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Also a bunch of HUB shows added to streaming from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to Pound Puppies, Transformers Prime, and others.


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Several of the added streaming titles are not "new."

How hard is Netflix working to provide streaming selection? Lets check the current trend using the Netflix "Instant Watch" Tracker at thenowhereman dot com.

On 2/27/12, shortly Before the Starz deal expired, Netflix reportedly had 48310 titles available to stream. On 3/1/12, that number had dropped to 45314. Today, after the catalog took another big hit, the total reported titles available for streaming is 44239.

That means there are 4071 less titles available for streaming customers to watch. This translates to an 8.43% drop in just over 30 days.

As I've said before, this is not yet a devastating loss, as there are still plenty of good/great things to watch and Netflix is still a great value for the price. But the trend is disturbing and does not bode well for the future.


It will be nice to re-watch The Chicago Code. I've been waiting for a dvd release of this. Yet another show FOX screwed up with. I wonder if Netflix fixed the av sync in Weeds. I tried to watch it on my Roku and it's all out of sync. The rest of the list doesn't look that good this week.

Steve W

Please compile a detailed list of all streaming releases like you do for DVD's...


Steve W.--that would be a really large listing--hundreds. Suggest you go to instantwatcher.com. Easy to see upcoming, newly released, and expiring.


"Torchwood: Miracle Day" has made a return appearance on Streaming. Hopefully it will stick around long enough for me to watch it unlike last time.


Harold and Kumar has been in the Redbox for a month. Just saying.


Agreed with respect to the Chicago Code. A pretty decent show only given a one season run. Not enough time to find its stride. It was setting up a nice ongoing corruption theme mixed in with each weeks case du jour. I enjoyed the show and am sorry it's gone. I can only guess it didn't bring in the big audience, but it was a darn sight better than Tom Selleck's cop show Blue Bloods (different network I know), and a whole lot better than most of what Fox airs.


"Today, after the catalog took another big hit, the total reported titles available for streaming is 44239."

They must have added 900 titles since then because nowhere man reports that they have 45098 now.


Anyone else notice that the "available in HD" blip is no longer showing on movie/TV series pages?


Season 6 of Weeds, nice! Netflix was due for a good streaming addition. They delivered this time.


Weeds may have been added, but it's only showing available as a disc for season 6 in my lists.



I just checked again and, indeed, the number is now up to 45377. I was having a hard time figuring out how it jumped up so quickly when only 1 page of titles had been listed as added since 4/1/12. Upon closer inspection, the nearly 200 episodes of Law & Order: CI, and several hundred episodes of kids shows each had only 1 line. That explained it.

A few movies also popped back onto my list that had previously disappeared and were not listed as being added recently. I searched for them by title on thenowhereman and found them to have a much older "available" date. I think they are using the date Netflix first got them, instead of "resetting" the date after it goes away and comes back.

Nevertheless, it does allay my fears a bit to see the total numbers recover, even though much of what was added are titles in which I have no interest. Thanks for pointing it out, WW.



I noticed that, too. However, as I find most non-HD content on streaming to be of acceptable quality, I don't worry about it anymore. I guess my aging eyes aren't what they used to be. In my youth, I may have been pickier.

For those that value HD quality more highly, however, I can see where this would cause concern.

Account Deleted

@IMACynic Only 8 episodes of Law and Order CI were added recently, the rest have been there for a while.

I have noticed Netflix have added back several movies that I once had queued (when they belonged to the Stars Deal), This time the movies are not 4:3 ratio. Netflix may have lost a bunch of movies but they gained some control and some quality. My queue is even a few titles larger now than it was 2 months ago.


Thrilled to see both Pet Symetary and Pet Symetary II BOTH with captions.

Love the book, and haven't seen the second film in FOREVER.

Thanks Netflix!


Critics should also compare what's available for streaming through Amazon Prime. Netflix has a lot more. Amazon Prime seems more concerned with adding TV shows to the Prime streaming and making movies just to buy instead of rent.


@Kerina... Ah, they added GI Joe: Renegades too; I can check that out finally.


torchwood: mircle day is now gone, again. I watched it at lunch, so they must have dropped it in the last few hours. I made it to the penultimate episode. sigh. also, children of earth seems to be gone too. seasons 1,2,3 still available.


Season 3 is children of earth, isn't it?

This site lists that it is available though:

I've seen that before, usually with shows that have a problem with the video. It will probably be back soon.

Tim Brownhouse

There has been absolutely no improvement in what Netflix offers its subscribers since their infamous rate hikes. Quite the inverse. Streaming selection has deteriorated (in terms of both quality and quantity), Blu Ray and DVD acquisition has slowed and become spotty, functionality continues to disappear, and overall reliability of service has suffered. Like Comcast, Netflix is developing into a company that hikes its rates while simultaneously scaling back the product provided. Rather evil.


Eureka season 4 is showing up for streaming on my iPad, but on my TiVo the episodes are listed as "DVD only". Does anyone know what's going on with that? Previously the episodes were not listed on my TiVo or iPad at all for streaming, so it's a change. It's very frustrating because I want to watch the episodes on my tv rather than my iPad.

Daniel L

@Laura, I have a similar problem. My streaming list through my DVD player is only 173 movies, whereas on my computer when I look at my queue it is 178. I can stream 5 extra movies on computer that I cannot stream on my TV.

One trick I found was to play the movie on the device it works on. Then on the other device that it does not work on, navigate to the recently watched list, and maybe you will find the missing items there. This worked for 3 out of my 5 missing items.

Facebook Developer

Great list of new releases of April. Thanks to share


I'm so happy, Adam 12 is back no more suffering through overly long Hulu commercials or having to hunt Youtube epis down.


Argh, they removed Bizarre foods from streaming...

Like DUDE!

@Tim Brownhouse


You might be on to something....

Seems like most deals they do always have that you'll get more.... In 1-2 years thing.

They still have stuff worth watching though.

Well just have to wait and see how things pan out.

See how there original content does. I'm not really a fan of it and would rather see more Movies & TV shows but whatever.

Well see.... If they keep raising rates. Can em. I will. Even if they get more content and raise rates I would still.

As Netflixs model has always been all you can watch at one low price.

Netflix still has plenty of kinks to work out.

Losing Starz has hurt there selection too. Yeah the quality was lame but still you can feel it.

Well how they do in 2012. ;)

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