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I can see blocking Netflix streaming or Facebook. But I would have serious problems with my employer if they chose to block Pandora (something I doubt they would do), I use that 4-6hrs a day at work.


If your company doesn't I'd question the IT department's competency.


Seriously. Why is this even a question...


Facebook already lowers productivity -- Netflix? really? You're fired.

EL Don

Depending on your field, blocking Facebook is not always practical. If you are in communications or research, you need access for certain things or to implement certain programs for clients. That being said, I don't see any real productivity-related uses for Netflix. Also, I think singling out Pandora is weird because there are about a million other apps to use. JOC, do they ban Hulu, Youtube, Dailymotion etc. too?

James C

Forbidding Netflix I can understand as it uses a lot of bandwidth, but Pandora? In my experience Pandora only downloads a 2-3 megabytes about every few minutes or so. Very low demand compared to video streams.


My company has blocked almost all streaming web content for a long time due, they say, to bandwidth concerns. I miss the good old days when I could listen to radio stations outside of local broadcast range. Oh well...


Yes, as of about two years ago almost all streaming sites are blocked. Obviously, I don't care about not being able to play a Netflix stream (though I do wish I could have access to tweak my queue from time to time), but I really hate not being able to listen to MLB games anymore.


I've been one of "those guys" that finishes work quickly and gets bored, ends up surfing the web, watching Netflix, streaming Pandora, writes run-on sentences...

The truth is that even if they were blocked, I'd find a way to get what I want. When certain websites were blocked, I found an alternative. When all websites were blocked, I brought flash drives with content to view/listen. Now that phones have streaming, I have that as an option.

If there's a will, there's a way.


If I had a job where I could use Netflix or Facebook, I would be wary of doing so through its network anyway even with my phone and through its wi-fi. Back when I had the ability to just access the internet on computers at work and check e-mail, I wouldn't even do that.


And they wonder why this country is getting fatter .. all these people sit on their ass all day looking at applications instead of working.

As an employer, if I was to ever see a person looking at Youtube, Netflix, or Facebook they would be fired on the spot.

I am in construction so I none of this effects me. The guys have phones but none of them are stupid enough to look at this junk on the clock.


@Harry..Amen. My company not only blocks many websites, their systems department checks for those employees sending personal E-mails. Your paid to do a job, DO IT. If you get done early with your work and have nothing better to do then search the web than your company is likely not productive.

So many lazy, spoiled people in this world. There is an old saying "hard work builds character".


Fired on the spot for using YouTube, Netflix or Facebook? Do people at your company go out in the yard and follow each other in circles on their lunch breaks?


I work for a large financial services institution (bank). Netflix/Facebook/youtube/pandora all blocked. They block all radio station web sites as well. Basically anything that can stream audio is blocked.

But not Twitter. Don't get that. This all changed in the last 2 years.

Steven Hoober

I don't get blocking ANYTHING. At all. Before the internet they didn't search your briefcase for newspapers and magazines you could waste time with.

Same thing now. Just manage your employees, and fire the ones who spend all day screwing around instead of working.

P.S. This sort of action is years too late. Anyone heard of mobiles and tablets? People who want to waste time will find a way to do so. Manage your employees.

P.P.S. In my experience with IT management, ESPN (which also has video, etc.) is the largest bandwidth hog (may now be passed by NF, but irrelevant). Routinely NOT blocked as executives like sports, so IT gets yelled at for blocking access. Nice standard to set.


I work for a company that allows you to browse or stream all you want. As long as you get your job done, they don't care. They also don't care what hours you work.

I guess it's a different story being in QA than most industries, but if I was ever blocked at work (within reason of course, AKA don't be dumb and browse porn at work), I would probably quit.


@Michael, Lunch breaks are one thing --- that's fine by me. But if I am paying you to work than you better well be working. There are a lot of hard-working honest folks out there who would gladly take your job. You can look at Youtube/Facebook/Netflix as much as you want when your home .. if that isn't enough time to 'get your fix' then I would be happy to give you more time.

@Steven, if you were seated at your desk/machine/work zone reading a newspaper or magazine you were more than likely canned (or should have been) There is no need to check someone's briefcase if they are going to be stupid enough to look at this stuff while on the clock.

I like how some people try to defend slacking off on the company time -- its really impressive.


I love how everyone is jumping all over people for not being "productive" rather than looking at the real issues. Yes, if you spend your day watching movies instead of working, your not being productive, and you'll probably lose your job. But companies that block websites aren't taking care of the real problems.

Meanwhile, you have people that, for whatever reason, live at work. I, as an example, am actually in IT. I would never DREAM of streaming Netflix during regular hours. But, with that said, if I'm ever at work at 10PM waiting for a server migration, or for drives to build, format, scans to complete, jobs to run, etc. you better well believe that I'm watching Netflix, Hulu, or at the very least streaming Pandora during the "waiting" times.

With all that said, like I said, I'm actually in IT, and can see very good reasons to block this stuff. Like this post points out, Netflix, and yes, Pandora, and any other streaming uses A LOT of bandwidth. I happen to work for a company that has plenty to spare, but I'm sure a day will come when that is no longer the case. Internet bandwidth to companies is VERY expensive, much more than for a home user. And while Pandora uses less than Netflix, it's still going to add up when you have hundreds of people using it for hours at a time.


they need to fire some of them losers


My client company (a large oil company) blocks that stuff plus ALL Internet radio, live365, shoutcast, slacker, soma, etc. I can't find any music to listen to during the day.

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