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There are too many concerts and rockumentaries to list. At least 50 or more of them. Others include Nirvana, Metallica, and Yes. Probably something for everyone who has a taste for music.


I see Netflix has added Rush to the rockumentary series, Classic Albums: Rush: 2112 & Moving Pictures. Finally! Netflix needs to add concerts and do a better job *promoting* the music related content.


J. Edgar has been available to rent from Redbox since early February. Just sayin'.

jesus ramone

but how many complaints when renting j edgar puts the 'gay lesbian' catagory to their suggestions?


Love, love the music content as well, Pat.

Jesus, I personally don't put too much stock in NF suggestions. The algorithm obviously isn't 'clever' enough to realize when I have already seen something, or currently have it in my queue, because sometimes half of the 'suggestions' are just that. How is that helpful? The others are often so far off the mark, it's ridiculous. I just watch what I want to watch and, since I don't rely on those suggestions to find more content to view, I bypass the NF home page altogether and bookmark my queue instead. I keep a written list of films I want to see and do a direct search for them when I log on. If NF has them, I add them to my queue. If not, I find them elsewhere.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the music!


Out of last weekend's top 10 at the box office, NF has streaming deals with the studios behind 5 of them (counting Titanic, officially counts, but not practically). Hunger Games, The cabin in the Woods, Titanic (all via EPIX deal) and Mirror Mirror (Relativity)/Lockout (FilmDistrict).


ClydesMP, I don't have to get out in the weather and drive 8 miles to get these from NF so I can wait a couple of Xtra months for them to stream.

As long as they keep their price stable. That last price hike knocked me off of DVD rental. Not enough bang for the buck.

A Facebook User

i see how u guys updated alot if marvel animated movies...doing it big for the avengers movie huh? lol


How long before Redboxers realize Netflixers don't care if a movie becomes available a couple of months later?

Retro Hound

I did a pretty complete list of the music at http://www.retrohound.com/new-netflix-instant-steaming-for-april-16th-2012-over-75-new-music-shows/

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