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Walt D in LV

As a DVD/Blu-ray customer of Netflix for over ten years I am very happy to contribute to Netflix' profit margin.
I hope that Netflix continues to see the profit in the disc format.


Yikes, stock WAY down after hours.. Shoulda sold at 300.

Robert Emmerich

"performed as well as a hit show like Breaking Bad did on a cost basis"

What the heck does that even mean?

I didn't like the first 2 episodes of Lilyhammer but it's gotten better. I have the last 2 episodes left and am starting to look forward to next season. But it wouldn't make me sign up for nf, keep nf, or recommend nf to others on the basis of that 1 show. I really have no idea how they can monetize 1 show or compare it to any other show on any other network.

"they were focused on growth for the foreseeable future, so they would not offer additional levels."

So he didn't rule out tiers entirely, only for the foreseeable future? The man who announced Qwikster w/ game rentals has a "foreseeable future" of about 2 weeks.

BTW - down $16 / 16% after hours to an $85 stock price, which are probably the numbers most people will be talking about tomorrow morning.

PS - I really like nf, you should see what I write about companies I don't like ;-)


Since Netflix is betting so much on streaming being the future, they should have a campaign targeting ISPs for how they impose insane data caps. I'm certainly reluctant to stream an entire tv season since I know that I'll incur an extra ISP fee.

But I don't know why so many are canceling their memberships all together. For 2 disks at a time plus unlimited streaming, it only costs $20/month. How many hours of entertainment do you receive for that value?


Redbox is driving Netflix DVD customers away, I don't understand it but it's a fact. Redbox has 34%(as of Jan) of the rental market and it's growing.

As for streaming they will either have to be ad-sponsored(like Hulu and Crackle) or raise their subscription fees again to pay for all the content, the loss in revenue for streaming is unsustainable for a publicly traded stock.

Think outside the box

I'm a disc (DVD/Blu-ray) only customer since 2005. Your welcome Netflix.

Sad to see they lost 10% of us. Nothing yet beats NF disc by mail. Especially Blu-ray.

William Mize

Netflix is expecting to add 7 million streaming customers in the U.S. in 2011.

Shouldn't this be 2012?


DVD subscribers contributed $146 million in profit, and the company posted a $5 million loss.

How bad are they at the business side of streaming? I mean, they've been using everything but cattle prods to move their DVD-only crowd to streaming (I know, I'm one of them) for years now. They now have 26 million streaming customers, and by my count this part of the business is losing about $150 million a quarter? I'd be furious if I were an investor.

As an 8-year DVD customer, I'm still quite happy though.


I'm a DVD customer now. I left streaming because there wasn't much there for me to watch but mostly it was because I could not search for things I wanted that I knew were there. That new data handling is going to cost them a fortune in customers - actually it already has - because it just doesn't work properly. Maybe they got sold a bill of goods from PeopleSoft - which would explain a lot. I didn't like the price increases but mostly I just hated the new interface on streaming. I really used to love Netflix...I could find what I wanted without taking an hour to do it.

Netflix may be expecting but I think it is a false pregnancy unless they revert back to the way the streaming part used to work. [If PeopleSoft is involved, NF probably CAN'T revert back and that side of the business is already a zombie. It has all the symptoms of PeopleSoft disease.] Also, NF is not factoring in the small data caps on internet services that seems to be spreading like wildfire. Streaming video seems doomed at this point...it's just a matter of time.


The U.K. & Ireland expansions must be draining the wallet. I might be mistaken, but I believe the U.K. is the first country NF has entered with real competition, Lovefilm is the incumbent.

Robert - I believe what they're saying is, Lillyhammer's production cost was about the same as the license cost for Breaking Bad and the shows had similar viewership numbers. AMC fancies themselves quite a bit, when the MM/BB/TWD AMC deal was announced I thought it might have been pretty expensive.

Klass Klown

This should trigger an SEC investigation on Pacific Crest and the analyst. I haven't done the research, but I would bet big money that Pacific Crest went long at a very high price on NFLX. Netflix upgraded to outperform at Pacific Crest

How can any honest analyst move to Upgrade based on what's happened to this stock in the last 24 hours? The streaming biz model has a shallow and narrow moat around it.


I googled Netflix and PeopleSoft and guess what? The CIO is Mr. PeopleSoft. LOL. How come only one person reported on this?? Now all is clear about why the search on streaming Netflix is so lousy. Lucent(full of top engineers and other smart people) went to penny stock after implementing PeopleSoft...remember how the SEC took Lucent to task because they "lost" billion dollar accounts. And then there are all the government institutions (like NYC) and universities and community colleges that have been suckered in and "losing" money and/or data ever since.


"I left streaming because there wasn't much there for me to watch but mostly it was because I could not search for things I wanted that I knew were there."

I am a mostly happy Netflix member w/Streaming and one BD out at a time. I really dislike the new interface for the reasons above. I can't easily find what I want. Moreover, I miss being able to go deep into the catalog by following different branches of the generes. I found a lot of titles I'd never have seen any other way. If you don't know exactly what you are looking for and just want to look to see what's in there this interface is severely hobbled.


get starz back so we have something to watch


"Streaming sucks who the hell cares about the junk they have i have seen most on cable. If they get new stuff then i might change my mind."

Probably true, but considering the price of cable...

"get starz back so we have something to watch"

If I remember right, they wanted Netflix to increase their price and create a tiered system. I can't blame Netflix for saying no.


If you can't find "new stuff" on NF you probably need to wear a helmet.


I agree completely. Tons of streaming coent to watch. @Judy__ has a point that searching for content is not easy on some devices.

Also, Netflix pushed Lillyhammer hard on us in their (Boxee) interface. This kind if irritated me that I had to skip over Lillyhammer in order to view any other category. This huge push for Lillyhammer and the fact it didn't to better from a cost/benefit than content not pushed, Breaking Bad, causes me to conclude Lillyhammer a failure.



I disagree, people who play with their PS3/XBox360 all day have no life. Netflix streaming has plenty of great foreign films and documentaries. I guess if you are only into 3D-animated-comic book movies with no substance then you will be disappointed.

He said, she said

moviegeek, ScottZ, CordCutter - jv43 asked a direct question: Specifically name interesting titles that are available on netflix streaming.


Interesting titles is easy (and some of the titles below are not on DVD which I think was jv43's question):
Doctor Who



High School of the Dead (not on DVD)

The 200 or so music movies they added last week, which some are not on DVD.

Elfen Lied - All on streaming, only part on DVD


Hard Revenge Milly and Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle (both not available on DVD)

TiMER - Not available on DVD

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking


The Evil Dead

The Man from Nowhere

Kung Fu Dunk - Not available on DVD

The Darwin Awards

George Carlin: It's Bad for Ya

Rock 'n' Roll High School

Shameless - UK Version - Most of it isn't available on DVD

Reservoir Dogs

Hobo with a Shotgun

Aaah! Zombies!!

Red Cliff

Of course though, DVD is going to be bigger unless the entire industry changes because they don't need the content owner's permission to rent it out, but for streaming, they have to buy the rights to do so.


In the past month Rango, Sleeping Beauty, Melancholia, The Conspirator and Everything Must Go have been added to streaming. The deal with Weinstein will get The Artist on streaming the same day it streets on DVD (Which should be soon).

jv43 - are you really trying to say a certain group of people "have no life" while you yourself visit a website multiple times a day to complain about something?

Art Artistry



Shouldn't you be working when you're at working?

Loops up IP and reports you to IP dept.


I love the fact that I can watch several TV series at the same time without needing the discs. Here are some great TV series for those that are struggling to find good streaming content:
Damages, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, Luther, United States of Tara, The Walking Dead, The Office, 24, Prison Break, Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, Sherlock, The Killing

For the women: Grey's anatomy, Gossip Girl

Can't wait for Arrested Development next year!

Edward R Murrow

I know it's all in the eye of the beholder, by from WakkaWakka's list, only "Dr. Who" and "Reservoir Dogs" appeal to me. Searching IMDB using a random title from the list, say, "Hobo with a Shotgun" shows that viewers rated this title a 6.2 out of 10.0.

C'mon, you only get so many hours in your lifetime. Are people really saying they'd 'invest' 2 hours of their life streaming content such as "Hobo with a Shotgun"? Really?

Quit trollin and spammin!


Who the fuck are you to tell people what they should be allowed to do?

Why do you choose to waste time coming here to say how much Netflix sucks and attack people who like Netflix? Why?

This is a Netflix news site for people who want to know the latest on what's going on.

What's worse is you go so low to say the Country is going to hell because people have convenient ways to watch Movies?

What the fuck dude? Quit acting all stuffed up.

Pull that dead weasel out your ass.

You have no fuckin right to be coming here and post comments that attack others like calling them losers.

How someone gets entertainment is there choice.

You must work for the Cable or Satellite company. Which you people need to change your service and quit harassing people to join.

To everyone else complaining about Netflix streaming....

Shit or get off the pot. If it bugs you so much then quit em and find another service.

It's not that difficult....

Quit trollin and spammin!

Fuck you!

How about we all keep calling jv43 out. Then maybe he'll leave.



"Searching IMDB using a random title from the list, say, "Hobo with a Shotgun" shows that viewers rated this title a 6.2 out of 10.0."

That's why Netflix's algorithm is better to go by than IMDB. It says Hobo with a shotgun is a 4.8 title for me out of 5. For you, it might be a .4 out of 5. Our tastes don't all match.

There are plenty of movies that probably have high ratings on IMDB, that I have no interest in. Just like there are titles that I really enjoyed that probably have lower ratings on IMDB.

As an example, Senna has a rating of 8.6 on IMDB, but I have no interest in it.


The sad thing about jv43 is he (or his parents?) likely pay out the butt for cable/sat. You pay an outrageous price for channels you don't watch, commercials and edited/watered down crap because of the PTC... but you're bitching about $8 month Netflix streaming?

Wakka, I agree. Starship Troopers a 7.1 on IMDB? Get the F-Outa here... that's a solid 11. Anybody see feedfliks has it coming? Will give me an excuse to watch it for the 700th time.

Art Artistry

shit FACE^


Try having an adult conversation for once. As soon as conversations turn to insults you look like nothing more than a troll. CordCutter and I had a disagreement on another thread, but it was an adult conversation and we never deteriorated the thread like you have here. Please play nice or find another playground to bully.


Starship Troopers is a 7.1... Blasphemy! That is one of the best movies of all time. Good to know it's coming to streaming, thanks for the heads up.


What I don't understand is Netflix never said they wanted to be a replacement company but companion to existing services.

Now if you choose it as your main service. And or Hulu and such.

Hey that's your thing. Nothing wrong with that.

Some people are fine with free over the air TV.

Again nothing wrong with that either.

I don't see the point is bashing people over what they choose to use or bashing a service because it's not up to par with them?

We have so many choices in Entertainment that there is something for everyone.

Good riddance jv43. Real mature calling people gay. It's 2012. No one cares if someone is Gay or Straight. You need to grow up. That's not going to offend anyone. *yawns*

Looks like people are tired of your crap and do in fact plan to call you out if you continue to be a jerk in these comment sections.

In other news....

Looks like good stuff is coming. I look forward to what Netflix dishes out. :)

Like DUDE!

Whoa dudes. LMAO!

Does weasels include "the weasel" Pauly Shore? I guess we know where he's been hidng. Ha ha ha!

Oh man I had a crappy day too. This made my day. LOL! Thanks Internets!

Later Bras,

The Dude


Just to be clear -- the search mechanism for streaming is broken on all devices. Most searches will bring back SOME movies but not ALL of the ones fitting the criteria will be on the resultant list. I've dealt with PeopleSoft as a professional so I now know what NF has done... I think it was a huge, expensive mistake to go down that path. Sorry to see it - NF-streaming used to be one of my favorite things to do in the evening. Now I just get the DVDs.


Crow - Agreed, I am 100% free of cable/sat but have to rely on several services to get my fix. NF, Hulu, Crackle... even the actual channel websites via my HTPC.

I don't understand trolling. If you don't like something tell the company and cancel the service. I was disgusted with cable but didn't spend all my time on industry websites bashing it. I told them what I disliked about it and canceled.

Judy - Search has gone downhill for me, but it's not awful. I don't like having to use InstantWatcher/Feedfliks but at least there is a workaround. I'm getting more annoyed at the transfers. On my Roku original Transformers is 4:3 it seems, but on my smart tv it's stretched to wide. Very odd.


PeopleSoft requires LOTS of workarounds. Which means other things are broken behind the scenes -- like reviews no longer linked to reviewers. When I find somebody who writes an intelligent review I'd like to see what else he/she reviewed.

According to interviews Netflix is now using amateurs to tag the films - which makes the data searches even worse and less consistent in the long run. Garbage in, Garbage out.

The bottom line is that a database that can't be searched reliably is pretty much worthless. [Though PS is highly expensive and could account for NF losses all by itself].

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