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But the problem of it is that too slow........


Caution: Many retailers do not allow visitors to take photos inside their stores without permission, and they certainly don't like people photographing their merchandise. Don't think too many managers will like the idea of folks scanning barcodes for use elsewhere instead of making a purchase.


Hey guys, thanks for checking it out!

Betty - the speed of ScanFLX is dependent on your mobile connection as well as the Netflix API, as is the case with any Netflix app. But if there's anything we can do to improve your experience (that we have more control over) please let us know! scanflx [at] studiotentpole.com.

GeeEmm - In cases like this, we recommend carrying a pocketful of confetti. If you're approached by a worker, just throw the confetti into the air, yell "SHAZAM!" and take off running. There are detailed instructions on how to create effective disguises at ScanFLX.com.


HaHaHa! A subversive use for the ol' paper shredder.

Larry Buzzell

It is not in the AppStore. What happened?

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