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Will the investors impose some sanity on NFLX? Some very bad decisions are being made for the company.

I just noticed that the search mechanism for DVDs is now also broken. So Netflix has just committed suicide.

The search I tried was for "Tommy Lee Jones" and all it brought back was a bunch of movies with Jones in the title.

Dito for a search for ANY actor.

Sigh. It was such a good company before they hired the guy from PeopleSoft to manage their data and selection interfaces. What a shame for all the people who hold NFLX stock. A sad day for all the employees who will soon be laid off.


Movie rental business Netflix posted a loss of $4.6 million, sending shares down 15% in after-hours trading. The company did report an 8% sequential increase in customers of its streaming service. But the 23.4 million subscribers are still below the 24.6 million subscribers Netflix had prior to a series of company missteps, including price increases, that sent share prices tumbling and customers “streaming” out of the service last year, reports WSJ’s Drew Fitzgerald.



Fom the recent CIO:

As to why Netflix decided to get out of the data center business?...

Netflix's business is [was] growing rapidly and experiences very uneven demand (highly skewed toward evenings, when, by some accounts, its video streaming service represents 29 percent of all Internet traffic). In this kind of environment, Netflix didn't want to experience service interruptions due to its inability to build data centers fast enough.

...Netflix does not have a separate operations group for its cloud infrastructure -- every developer is responsible for putting his or her code into production and is called when something breaks. Cockcroft has caused a bit of a ruckus in the cloud community by calling this "NoOps," in contrast to "DevOps," which many operations-focused folks feel is the future of large-scale cloud computing applications.

...Perhaps the most interesting thing about Netflix is how it approached the overall proposition of using a cloud computing environment. It didn't focus on how to make the cloud support their established application architectures and IT processes. Instead, it evaluated its applications and operations to understand how the new environment would affect the compute infrastructure and redesigned the applications to address that. If your organization is looking to aggressively move into cloud computing and is willing to examine what is required to truly leverage a cloud environment, the Netflix story is a critical example to understand.


Let's hope other American companies do NOT follow the Netflix model! Silly, stupid management decisions. Save a penny, lose a pound.

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I can't believe these figures given that annual revenue (last year) was $3.2 Billion; the only easy figures I could fine (and trust).


"Hastings reiterated that the cost of international expansion would contribute to an overall loss at Netflix this year and declined to say whether the once high-flying company could turn profitable during the course of the year."

..."Despite the increasing cost of acquiring content for the United States and new international markets, Hastings said he did not expect to raise fresh capital this year."

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