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Account Deleted

This completely contradicts all the articles published over the last few days which quote Hurwitz as saying that he is moving away from the 1 character per episode and making it more like the old show.

I would bet that there won't be a movie, either this will be successful and they will make more or it will be unsuccessful and they will just let is die.

Robert Emmerich

I think that first sentence is missing the word "simultaneously" or the phrase "at the same time". Sorry to be a grammar hound but it just doesn't read right.
And speaking of Lilyhammer, I've watched the first 5 episodes now - watching 1 per week - and it picked up around episode 3 or 4 and I'm actually looking forward to the rest of the season now. May even watch season 2 depending on how the rest go.

Perkins Cobb

"Each episode will center around one character" sounds like code for, these will be ultra-cheap webisodes that never have the cast together in the same room.

Account Deleted

Fom Zap2it.com on April 18th

"Series creator Mitch Hurwitz was also on hand to describe a bit of what fans will see in the new episodes. As reported by Vulture, Hurwitz said that though his initial conception of the fourth season was to do it as an anthology, with each character getting his or her own episode, the current incarnation is closer to the style of the first three seasons."

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