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Pretty lame titles for streaming. Since they lost Starz all we get is reality shows that i wouldn't watch anyway. I can watch this crap for free on TV. Netflix if you want to keep me you need to get some decent shows


Starz was horrible.


I thought Alias was going to be made available, any news on that?


Is it really "for free" on TV?


@Galagatron - most people would refer to OTA television as "free" since there is no out of pocket monthly cost associated with it.

Kenyatta Harris

Netflix is pretty awesome I can find something every night to watch and that is saying alot vs. the current selection of 1000 channels of nothing via Cable :D enjoy.


I didn't think those selections were on broadcast TV.


Netflix's recent pathetic DVD releases have helped me to realize that I really don't need their service because basically everything being put out is pure garbage. I can't remember the last movie, etc that I was like "I cant wait to see this movie"....


Is that really the fault of Netflix though or just the whole industry?


Netflix is so horrible, they have no dvds or streaming titles worth watching, everything is already on tv for FREE...

Yet I'm still a subsriber and I will continue to be a subscriber and will keep posting the same wah wah wah each and every week.



Man, I'm missing out, you can find NF streaming titles for free on TV? Without commercials? Unedited?


For me Netflix has it's ups and downs. But I still think it is probably the best $8 and change I spend every month. My kids get loads of enjoyment out of it. I get to watch great BBC shows that I don't see otherwise. I think the movie selection on a whole is good but releases have been bad. Not sure if that is Netflix or the industry. But for TV, I can't beat it. It doesn't have every title in the world but I have more than enough to fill spots of free time. Just this weekend we were out of town. Brought the Roku along to the hotel room. Had free wifi. One kid was sick and could not go out and enjoy the weekend. Netflix...need I say more.


Good batch of stuff this week. Looking forward to Kevin and Coriolanus, and taking a shot on Goon being fun. Keeping Arrietty in the queue for my daughter when there's a slow weekend, too.

People who complain that there aren't huge films this time of year aren't really serious people. This is when the January/February films come out on DVD. It's always slow. I'm actually impressed with the choices that are available right now. What were you gripers/competitors' plants expecting, The Avengers?


Off topic but worth throwing out there, maybe Amazon is finally getting serious about streaming, unless I'm reading their announcement wrong it looks like they finally are adding a queue for Prime Streaming. They seem to be calling it Watchlist. Right now the devices supported is pretty slim, but I'm assuming that will grow. Anybody with a Prime subscription care to confirm this for us?


@CordCutter Yes, Amazon now has a "Watchlist". Amazon Instant is now available on the Xbox 360 as well. I haven't had time to check what the app is like on my 360 or to see if the "Watchlist" is available there or on the Roku. But I do see it available via the PC.


I hope Mike doesn't mind...

You can already stream Prime Instant Videos on your Kindle Fire, your PlayStation 3, your Roku, and hundreds of other TVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes. Today, we're excited to announce that the Xbox 360 joins the fold.

...We've also just added a new Watchlist feature, which helps you keep track of the movies and TV episodes you want to view later. You can add favorites and new discoveries to your list—then come back anytime to watch instantly. Try it on your Xbox 360, Kindle Fire, or your browser on PC & Mac ... and Watchlist is coming soon to PlayStation 3 and Roku...

via Amazon Homepage

Daniel L

My streaming queue always has at least 150+ titles in it, 15 or so of which are TV shows. There is never a time where I cannot find something to watch out of those 150+ movies and TV shows. And this is coming from someone who watches stuff on Netflix streaming all the time. I don't understand how people can't find things to watch. So many good movies and shows on there.


You can find "something" to watch but is it what you "REALLY WANT TO WATCH"?!

"I wanted "this", but I'll settle for "that" since NF does not offer it!

You watch what NF/content providers SAY you can watch - not what you really want to watch!!!

Art Artistry

How dare those Netflix bums not want me to watch Avengers on streaming, why would they choose to get How I Met Your Mother and not The Big Bang Theory, those guys must be jerks. They're seriously only adding bad shows, they haven't gotten a single one I thought was good. Someone needs to tell them that the only persons taste that matters is mine. They could save so much money if they'd just only add stuff I actually wanted. Seriously all their other customers have already cancelled they're lucky I'm even still with them after they doubled their price. I never even rented a movie on DVD anyway and they went and charged me for doing it.

This is of course all sarcasm, BoB you're an idiot. Is this really what you want to be doing? Or is this the only site your mom leaves unblocked for you? I'll wait patiently for your response as I'm sure you're trying desperately to roll your chair over to the mini fridge to grab another Mountain Dew Code Red.


Truth hurts huh Art? Go back to your legos.

You have to "win" by calling someone an idiot? Mock my mom - she's 89 and still kicking by the way.

Yep, this is what the "entitlement mentality" of the new generation is like. Sad.

Art Artistry

You're the one with the entitlement mentality. Going on about how we can't actually watch what we want to watch with an 8 dollar a month service. Show me the service where I can ALWAYS watch what I want. I also didn't insult your mom, unless you consider her having the patience to house you in her dungeon has an insult.

This is the politics of the old generation, avoid the actual issue and get mad at someone for not insulting your mom. Sad.


Now we know why sometimes... mothers eat their young!


But... Art, you win - no more posts by me.

But remember...

"Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."

Art Artistry

So again no comment on the actual issue here? Ok, just wanted to be clear. Bye bye now trollface.

Kenyatta Harris

Next week John Carter comes out on DVD please advise. Not bad Netflix keep up the good work.


BoB, not trying to fan the fire or anything, but if you want what you want, when you want it there is a great service for that. It's called iTunes and they carry just about everything you could ever want to watch. Just be careful, the $$ adds up quickly.

Kenyatta Harris

We could always go back too BlockBusters and Hollywood Videos along with late fees. kudos

keylogger Mac

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Tom in NY

Has anyone else noticed that Netflix is getting stingier on getting new releases out the door? Past few weeks I've timed my returns to arrive at the distribution center on Monday (Tuesday during this holiday week) and maybe gotten one new release in four. Then they become "very long waits". My queue's top 20 slots are like that now.



I've noticed that as well. My guess would be that they are investing less in DVD acquisition, and so have fewer copies to go around now than they used to. It's frustrating to subsidize the streaming folks, but there aren't a lot of better options out there anymore. The old (better) Netflix killed them off.

Tom in NY


I think you're right. I can understand Netflix and the studios striking a deal to delay new releases for rentals versus sales. As a consumer I don't like it, but I still understand it. If Netflix then turns around and buys far fewer than demand requires, then as a consumer I neither like it nor understand it.


"You watch what NF/content providers SAY you can watch - not what you really want to watch!!!"

I'm pretty sure, if Netflix could have everything ever made available on streaming, and it was cost efficient to do, they would have done so by now. I think you would have to blame the content providers, but then again, they aren't going to give away their stuff cheaply when they can get a boat load of money for it.


How much does HBO or Showtime charge? I'm talking about just their basic service, $15 a month? That doesn't include having to have basic cable and rent an HD-DVR box. Which could very well put you pushing $100 a month for all 3. NF charges $8 a month for streaming. Nothing else. No hardware rental fees. HBO/Showtime (When I had them atleast) only debuted 1 new movie a week (On Saturdays usually). Not everything was on-demand, nor was it on there forever. NF is beefing up their original content and with pay-tv deals with Weinstein, Dreamworks-Animation, Film District & Open Road films they are gonna be approaching an average of 1 new title a week. Then you have the delayed deals like EPIX and Magnet Releasing. For the price point I really don't see how you can slam NF content. Especially if you are paying for cable/sat. Commercials, censored crap. No thank you. I haven't agreed with everything NF has done recently (removing expiration dates from the API being the most recent), but I voice those concerns to them. When they are no longer worth my $8 a month I will simply cancel.


NF is barely getting new DVD releases compared to what's being released on DVD. My point. BBO is far from perfect but at least they provide better coverage of new DVDs (and I'm not talking about the DVD rental window).

NF has failed to get many of the latest TV series disc as they are released. Maybe they have them in streaming, but from I see... they do not.


NF is at the whim of the content producers (CP)(studios, etc.) They can only stream what the CP will allow. BUT, with DVD, NF can buy all they want and rent all they want.

NF has chosen to bed down with the CPs. This means you will only get what the CPs allow or at what price they decide to charge.

The CPs have NF by "the short & curlys" if they keep to this strategy!

Why NF would choose this business model - who knows. Redbox & BBO seem to do okay by bucking this trend.


What BoB just described is one of the main reasons Netflix gave last year when they tried to split their DVD and Streaming services in two. As it is now the studios can leverage one against the other to get what they want, so Netflix wanted to make them autonomous so they could each concentrate on what their particular customer base wanted. People got so upset, like they had to drive across town to visit two different stores, not click on two different bookmarks. New streaming titles = longer waits for DVD releases. Don't put all the blame on Netflix here, they tried to adjust and make things better going forward but ended up bowing to their customers outrage and sticking to the old business model.

But take a look at the website now, did they really keep the two services combined? My DVD and Streaming interfaces look very different, right down to the URL. Only thing they did was keep them on the same domain and keep your bill together. Oh, and they're still being told when and where to bend over when the studios want them to.


"BUT, with DVD, NF can buy all they want and rent all they want." - incorrect. NF needs to buy wholesale from the distributors. It is not practical or really even possible to take the Redbox approach and buy discs via retail.

Because of this you get the 28 and 56 day release windows. Warner for example, they have a 56 day release window for new movies now. Did you know warner also produces a large number of TV shows? Chuck and Fringe immediately come to mind, but they have dozens. I don't know, but maybe the 56 day window applies to all Warner titles, movie and TV series alike.

As for me, I have not had any problems with DVD availability.

Tim Brownhouse

Apparently, there are a few watchdogs here (or maybe just one, using various handles) who lay in wait and pounce on anyone who dare be critical of the way Netflix does business, and of the patterns of anti-consumer change they've consistently embraced over the past year.

In attempting to understanding the motivation of these snipers, only two explanations make sense: (a) they're just trolls, or (b) they're employed by or have interests with Netflix.

Lots of forums have these seemingly "planted" interests, see, in which there's always someone conveniently at-the-ready to attack the critics. Ancestry's in-house forums are rife with these sorts; many of them, if asked, will ready admit to being shareholders.

The attitudes behind posts like those by "Art Artistry" are purely aligned with the money, with Big Business, and positioned against the consumer and the cinephile whose love is for the "content," not the revenue. When a certain quality and abundance is offered by any company, and said company suddenly changes its pricing structure to skew *away* from a good value, while *scaling back* every facet of what it provides -- essentially offering much less for much more -- the consumer *should* object. Only a greedy, capitalist, Netflix stock-holding pig could be as vitriolically bothered by this as someone like "Art Artistry."

Art Artistry, if I had access to a magic button that would stop your heart with a single press, you wouldn't be reading this message.


I have to disagree with the notion that NF was intending to split DVD and streaming in order to provide better service for both. It seems pretty clear that it wanted to unload the physical disc delivery biz in order to concentrate solely on streaming. People objected for many reasons, but the main two were probably

a) the disc catalog far eclipses the streaming catalog, and that is obviously not going to change, due to tight studio control

b) streaming is nowhere near the quality and reliability required to replace the need or desire for discs

And, of course, there was the pricing increase. Some say the increase has been exaggerated, but the reality is that anyone who wanted to keep receiving discs along with streaming (I did) ended up paying double. That's a pretty hefty increase.

Personally, I still think that the price I pay is worth it for the choices of round-the-clock entertainment that I have. Doesn't mean NF couldn't benefit from a number of member-friendly improvements. And, frankly, after the increases I don't think it's unreasonable to expect NF to be more amenable to consumer requests and constructive criticisms.

For me, it is no so much about the content. My queues are almost always maxed out. But the way that NF hides content from members who don't subscribe to both services is not only inconvenient, it's nonsensical. Why remove built-in enticements to expand user subscriptions? And I am not satisfied with the quality of streaming provided. It is sometimes so buggy for me that I cannot watch a single title without constant re-buffering and freezing. (I never have those issues when using Hulu.) An occasional glitch just goes with the territory, but an interruption every couple of minutes is unacceptable. Hopefully, NF will get it all ironed out.

Bottom line, consumers have every right to complain, though it should not be done frivolously. Savvy companies listen.

Kenyatta Harris

"But they're two very different offerings: Netflix is an "all you can eat" plan that offers thousands of movies and TV shows for a flat monthly rate, whereas Blockbuster is a pay-per-view video-on-demand service (you rent or buy each title individually)." via cnet...http://goo.gl/M1qGb

Art Artistry

"Ended up paying double"

Do your math again sir.

@Brownhouse, part of your expose is actually correct. When I think about how a business that is trying to make money operates I do think about their decisions in terms of their goal being to make money. Hope that didn't blow your mind. My vote is always going to lie with the person who is playing by the rules of the system rather then the person complaining about how one person should be able to break the rule. If you want new rules change the system, I.E. get off this site and go take political action.

Netflix provides a service. The service they provide does not effect you if you don't subscribe to it. So the people who are so upset about their decisions who don't subscribe to them are holding out their hands asking for something from someone who doesn't give a damn about them. The ones who are subscribed and holding out their hand 99% of the time have no idea what they even want or need, and even less of an idea of what it actually takes for it to be given to them.

This example is apparent in government everyday. People complain about things like parks being built nearby their house, they're upset about things that make them pay more taxes, but then they're also upset that there aren't enough parks and that schools are declining. Netflix parallels this. People don't want there to be change to the service, and they don't want to pay more. BUT, they want the service to continue to improve.

NOW, having said all that, we can look at a few numbers. Did Netflix profit more this quarter then the quarters before they made the price increase? NO. Did they have more worldwide customers? YES. So it seems like a price increase was probably necessary right? Or maybe they should have provided less content. Maybe they shouldn't have made aggressive moves to grow their content. Maybe they shouldn't have tried to make an aggressive move to expand their overall business, including adding a new feature. Whether or not you feel that split was to sell off part of the service is completely irrelevant because it hasn't happened yet, and the rumor mill on it has even died down because even the conspiracy theorists have gotten tired of it.

I haven't even gone into the actual advantages of having those customer bases seperated, including the advantages to the customers who don't use both services who were paying to have them both. When I hear people here saying they're "subsidizing streaming" I can't help but shake my head. You were subsidizing streaming BEFORE the price change. You don't think your DVD service if used properly costs Netflix 4-7 dollars a month, when you only pay them 8. You're crazy then.

So you can call me what you want, a sniper, a plant, a special interest group. I'm one person, I support any business' right to play within the rules of the economy and I shun those who look for special exceptions rather then arguing for overall change.

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