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The original Transformers cartoon is on now. Looking forward to letting my kids experience this like I did when I was their age.


I tried to use my old link to the new releases for the week on Sunday morning... the page was gone. It really pissed me off. I don't wade through the recommendations on the front page, I look at the new stuff every week and add it to my Queue if it looks interesting. So when they took that option away, I really had to rethink paying for 2 blu-rays out at a time. They're already 30 days behind Dishnetwork PPV... so I made the decision to cancel Netflix. I will greatly miss my documentaries conduit... Maybe I'll try Amazon for a while...

It's a weird day deleting my Netflix Apps, and links in my browser. I've been with them so long, but they keep doing things to make the service less enjoyable and more expensive. Just bad decisions on their part.


Wow you will bitch about anything, wont you?


Pyrofish, do you mean this link that is still active?



Looks like Everything Must Go is out there now too.


Maybe Pyrofish means this link (which is also still active and on the website)...


Art Artistry

So you canceled your service because one of your bookmarks was no longer valid? FOR REAL? Without going to the site and looking around to see if they changed it, you just assumed they took that feature away? Netflix doesn't want you as a customer, you are a moron. You won't find shit on amazon as far as documentaries go, and they have 0 movies. Have fun paying 3-6 dollars for the ppv of a movie too, that sounds like a blast.

With their new cancellation procedure it won't actually close til your next billing date, maybe you can chalk this up to a momentary lapse in judgement if you go and reactivate it right now and stop being such a douchebag.


War of the Arrows is the first instant watch of a recent film that I have been wanting to see. Finally.

That guy

Um...it's " You're " .


Question to those that have it.... does Amazon have a single piece of exclusive content? Seems between Netflix, Hulu Plus & Crackle their catalog is covered.


Netlix... I've never heard of them, are they a good company? What do they specialize in?


Horrible new releases. Horrible DVDs AND horrible streaming.( I would give War of Arrows a shot ftr)
Dude is right in the sense that ,The "New releases" section on Netflix does in fact suck.
If you go to new releases , whats the first flick in the top left corner? : Senna .. A movie that has been available for streaming since December. Hell the just released The Conspirator on instant this month and THAT STILL isn't in the new releases Section. Somebody's dropped the ball

Tim Brownhouse


Indeed they have many exclusives. Shakes the Clown, Second Best, Track 29, My Boyfriend's Back, Goin' South, Robin and Marian, Watermelon Man, While the City Sleeps, The Boy Friend, Eat a Bowl of Tea, Dim Sum, You Talkin' to Me, Sitting Ducks, Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Quo Vadis, Marjoe, Big Shots, and Harem are several examples.


I'm curious why The Wicker Tree rates a Blu-Ray but The Innkeepers doesn't. Each is on the same level of relative obscurity but slightly more interesting than average horror releases — The Wicker Tree is Robin Hardy's sequel of sorts to The Wicker Man, and the other one is from the folks who did The House of the Devil.


"Netflix sucks!" "No, you suck!" "amazon is better!" "amazon sucks!" it's entertainment people. There will always be pros and cons. If you like it, you can subscribe. If it makes you furious, you need a hobby.


"Dude is right in the sense that ,The "New releases" section on Netflix does in fact suck.
If you go to new releases , whats the first flick in the top left corner? : Senna"

Actually, no, it's not. Eureka is the top left for me... why, because it's based on what they think you will like (I do like Eureka). They think that you will like Senna. If that isn't the case, I think you are to blame, since you are the one who set your ratings for other movies to lead it to believe that you will like Senna. If you want to see what just arrived on Netflix, go here:


Bobs burgers really sucks


to bad starz is gone .
soon my sub will be gone as well


Starz quality sucks anyways, see ya troll.


Not to mention Sony content vanished months before the starz deal expired. Losing Disney sucks but NF recognized this and bought the rights to Dreamworks Animation stuff.


Bobs Burgers its a pretty good add to netflix, at least its much better than the last 7º seasons of the simpsons.

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