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I didn't know they had 3D DVD's, I've heard of 3D BD's. As for 3D I couldn't care less.

Will Dearborn

This would only work best with the Blu-ray 3D format on capable displays. DVD and streaming don't have the potential to display modern stereoscopic video unless it's the old (and horrible) red/blue type anaglyph from the 70s.


As with NF's hard push to get get FB integration here in the states, I see a reason why just not a big enough one. There are far too many other things NF should concentrate their time & money on.

What's the deal with EPIX Mike? Can you hit up someone at NF? Seems streaming exclusivity ends Sept. 1st... when does the actual content deal end? I can't find an article that gives a rock solid date. Just a bunch of vague stuff, like "Could be worth upwards of 200 million a year over 5 years."


yes. When they do I will buy my 3d TV.


Reading material such as this forum one may get the feeling that new products get the most coverage.

Does anyone have a feel for what percentage of the subscribers like myself are here for the classics, rather like they were back then, and are not interested new products like 3D even if a classic is reissued in 3D?

Fred Talmadge

I have no interest in buying a new TV and player to support 3D or paying extra for those titles. Especially considering the current crop of available 3d films I'm in no hurry to adopt.


Just don't care.


streaming so I can watch on my Nintendo 3DS


my internet has trouble with re-buffering the way it is .


Of course they should. They should offer anything and everything they can to satisfy as many people as possible. The argument of "they shouldn't offer this because *I* don't have it" is just silly.


God no! People who want them should be shot for being a capitalistic herd of sheep consumers.


Yes, Yes, Yes. I have been renting 3D movies from another company and wonder when Netflix is going wake up to this market.


I don't know if there's an existing 3D streaming format, but if there isn't, there's no technical reason why there couldn't be - streaming is just a method for delivering a flow of data. If the bandwidth is wide enough, it'll be able to deliver encoded 3D.

One of the beauties of streaming is that unlike, say, broadcast or packaged media, it's not stuck with a single data format. Once there are enough receivers in place, a streaming vendor can just add in the new 3D codec to their list of formats. Non-3D customers aren't inconvenienced, as they just keep using the legacy formats, while 3D customers don't have to wait for everyone else to get 3D-capable equipment.

This is one of the reasons streaming will eventually replace the other media formats. Not next year, or maybe even in this decade, but eventually everything will be streamed rather than sold on disk or broadcast.


No they should invest the money in getting a bigger library of better titles.


So sick of 3d being pushed onto people.

That Guy

either way people would never be satisfielsd. so it really dont matter.


Would the studios go along with providing Netflix with 3D discs, or would it consider that feature another luxury to leave off the "rental only" discs it provides in an attempt to boost sales?


Don't care if they do or not.

What would make me really happy, though, is if they started streaming 5.1 audio. Are you listening, Netflix?

That Guy

they have 5.1...


No, 3D is a gimmick. Netflix should focus on getting more *quality* streaming content.


you rarely find 3d dvd's anymore and they are anaglyph (red/cyan or Magenta/green)
3d Bluray is the big thing now and yes they should offer blurays AND streaming 3d hd(vudu does 3d streaming and it looks amazing) they could get 3d Side by side versions that would work well fro streaming (Quality is lowered a little but bandwidth is equal to the 2d version in hd)

whomever it was that said earlier that streaming doesn't work for 3d hasn't seen vudu's streaming or heck even the 3d side by side videos and trailers on youtube


@JD2unigue. So you are a commie? What are you doing on Hacking Netflix? A capitalist started a company that I would assume you are a customer of and are calling people sheep because they are also looking into to the future by using Netflix.

For those of you who call 3d a gimmick I would say you are truly uneducated on what 3D is. Don't be jealous because you can't afford 3D equipment. You are what we call "limiters".

Larry Dallas

Well since BLURAY cost more money to buy and thus Netflix charges a little extra for it and 3D DISCS cost more then that IF Netflix was to offer it and charge just a tiny bit for for the 3D people would lose their minds!!!!!


Oh please yes! Netflix, I would love it if you offered 3D versions of movies by mail. I have no reason right now to buy a 3D television, but if Netflix offered a decent selection of 3D movies, I would get the new TV. 3D streaming movies would be even better.


The best 3D is the imagination. Keep the glasses for others... not for me.


I am a new Netflix subscriber, and wish they provided streaming for the shows I signed up hoping to see: NCIS, CSI Miami, those kind, etc. Even the old 90's show, the Profiler, is dvd only. If they offer it on DVD why not streaming too? Who wants to deal with getting DVD's if you can just have the digital streaming?


Because the licenses to stream are expensive or the studios won't license it, when Netflix buys a disc they can rent it out as many times as they want to and the studios don't have a say. Netflix will never have all the titles they have on disc available for streaming. Google "First Sale Doctrine".


Well since 3D is still in it's early stages and not going anywhere soon.

Sooner or later Netflix, Blockbuster & Redbox will be offering 3D content.

That's one of the issues with 3DTVs right now.

No 3D rentals. Also when purchasing the 3D content with releasing two Blu-Rays of a 3D movie instead of 1 with just the 2D & 3D copy instead of a 2D version and then a 2D & 3D version that costs $5-$10 more.

They also need to set displays at a price that is the same as 2D sets. It shouldn't cost extra for the 3D feature.

If your a gamer with a PS3 & PC. They have a ton of games to enjoy. Especially PC gaming.

3D is still in the early stages in home entertainment.

It's not a gimmick. If you have played games in 3D it's awesome.

3D film will improve. Some 3D films are amazing in 3D.

It'll get better. These are just the early years of it.


YES!!!! ASAP!!!! PLEASE!!!!


VUDU streams 3D movies so Netflix has capabilities, but it could be a licensing thing, or they are just sitting on their hands.


Get a clue. I have a panny 3D plasma HDTV but have absolutely no interest in 3D as I don't want to wear goofy glasses when I watch TV. Netflix has far more serious issues than 3D gimmick. That is a niche of a niche market.


When the glasses-free flatscreens are released and affordable to the general public and maybe broadband is lowest speed internet available to standard households, That's when I'll say "Please stream 3D movies". Until then, I think they SHOULD be made available on Blu-Ray. Actually, I didn't realize they weren't already.


You have no interest on 3D because you "don't want to wear goofy glasses when I watch T.V." This is your logic? Are you a yuppie? Oh my... I'm so insecure when I wear my 3D glasses.....what will people think. LOL. Just as Streaming will eventually be the future so will 3 dimensional. Try not to be such a "limiter".


I don't want to wear glasses either. I all ready wear a set to see... I don't want to wear another set over those, it's annoying.


I've never read so many idiotic anti-3d complaints in one place, ever. Movies, tv shows, sports, gaming - all in 3d. That's the future of entertainment, and no matter how hard you try to stay locked into the present or "the way things are now" - the future always arrives. Right on schedule. Of course I want Netflix to offer entertainment in 3d. It isn't the future - it's here now, and I LIKE it!


indipixflix - What's here now? I have a friend who bought a 3D set and regrets the move. Tells me 3D Blu-Rays are hard to find (or not even made available for certain films), expensive and most of the big blockbusters are tied with hardware purchases forcing the discs to EBay and even higher prices. TV Channels are few and far between, didn't the largest 3D channel in Europe get axed not too long ago?

Riverside Guy

Not so sure the 3D versions come out all that quickly... did 3D Avatar ever actually ship?


The Legend of Korra is a new Nick cartoon my whole family is watching. But yeah, overall my girls are starting to watch more shows on The Hub and Disney Junior than from Nick or Nick Jr.


I love it if they released 3D movies on streaming. I bought my 3D TV and only have a few thing in 3D to watch.


3D has been tried with very marginal success for decades. Even if the problem with glasses gets solved there is still the data cap problem coming to an ISP near you any day now, if it isn't already there.

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