more of its own content that they should be looking to to producing kids stuff also not just big costly stuff. Start small and work up from there.


I hope so....by the way the title says Netlix instead of Netflix


put another nickle in the nickelodeon.


Boohoo. There's enough great children's TV content that we don't really need to make anymore anyways.


Well, we cut the cord years ago, so Nickelodeon isn't losing my kids' eyeballs. I can confirm that they're happy to rewatch Futurama or Spongebob or iCarly or My Little Pony over and over, and the good news from my side is there's no advertising being aimed at them.

I do think that the real losers here are the kids nets (though they are losing, they're basically just aggregators who won't be much missed of they die out). The real losers are the advertisers, who won't have a chance to throw messages at kids if it all goes to streaming. (Of course, if they have a show like My Little Pony, that is one big advertisement. But most kid-oriented vendors don't have the chance to make their own popular TV shows.)


We cut the cord and my kids watch a ton of kids programming on Netflix, so I agree with the article.


No Nickelodeon is hurting themselves with the shows they are making, Its nothing like the classic 90s Nickelodeon i grow up with.


Did anyone consider that these nick chs that are losing viewers are also the ones most likely to be part of a pricier cable package? So as money gets squeezed cable gets downgraded and viewers switch to netflix.


I'd like to think rising cable costs are hurting Nickelodeon.


Nick is losing viewers because their content isn't up to snuff. Most of the best cartoons are on Cartoon Network. Nick is getting old, my kids use to love Spongebob but now would rather watch Adventure Time, Regular Show, or PBS stuff. Nick hasn't had a good new cartoon in ages. Also their live action stuff look tired and all similar.

Don't blame Netflix for poor programming.


William Robinson is completely right that Netflix should produce some original kids programming.

However since this makes a lot of sense Netflix will probably pass on that...


Oh, no reason for Netflix to make OG kids programming. There are so many kids series, many of which kids would never see if it wasn't for Netflix. My kids LOVE Astro Boy, Speed Racer, and now Tintin. They would have never known they would have existed if not for Netflix. I don't think Netflix will stop finding older, short lived, and gems of the cartoon world.

It's hard to say Netflix doesn't get kids. Adults they have a little problem with but not kids.


On Netflix one can choose what one wishes one's children to see instead of relying on some TV exec and their marketing people.

Sounds like a better option for children if you ask me. A country of Barbies and Kens hasn't worked out so well.


Like others have said the problem isn't Netflix, it's Nick itself. They put on crap. Nickelodeon has always been 20 percent gold and 80 percent filler. For every iCarly you have five cheap celebrity based shows made to cash in on a name that they created. Kids are choosing to view the gold on Netflix and let the filler be. Good for them.

Since Netflix has decided that it's no longer a conflict of interests to have original content I wonder if they'll bring back the Red Envelope label?


I guess we can say good bye to Nickelodoen streaming content in the near future. Not that I watch most of it. The only good Nick is the classic stuff like Salute Your Shorts. Hey Dude, You Can't Do that On Television, Pete and Pete, etc. And none of those shows are available to stream.


No it's not hurting.

These are shows just on demand to watch.

So really the Title should be is on demand content hurting Children's networks?

Which is bull.

Create fresh content that people want to tune in every week.


Damn this article and damn those people who made the study!!!!

I just got my kids hooked on Avatar the last airbender and if nick try to shut it down via netflix I would be one dissappointed parent!!

Posting things like this just brings the party poopers to shut it down ... boooooo!


If Netflix was getting the content for free, I could see the argument that it is hurting them. Considering that Netflix pays for the content though, they aren't hurting them, they are giving them alternate revenue streams.


By the way my last post I am being facetious. I was slamming the source, not HackingNetflix ... WE LOVE MIKE!!!!


The quote says 'and syndicated shows'. I virtually never watch syndicated shows, and haven't for close to 2 decades now, since I found out they were severely hacked up. (An exception to 'virtually never' is if I miss ONE episode of an entire show and it's not on DVD.. and even then I realize I didn't see the full thing.)


I grew up with nick which had amazing program like Doug rugrats all that hey Arnold real monsters yeah I grew with those shows. So NF is not hurting your channel or line up. It's you nick stop putting crap shows your live action and cartoon these socks. By the way nick when you add 2 hours line up of old school on teen nick. It was the most watch 2 hours In history so bring the old school series back.

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