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Also worth noting, the Katt Williams comedy special and GI Joe.

The stuff coming tomorrow looks better though, with Doug Stanhope, IMAX stuff, some more music stuff, Land of the Dead...


Netflix Sucks!!!! 5 new streaming titles, and all crap as usual!!!


More new streaming movies. I think you are going to lose customers


There was a lot more than 5 new streaming titles. They added 58 according to feed fliks... http://feedfliks.com/streaming/


Another week bite the dussst-a!


A number of the DVD titles are also available for streaming. Perhaps not an exceptional list of releases, but there are several that I would watch. Glad to see more feature films and documentaries, and not just a list of filler TV episodes. But then, not every title will appeal to every NF subscriber, myself included. That's okay.


I'd look at: http://www.thenowhereman.com/netflix/

and: http://feedfliks.com/streaming/coming-soon for upcoming streaming flicks.

I wouldn't rely on this site for all the newest streaming Titles or discs. Use the official site or 3rd party sites.


NowhereMans list: http://www.thenowhereman.com/netflix/

Feedfliks: http://feedfliks.com/

Instant Watcher: http://instantwatcher.com/

If you own a Roku box check out: http://roku.permanence.com/#netflix

If I missed any other sites post em.


Yah, as others have said, Mike does not do a comprehensive list, he very clearly states: "Interesting streaming releases in the past week include"

It IS NOT a complete list, so there very much was more than 5 titles released in the last week. Bryan, Killer Elite was in theaters 8 months ago. I'm assuming by your first sentence you want more "newer" titles. Also, Drive will hit streaming tomorrow. It's been a long time since I had them, but when I had Showtime/HBO I only recall them debuting 1 new feature a week.... at a much higher cost than NF streaming at that.


Gotta say if you own a Roku box that the Endless Instant Watch Channel is a must have for $3.

There is also a free lite version to try out.

It's awesome. A must have for Instant Watch browsing on the couch. Let's you browse the entire catalog including expiring and upcoming Titles. The developer is also open to suggestions too.



Why do people complain about the new offerings as if they have already watched every single thing already available?
I'm surprised people who don't know they could find a complete list elsewhere would even know about this page.

Justin Blake

i really enjoyed giallo highly recommended!

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