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I think there's something wrong with the detailed DVD list as it's only showing the same seven titles and not the full list.

Or there are only seven DVDs this week...in which case why bother with a detailed list?


Netflix ONLY released 7 new titles... even though there are many more than that really being released this week. (check out BBO and other sites)

Seems like NF really is trying to kill off the DVD section.

Bryan Irrera

they also killed the "new releases" page. Where can we now locate it?

Mary Hausenbauer

You can find the the new releases with this link. http://www2.netflix.com/AllNewReleases?lnkctr=NavAllNewReleases Hope this helps.


Noticed Haywire, believe the streaming deal calls for it to be on streming 90 days from DVD street... so that should be soon. Movie may have tanked but Gina Carano will get it at least 1 viewing from my household.

If Feedfliks is right lots of stuff coming in the next week or two for streaming. Recent stuff like Killer Elite/Shark Night and older but decent stuff like Starship Troopers (1 & 3) & The Adams family movies. Lots of kids stuff too for the parents out there: Open Season 3, The Borrowers, Mouse Hunt.


The movies aren't coming to Netflix DVD/BD day and date with retail stores because of the 30/60+ day windows.



I like "We Bought a Zoo" which should be in my mailbox this week. Anything with Matt Damon. :)

I watched "The Zookeeper" with Sam Neill a few weeks ago - Sam Neill is also great. I wasn't fond of the ending but I won't post a spoiler.


"The movies aren't coming to Netflix DVD/BD day and date with retail stores because of the 30/60+ day windows.


BUT, that should be a sliding 30-60 day window. after the initial 30-60 day delay, we should see the new releases from 30-60 days ago show up this week.

Are you saying that 30-60 days ago there was nothing to add now?!

NF was great at what they did originally, but they are now killing themselves off. Others will improve on the model and pass them up. NF will be sold off not too far in the future and will be a memory as Napster is (in it's original true form).

Kale Barton

The 30-60 day window is only for a couple of studios, not all of them have swallowed the Warner Bros, laced with amphetamine, kool aid.

Emily Kirwan

what are some other websites that show when new tv episodes and movies come one for netflix


I still don't understand why Feedfliks and other sites get more information about what is available on Netflix than paying subscribers get from Netflix itself.
Overall, I'm kind of tired of the "coming soon / expiring soon" streaming tease. It's just one more pointless aspect of today's world to think about. I had to remind myself that if I want to watch a movie that comes to mind, I can just add it to the disc queue, bump it to the top, and get it in a couple of days rather than sit around waiting for a streaming release date (unless it is only available for streaming.)

Tim Brownhouse

Netflix continues to fail to improve their streaming library by mostly recycling previously expired titles, and refusing to offer a very broad selection of productions from prior to 1999. Of all the new offerings aggregated by Feedflix, InstantWatcher, etc, there are two titles made before 1970, and zero titles made before 1960. There are very few places to go for a broad selection of older titles in HD.


How do you look through the catalog of streaming programs without having to search for something in the hope it's there?

Riverside Guy

"recycling previously expired titles..." is something that can be very good... they took Babylon 5 down while I was going through the episodes in order, catching stuff I missed the first time around and it has NOT re-appeared.


"boy streaming sucks! wow what crap"

I disagree, the additions of Starship Troopers, Fern Gully (For the kids), Bubba Ho-Tep, Snatch, Big Daddy, Eight Crazy Nights... are all great additions to Netflix this week.

Tim Brownhouse

Riverside Guy,

Well, agreed. A good thing in itself, though month after month, I'm let down with an epic disappointment whenever I browse the new additions to the streaming catalog. This was not always the case. Browsing new additions was once thrilling. Around the same time they increased their prices, they simultaneously cut back on their Blu-Ray and DVD acquisition as well as their streaming acquisition. I find that objectionable.

Though I still lament the lack of attention paid to older titles, I do retract my previous statement that there were no new titles made prior to 1960. There are.


JV43, perhaps if you could be a bit more erudite in your postings rather than "boy, what crap" the rest of us might be willing to listen to your opinions rather than just believe you are a tween with time on his hands and rudimentary typing abilities. Just saying.


114 titles just shows up according to FeedFliks. More recent films such as Killer Elite, Shark Night and Drive apparently will be added in the next two weeks.

As for the older stuff, I would think if there were a demand it would be purchased. I hope you guys have contacted NF about your desire for older content.


There used to be demand for the older stuff when it was available. Most are still on DVD.

No product = no demand


I've not tried feedfliks before. My opinion is that the expired and soon to expire are no great loss for the most part. Of those "just added" -- they were on streaming back when I left, months ago.

It just isn't worth wasting a data cap on that stuff.


I'm just wondering what you guys compare both the DVD/BR and Streaming selections of Netflix to? Can you name another company that has a better library for either, for a reasonable price? You need to have legitimate expectations, if it were so easy to grab all that content why hasn't anyone else done it?


I agree TomTom, it's all about expectations. What do you expect for $8 a month from each service? As for the streaming, ditch your cable/sat completely and you will see how invaluable NF streaming is. People got spoiled when it was included with the disc plan at no extra cost. The content selection coupled with no commercials/censoring can't be touched. It's $8 a month people on hundreds of devices!!! Fuh-get-about it!

Tim Brownhouse


Blockbuster, at least when I resumed membership four months ago, had a better Blu-Ray selection that Netflix (and they also didn't tack on a Blu-Ray premium, as Netflix does). I found upwards of 50 significant titles that BB carried on Blu-Ray, which Netflix does not. However, many of those titles have since gone "unavailable," and it looks like Blockbuster, like Netflix, has begun slimming down the acquisitions.

Ultimately, I really don't give a shit about product, demand, and what's "commercially viable." Hulu and Fandor have continued to thrive, providing the kind of content that Netflix has grown increasingly indifferent to, so there's demand, even if it's not what Netflix deems great enough. But, it's the same deal with multiplexes. In my hometown, there were once about eight to ten dedicated, independently run "art house" cinemas. In the years since, they've all shut down, replaced by 24-screen multiplexes. What sticks in my craw is that the 24 screen multiplexes will not offer a selection of 24 films, but more like 14, with many of those titles playing on multiple screens. Will it kill their profitability to dedicate one screen to an area exclusive? No, but the corporate ethic is to *maximize profits* at the expense of any other value

You can say "That's capitalism," and I agree, but that's why capitalism needs greater governmental interference. Without it, the overarching culture and quality of life continues to be eroded by the greed of just a few.

How is this relevant to Netflix? Well, Netflix -- given the kind of company that it is -- is really in no position to do the kind of great harm that companies like Monsanto, the food industry, and the fuel industry can do. But, Netflix seems to be maximizing their toxicity, within their limited capacity to be toxic. With each passing month, their product and experience becomes less and less nourishing to culture, good taste, curiosity, intelligence, and the history and art of the medium.

Blockbuster, however, has *always* been a malignant presence, and it's a pleasure to see them reduced to a second-tier potato.


I honestly do appreciate the contradictory opinion on the subject Tim, but let's not confuse people. As far as Blu-Ray goes, what BB charges for a standard 1,2 or 3 disc ($10-$20) plan is equivalent to what NF charges for the same plan plus the additional charge for Blu-Ray. Therefore, if you do not get Blu-Ray discs, which the majority still does not, you are forced to pay a higher price for BB than you do for NF. I see this as a simple option for the consumer to make, not something that is forced upon the majority for the sake of the minority.


Looks like 'Don't be Afraid of the Dark' & 'Shark Night' are out there now. Both were released in theaters late last year... Shark Night was panned and was designed for 3D, won't get my hopes up. I love me some Del Toro so maybe Afraid of the Dark might be decent.


Expectation: The Streaming interface should have a good search mechanism. The new streaming interface is almost totally dysfunctional.

Expectation: The streaming files should be as small as possible -Not HD or 3D -or at least have a user choice for small files for those of us with newly imposed data caps.

I can accept older movies but the better old ones should be there reliably. I actually often like old movies and foreign movies, etc. But if you can't search reliably you can't find them.

Expectation: I do NOT expect NF to create content. So far they haven't created anything I would watch even if it were free. Just stream some reasonable content better than the video store down the street and have a decent interface for choosing/searching/rating movies.

I will return to streaming if and when there is any sign that any intelligence reigns in the board room.

Otherwise it is the snail mail option for me.


If you're that unhappy cancel the service and move on.

Expectation: If you're gonna complain about something atleast know what you're talking about. Login>Your Account & Help>Instant Watching>Settings>Manage Video Quality

Expectation: Time and more than 1 try to create original content. They have debuted a whopping 1 show so-far. Maybe after 10 bombs you can say something, but you honestly want them to abandon original content because you didn't like their debut show?


Judy just wants every show that is on Netflix to be something that she wants to watch. She doesn't think that anyone else in the world would have an opinion of a movie that is different than hers.

On a serious note, of course DVD is going to have a wider selection and newer content than streaming. DVD rental is protected by law, and basically, if a company can buy a DVD, they have every right to rent it out.

Streaming has no such law. They have to buy every movie from the content owners, and the content owners aren't going to sell the rights to stream it except for PPV when it first gets released on DVD (or any time soon after that in general). You want to be mad at someone about the selection that Netflix has, contact the content owners and complain to them.


"streaming sucks judy your right on the money its for people that have no life and like to watch the same shit over and over."

Says the guy with no life, posting the same thing over and over.


Interesting stuff from Time Warner's CEO:


- said Netflix hurt Nick's ratings.
- hinted that Hulu should be authentication based and might be moving in that direction (can't get it without cable/sat provider).

Hulu Plus just broke 2 million subs, I can't believe they would risk alienating that base by going to authentication based accounts. I mean, the majority of Hulu content is Fox/NBC/ABC content that is OTA anyways. That's 192 million a year not including ad revenue that would be in jeopardy. I'm not sure how their customer base breaks down, but I would think a substantial amount of customers are like me, completely cable/sat free. I personally use Hulu as a DVR almost, also for the occasional portable viewing via Plus... if they were to go authentication based I would simply cancel my service and use a TV-Tuner with PVR on my HTPC.

I've said in the past and these comments reaffirm my post, Time Warner and all it's "sister" companies are enemy #1 to cord cutters.


jv43, instead of using your 5th grade vocabulary why don't you state some facts to back up your argument? What legal services do you use for content that are so much better than NF and at a similar price? I'm not saying you're wrong, but you have yet to give any reason for your thinking.


TomTom, as I said above, JV43 is just a kid with time on his hands who doesnt know how to type, punctuate, spell, or carry on an intelligent discussion. Not even worthy of the designation of troll.

EL Don

Funny little quirk I just found. I tried the link


I am streaming only. The page said

"This page is only available for users on a Netflix plan that includes DVDs"

But the funny thing is, on that screen, the Starz Play option is still there. I know it will be gone once someone from NF reads this but funny little screw up. The link takes you to the main streaming page BTW.


JV43, your spelling is better but your punctuation and typing are still in the toilet, along with your mind.

Quit trollin and spammin!


Go away you little piss ant! No one wants you here!

You said you would leave last time you popped your your little piss head up here. SO LEAVE!



Piss off.

If you don't like JV43s posts then tell him to leave. Power in numbers people. Let him know.

For everyone else: If you don't like the damn service. Then use something else!

Why keep posting how unhappy you are? Why waste your time here?

Call Netflix! They have a damn toll free number and tell them personally on the phone on how you feel about there selection.

Ya gotta let them know. DERP!

Think Outside The Box

You said "If you going to complain about something at least know what you're talking about".

On one of your above comments you said people got spoiled when streaming was included in the DVD plans for no extra cost.
Well of course this is not true.

NF was charging $2.00 a month for streaming that was built into the monthly DVD plans. That's why if NF customers dropped the streaming part of the plan in September 2011 (the month of the changes) and kept the same DVD plan, those customers saw a $2.00 drop in price.

Also your comment about "what do people expect for $8.00 bucks a month for each service". Netflix has many other plans that cost alot more than $8.00 bucks a month.


Judy, sorry if I hurt your feelings, wasn't personal, you don't have to post under other names on here.


That's funny... a guy who's biggest insult is that "Your gay" telling people to grow up (BTW, it's You're, when you are contracting "You" and "Are", and "Your" when you are using it as a possessive pronoun).

Quit trollin and spammin!


You know.... Someday you're gonna piss off the wrong person in real life.

We don't want you here. Just leave.

Yes Netflix streaming needs some work. Then again every service needs work.

So you are being unrealistic expecting it to offer everything for the $8 a Month.

Posting comments here on how Netflix streaming is lame is not going to make Netflix streaming better. If someone agrees with you then they like you should cancel there account then. Quit wasting peoples time here.

If you think it's lame don't use it. Don't fucking come here telling others they are "fags" for using it.

You know just get the fuck out. Quit posting.


Actually I often select movies on what others recommend via their ratings. Which is why sortable lists are so important in my opinion. And why reviewers should not be anonymous.

I just noticed that the search mechanism for DVDs is now also broken. So Netflix has just committed suicide.

The search I tried was for "Tommy Lee Jones" and all it brought back was a bunch of movies with Jones in the title. WTF?

I happened to have one of Tommy Lee Jones movies in my queue so I clicked on that link and where it said his name I clicked there and got the proper list in the old format. So they are making changes to make the DVD side of the business also worthless.

Sigh. It was such a good company before they hired the guy from PeopleSoft to manage their data and selection interfaces. What a shame for all the people who hold NFLX stock. A sad day for all the employees who will soon be laid off.

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