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Yobagoya, you are my favorite hacking poster to date. I salute your logic and your username. Good day sir.


Scratch that, Art Artistry wins... but I still love the yobagoya username

Walt D in LV

Very interesting comments for an article about New Releases for the week...

That being said, I've already watched Man on a Ledge and thought it was very good. A nice little suspense thriller popcorn movie.

As to those that are concerned they can't find anything they WANT to watch on Netflix, I ask are you rating titles? On their website, for every title, Netflix offers a 5-star scale to rate all their offerings (movies, TV shows, etc.) I watched a couple titles on Streaming this past week and although I was incredibly upset that they squeeze the credits into a tiny little square on the screen, they do provide an area to rate the title you just watched.
Netflix' recommendation service has been heralded for many years, but it only works for you if you rate titles. The more you rate, the more accurate it becomes.

Once you've rated titles, you can go to the Recommendations page and there should be listed many titles to watch. Probably many of them you have already seen, so go ahead and rate those. Eventually, you're going to come up with titles you may have never heard of but are going to LOVE.


I believe that if you click on the tiny rolling credits screen, it fullscreens back up.

At least it does on my ps3 UI... Hope it does for your preferred streaming device too Walt D in LV :)


I have now officially watched every single BluRay disc that NF has to offer. And folks, it asin't much. I'll be dropping their extra charcge for BD until they start stocking more titlers. With the money I save I'll be able to Buy 6-10 BD discs at WalMart every year.
Get with the Customer Service, guys. Stock up!


ArtArtistry, I assure you I've done the math, and my basic subscription costs doubled from the time I joined in early 2010 to the time of the last price increase. That didn't put me off adding an additional DVD to my plan. I am more than happy to pay for the services I receive. I will also complain, or make suggestions, when I am not happy with those services.

Of course companies are out to make a profit. Any person in any business hopes to make more money than they put into it. Companies can - and do - make changes and improvements that best fit their business model and goals. Doesn't mean those decisions are always the best way to go. Sometimes they fly, sometimes not. But when you provide a service directly to your customers, it is best to listen when they speak.

Please note that I did NOT say companies should act on everything their customers request, nor acquiesce to demands. But being oblivious to their criticisms and not taking their needs/wants into account is very bad business. There is a happy medium to be found. NF may be working toward that, but has yet to find the balance.

Not sure what you mean by "your DVD service if used properly" - are you stating there is only one right way to use that service? Please elucidate.


Has anyone been able to get feedfliks website?

Tim Brownhouse

Art Artistry, but does Netflix really need you as a defender? Why undermine the complaints of teeny, insignificant individual subscribers?

Are your sympathies also aligned with corporations like Monsanto, or with the conglomerates who began laying off and outsourcing, in the late 1990s, at a time of record profits purely out of greed (or, ahem, a need to "remain competitive")?


> vs. the current selection of 1000 channels of nothing via Cable :D enjoy.

Bizarre.. I TiVo several things every day to watch.. and yes, most of it network programming. (Even in the summer, though admittedly it's mostly reality shows nowadays, but even some of those are decent, when you can skip any segments you don't like.)


bigqueue - Most (probably a majority) is available via Hulu/the Network's official website. Look into it, then look into Playon.tv and Rokus. You could save yourself a lot of moolah, I have.

Art Artistry

Basic service for 1 at a time in 2010 $8.99. Combined basic service now. $15.98. Maybe I'm carrying the decimal wrong...or maybe your credibility is shot.

I'm not defending Netflix, that's why your assumptions that I must work for them or own shares in them are misplaced. I'm attacking your stupidity.

Netflix isn't making RECORD PROFITS. I've already pointed out that their profits are LESS now then they were in the past. I don't think Netflix outsources ANY of its workforce, although I'm not 100% on that. From what I've heard of peoples contact with customer service from this site, they probably do most of it out of California. You can't outsource a dvd shipping facility...No one outsources programmers, you just bring them here.

Please if you're going to continue to respond don't throw out points that I touched on before when you haven't responded to the ones I've left open for you. Lets keep this reasonable, if you make a claim I'll address it, but don't make myself repeat myself just because you didn't comprehend what I wrote the first time.

@GeeEmm - That was only aimed at people who describe that for $8 a month they're subsidizing streaming, like for some reason their service isn't actually worth that. "If used properly" means that you're using it in anyway that makes it worth $8 which is any number of different ways.

Something that is highly interesting to me is what this non-move will look like in 3 years. I think it's pretty clear that anyone with a brain should see some definite advantages to the splitting of these services. Media, belligerent rioting, and a poor name choice stopped it from happening. Someone will do a study on it, and when more information about how streaming works, what these contracts cost, and how the subscriber base changed comes out in the future, I see a VERY interesting documentary opportunity.


Considering the addition of sales tax (more and more regions, if not all now, are requiring the collection of sales tax on NF subscription fees), my bill did, indeed, double - as I suspect it has for others, give or take a few pennies. The bottom line matters.

I pay for, and enjoy, NF. I am not always happy with its service, especially the often unreliable quality of its streaming, though I expect that it will improve over time. At this juncture, there is more than enough content to keep me satisfied, but that is largely because I prefer DVDs.

Many of the subtle changes that NF has made over the last year or so have resulted in reduced functionality or decreased ease of use. Just a few examples: most recently, the lack of access to expiration dates; the hiding of DVD content from streamers-only, and vice versa; and some time ago, the removal of the IW Saved queue. Yes, these may be small things in the overall scheme, but the gradual whittling away of user-friendly features/options/info may ultimately reduce the value of the service itself.

Art Artistry

I've given up on your math skills, they're clearly faulty. No amount of sales tax even if you use DIFFERENT amounts for each one, makes it double, its seriously not possible. EVEN IF you weren't taxed on 8.99, and taxed 9% on 15.98 thats still 17.98 and 17.42. SERIOUSLY PLEASE JUST STOP, it did not double no matter how you want to skew your brain. STOP JUST STOP.

I see it described on here from time to time the "unreliability" of streaming. I don't really understand what people mean when they say this...My movies play in quality HD, with decent sound and no rebuffering. I have a standard 7mbps DSL connection. If your streaming is unreliable your internet is unreliable.

With your explanation of the "features" that you've lost over the last year of so you only prove my earlier point. People don't know what they want, and they know even less about what it takes to get it to them. Is Netflix really just removing these things for no good reason? You would know something about this if you'd ever tried to court anyone. Sometimes those people make demands of you that you don't like. Announcing to everyone that they were the ones that made you do it, negates the positive relationship you're trying to build by doing it for them.


Apparently, if something isn't an issue for you, AA, or if you don't agree, it simply isn't an issue at all. You routinely dismiss any comments or positions - and with considerable vitriol, I might add - that do not align with yours. (Curious that you make a point of taking the comments about NF and its service so personally.) In effect, you are doing the same as you have 'sarcastically' accused others of doing. "Someone needs to tell them that the only persons taste that matters is mine."

Everyone here is entitled to voice an opinion or complaint, or to share/discuss their experiences, whether positive, negative or indifferent. But once it devolves into verbal bullying, those points just get lost.

Tim Brownhouse

@ GeeEmm, your description of ArtArtistry is pretty accurate (and I'm reasonably sure he's the same person who's posted previously as 'Jane' and 'PoketheRetardedBear'), and I'm puzzled by what his motivation possibly could be, unless of course he is personally connected to Netflix.

@ ArtArtistry, I said nothing about Netflix outsourcing nor enjoying "record profits."

Art Artistry

I think you two must be the same person. Imagine that...

true religion outlet

It really does feel like some kind of alternate universe where you get to play with the Beatles or whatever other band you have in mind. You can still hear the drums, vocals and bass pretty clearly and although I don't really show it in the video, it's a cool feeling.

Kenyatta Harris

Bizarre.. I TiVo several things every...Posted by: bigqueue

What did you TiVo today?


Just my two cents, I agree with AA in many ways, and although I think his comments are a little long to read, I do enjoy reading them. I also agree with GE, although I think his points are less valid in general, it's the passion that he has for it that makes his posts worth reading.

Just my two cents on the features... The features they have removed were minor, and then features they have added have been great.


"You can find "something" to watch but is it what you "REALLY WANT TO WATCH"?!"

Yeah actually. I really want to watch "Suspicious River" and "Rare Birds" because after watching "Trigger", I'm interested in more of Molly Parker's work. I really want to watch "The Children's Hour" because I really want to see Shirley MacLaine's films. Actually, I really want to watch Star Wars and Tron and The Last Starfighter and The Goonies and Sixteen Candles and Raiders of the Lost Ark and WarGames from my shelf every weekend, but I don't because I have Netflix providing me what I always wanted back when I use to run all over town to various video stores and library branches: the ability to access movies of which I have a slight nagging curiosity. I never know what I "really want to watch" until I'm watching it.

Cartesian Wrath

Art, thanks. That was just the push I needed to unsubscribe. I kept hoping that netflix would finally leverage some premium content for streaming but clearly they would rather hire shills to troll message boards. Yeah its cheap, but I would have gladly paid more for good.

Art Artistry

If it's not right for you, you would unsubscribe anyway. Expecting it to be worth more then 7.99 is just unrealistic. They've already signed the deals to bring more premium content, we're just waiting for them to kick in. Are you really going to be happy with 2-3 newer movies a month? I doubt it. People don't comprehend the situation properly here and thats why they get upset.

Cartesian do you pay for cable? If yes then your whole post is just plain retarded anyway...If no then how are you getting any content? The only real way you could get even NEAR the amount of stuff available to you through netflix is Pay-Per-View or illegal downloading, and go ahead and track how much you're paying to get all that.

I wish netflix would pay people to defend their name, instead they let people go around and complain about how if they have everything on dvd they should also have everything on streaming cause its the same, and why can't everything be in complete HD when they have a dialup internet connection, how come there aren't subtitles on every single show, and dubbing for other languages. Netflix seems to prefer to take the path of ignoring those people, and thats probably because its cheaper then trying to hammer facts that are already available to those people their skulls are just too thick.

The bottom line is that none of us have to subscribe to Netflix, and even if EVERYONE who visited this website unsubscribed Netflix wouldn't even notice. Because we are the vocal minority. So Mr. Wrath I'm glad that you've granted me so much power over your life as to allow me to influence your entertainment and monetary decisions. I think cable tv is great too, go cancel that now.

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