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Of course it does, but with their recent hostile maneuver removing expiration dates from the API, I don't see Netflix doing anything but closing off their platform even more.


I guess they need to, but what can Netflix do, waste valuable money on people to develop apps, which could be used for content instead.


Agreed, they need to have more/better content both on streaming for sure (if that's where they're putting all their eggs) and DVD. There are 100s of DVDs released in the past few months that they have failed to pickup.


Well... I would say that the ones that appear on here often enough (nowhereman, feedfliks, etc) are not that hard to find. I would also say that anything that you download from the app store, are very easy to find (just search for Netflix or Netflix Queue). I looked over the list of apps on the link provided, and there are some that I didn't realize existed (mostly the PC apps).


I'd like better integration with other sites I use so I could always know if something is available for streaming from whatever site I'm on. This could even be a browser plugin maybe?

Specifically, movielens.org and IMDB would be awesome.


I would like to see an iPad app that lets me see my queue.


Latest app listed on Netflix's website arrived March 2011. That's very telling about their current attitude towards expanding their API information and promoting third party contributions to their ecosystem. They aren't.


i would like to be able to watch it in the toilet


IMDB will never offer 3rd party support for Netflix. They are owned by Amazon, a direct competitor.

These comments about Netflix needing to focus on content instead of apps are missing the point. These are *3rd party* apps we're talking about, i.e. developed by people other than Netflix.

As for 3rd party applications, of course Netflix needs more (and better) applications, but only because they've been slowly but surely neutering the API themselves, harming the existing applications. These actions alone suggest that Netflix has no interest in seeing any new or existing 3rd party app development, so the discussion is moot.


"I would like to see an iPad app that lets me see my queue."

There are at least a dozen apps that do that.

"i would like to be able to watch it in the toilet"

That's what iPads are for.


For IMDB there is a GreaseMonkey script and or browser add-on.

There is tons of Netflix GreaseMonkey scripts and browser add-ons to check out.

GreaseMonkey Netflix scripts: http://userscripts.org/scripts/search?q=Netflix&submit=Search

For Google Chrome users you just install the scripts.

Mozilla Firefox you have to get the addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/?src=search

with Greasefire: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasefire/?src=search

Other browsers have there own ways too.

Also check the add-ons page of the Browser of your choice for Netflix add-ons too.

For Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/Netflix?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon

For Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search/?q=Netflix&appver=12.0&platform=windows

As well as any others you use.



There's a longstanding symbiosis in desktop OS -- when there's a deficiency in Windows or MacOS, 3rd party utilities rush to fill the void, and voila, similar functionality is often incorporated into the next version of the OS.

Imagine various alternate front end browsers, including ones that mimic the NF interface but allow you to see disc-only titles if you're on a streaming-only plan, or allowing you to (on-the-fly) filter your queue for family-friendly titles.

Of course, this depends on robust support from NF, and they're going the opposite direction.


I would love to see a 3rd Party app that calculated statistics for individual profiles similar to the website Criticker or something like last.fm even (they have tons of 3rd party stats). http://www.criticker.com/

Really what it comes down to is that if Netflix wants to simplify their website as much as possible then 3rd party apps should pick up the slack for super users.


I can't remember the site, but there was a site that I found a while ago that would calculate all of your information, like cost per DVD, how much you have watched, and stuff like that.


Yes, they need more, because Netflix keeps mucking around with their own platform, making it less useable and enjoyable for customers. It is impossible to maximize profit while maximizing custmer satisfaction.


FeedFliks, InstantWatcher are great 3rd party sites. Q'ed & CineTap are great iOS/Android apps. Even though Netflix removed the expiry dates, for some reason Q'ed shows correct dates. Not the 2036 or 2025 dates that FeedFliks & InstantWatcher now show.


What we really need is an app to knock some sense into Hastings; I would call it the BITCHSLapp.




Checkout my third party app. autoFlix adds auto play to Netflix!


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